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UK athletics director “on board” with plans to honor UK players who broke SEC racial barrier


Larry, thank you for posting the article regarding the proper honoring of our courageous, ground-breaking, African-American football players at Kentucky. As most should know by now the names of those men are Nate Northington, Greg Pate, Wilbur Hackett and Houston Hogg.

I would also like to brng BBN up to date on the progress of this mission. Thursday I met with Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart for over one hour to discuss this project. He is on board with the requests and visions of “Bradshaw’s Boys” and the petition we and the former Curci players signed. What we have to do now is find the right way, the right method, and the right time to complete this much needed honoring.

Mitch has gotten the ball rolling by naming Hackett as the “SEC Legend” representing Kentucky at the SEC football championship game in Atlanta. Now we have to find a design and location that fits in the multi-faceted stadium renovation and the now certain evolution of our football program.

The argument that our present AD does not concentrate or invest heavily in football can now be permanently put to rest. GOLDEN DAYS are ahead for the Football Wildcats!

I love the way our little freshmen team fought USC and it is a sign of things to come. Think about it — our current returning roster coupled with a top seven recruiting class.

Now we have to find the right design to honor our black teammates and that process has not officially begun. Maybe we can design something to honor Nate, Greg, Wilbur and Houston that becomes part of a game-day tradition. Like the touching of the rock of Clemson or the “Play Like A Champion” sign the Notre Dame players touch coming out of the locker room.

Whatever comes along, there is a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. Write it down … the new stadium design is going to be a blockbuster.

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  1. HWard

    Paul –
    Thanks for the update – and thanks for the leadership you guys are taking in this effort. I hope you keep BBN updated as this project moves along.

  2. Juan4UK

    How about this for a statue location for these gentlemen: Line them up on each side of the Cat Walk near the stadium. Either walking into the stadium, or posed to stand with the fans?

  3. LindaS

    I am so happy to see this being done and it is a shame it has taken so long. What a wonderful thing to do.

  4. Anonymous

    Paul, you are as good and pure as you were as teenager – great goal – thanks for being “what you have always been “.

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