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UK can’t comment on academic status


If you want to know something, just ask. That’s always been my philosophy.

Since questions have been raised here — and at other sites — about the academic eligibility of certain Kentucky basketball players, I felt the only fair thing to do was ask the University of Kentucky officials about the situation. That’s why I e-mailed DeWayne Peevy, UK’s associate athletic director for media relations, with this question: Have all newcomers been cleared academically or are some still waiting for NCAA verification?

Peevy always tries to answer questions correctly and promptly. Here is his reply: “Unfortunately, we can’t comment on the academic status of any student-athlete. We would announce if any student-athlete was not available for competition at that appropriate time.”

No, that’s really not an answer but Peevy is also limited about what information he can release — and there’s really no guaranteed way to tell if any athlete is eligible until the season starts. However, if you look at the official UK website and check out the men’s basketball roster, it still has 13 scholarship players listed and no names missing.

We know the incoming freshmen did well in summer school classes because coach John Calipari said so. We know junior college transfer Darnell Dodson is now on campus and taking classes.

So it appears all is well in UK’s academic world — or if it is not we may not know until the Cats start playing in November.

* * *
Calipari did several interviews in New York Thursday promoting his new book and answered a variety of questions.

On the Dennis & Callahan show, he was asked this question: If Memphis was a step up from UMass and New Jersey was in between and Kentucky is a step up from Memphis, what is a step up from Kentucky? His answer: “I think the jobs in our profession that earn the most whatever you want to say are Notre Dame football, Yankee baseball, you have to say Boston Red Sox baseball, you have to say the Dallas Cowboys, the Manchester whatever in England. So, I think I have one of those positions.”

Kentucky fans certainly would agree.

* * *

I doubt that Lane Kiffin will still be coaching at Tennessee when the series starts, but the new coach’s connections to Southern Cal may have played a role in the Vols reaching a verbal agreement to face USC in 2021`and 2022.

I just hope Kentucky has a win over Tennessee by then.

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  1. UKfaninLouisville

    Aren’t student’s grades/academic status a private issue?

    Didn’t Alleyne pretty much leave UK because his grade situation was made public and he was embarrassed?

    Why even ask?

    I’m a big Larry Vaught fan, but not sure why this was even posted on your site.

  2. Kevin Wright

    Sorry, but they are playing basketball at a very high profile school. The question of whether or not they are eligible to play, is a legitimate one. Fans want to know who is on the team and who isn’t. There is nothing wrong in asking and they will eventually report who is and isn’t. It is not like he is asking for their transcripts.

  3. gmoyers

    Shagari had issues with class attendance the best I remember and admitted them. I just asked because of the all speculation here and other sites. Thought there might be a chance UK could flat out say everyone was eligible and that would be it.

  4. S Brock

    Good question Larry, I would have loved to know the question as well. I’m just going to keep assuming that everything is good to go and get ready for a little college basketball domination for the next several years!!!

  5. John Monteleone

    Larry, a few months ago I thought all was academically eligible. why are you asking UK for confirmation? Have you asked any other colleges…you are usually very fair to UK but this only adds more speculation onto so many other rumors…lets get the facts and then anyone can comment or have an opinion….

  6. jimlowe7

    Privacy laws are LAWS, not institutional rules. The US government passed (FERPA) in 1974.

  7. MacGruder

    Privacy laws, institutional rules, and FERPA? Give me a break. This is about the NCAA, and their ability to selectively enforce whatever rules they make up or deem fit.

  8. gmoyers

    Just was checking because of all the rumors about some grades now being checked. As you now, a player can be declared eligible and then the ncaa can change it. just wanted to try and make sure that was not happening and hopefully it is not. But rather than speculate, I wanted to see if there was a way to confirm anything

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