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Trinity standout James Quick got used to not seeing Kentucky coaches at Trinity


Trinity receiver James Quick, a four-star recruit, says he’ll base his college choice on “whichever coach can connect with my family more than anything because family is the most important thing to me” and that was obvious by the turnout of family members recently when he received the Paul Hornung Award as the state’s top prep player.

He’s going to pick either Louisville or Ohio State during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Jan. 5 in Texas.

He admits Louisville “is definitely ahead of Ohio State” and that he likes Louisville coach Charlie Strong because “he is all about team” more than anything.

But what if new UK coach Mark Stoops and offensive coordinator had been at Kentucky longer and had been able to recruit him for more than just a week weeks?

“I think they are going to do a great job as far as rebuilding their program. Bringing in a great style of offense that I would love to play in and just coming after me as a good fit for them because I like to play in an offense that actually throws the ball, all that impressed me. With their offensive coordinator and defense, they are going to come in and have some fun,” Quick said. “WhenI talked to coach Brown, he talked to me about their offense. He told me to watch their offense and the way he did things. I did and really liked what I saw.

“They were in my head slightly. Not much, but I did give them a look to see if that is where I wanted to go. But these other schools just recruited me a lot longer and lot harder.”

Why? Why would UK not recruit the state’s best player at the state’s best high school program?

“Usually when coaches come to the school you see the coaches and you do not see the Kentucky coaches much at all. I really can’t tell you why,” Quick said. “At first, it surprised me that the Kentucky coaches weren’t at school. After a while, though, you just got used to it and knew they were probably not going to come. I think that’s going to be different now.”

It is and should be. However, for UK, it comes too late to have had a chance at a big-time receiver who would have been invaluable in Brown’s offense.

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  1. jpl

    And this is why Joker is no longer at UK.

  2. Ira

    Jokers staff was to busy trying to find those diamond in the rough players, instead of focusing on players and schools like this.

  3. Mike Flannery

    It is obvious from Quick’s comments that there is a lot to like with the plan our new Coaching staff has put together. I love the fact that they are going hard to get the best players, not the “under the radar” players. Our future looks and is bright…we need to have patience with this staff! As success comes…we need to be prepared to keep this staff on board. The key word here is prepared……are you listening Mitch? Getting them here was the start of the battle.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      I agree that we do need to have patience. It won’t be instant success.
      And you are right that we need to be prepared to keep the staff.

  4. kyle

    Joker knew Quick – whose father played at UL – was going to select UL . It’s the worst kept recruiting secret in KY. I understand Brown is relationship building with Trinity. This whole hindsight view of “poor” recruiting is off base. It’s called applying resources accordingly.

    1. Catmandu

      Kyle, you are absolutely correct. Joker was smart not to spend his or any of the assistant coach’s time on Quick since he knew Quick was going to OoL or OSU.

      1. Kyle

        I mean the guy is now the recruiting coordinator for arguably the top football program in the nation. Let’s take a step back and think about that for a moment, Joker knows how to recruit.

        1. Love SEC F-Ball

          Then why did he not do a good job recruiting at U.K. ?
          I understand that it is harder at U.K. but why did he not try.
          When you don’t show up at one of the top football schools in the state, you are not trying.

      2. Love SEC F-Ball

        You agreed with Kyle. However stated that Quick is going to U of L.
        You indicated that he is considering OSU as well. If so he is going to make a choice & U.K. should be among the choices.

    2. Love SEC F-Ball

      Kyle, I think that the “hindsight view of poor recruiting” has proven to be accurate!
      There are other good athletes at Trinity & we did not SHOW UP AT ALL? Terrible!

      You said they should “Apply resources accordingly”. I assume you mean don’t try with those that you know that we can’t get? Does this mean they did not recruit ANY top players because WE KNOW that they will not come to U.K.? How do WE KNOW? Kids change their minds for various reasons (Many reasons that we do not understand). We have to be in the mix when their final decision is made.

      If I remember correctly, Joker said that his “recruiting budget was unlimited”.
      If that was correct, he was not applying his resources at all.

    3. UKFMLY

      I couldn’t agree more. I live in Louisville and it has lone been stated here that UK was NEVER in the running for him. UK was not there just like very few schools went after The young man from the class of 2014 that recently commited to UK. Most if not all new he was a lock since he was on the National team that Cal coached so they used their resources elsewhere. IMHO


  5. Kyle

    @Love SEC

    Quick states – “Coaches (UK) did not show up much…” Nowhere does it read that they “did not show up at all”. Let’s stop with the creative reading and look at facts. UK was in on R. White from Trinity and he attended UK’s camp. There’s more to recruiting than standing on the HS grounds and talking to a recruit.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      You are right about my “creative reading”.
      He did say “you do not see the Kentucky coaches MUCH AT ALL.”
      Then he follows with:
      “At first it surprised me that the Kentucky coaches were NOT AT SCHOOL.
      After a while, though, you just got used to it and realized they were probably NOT GOING TO COME. ” What is the creative way to read those two sentences?

      I agree that there is more to recruiting than standing on the HS grounds and talking to recruits. They must have failed in those areas too.

      I would like to move on & leave Joker alone.

  6. donv

    I have to say that Joker’s recruiting was ever bit as good as his coaching.

    1. David

      LOL. I say his record speaks for itself too. I am a season ticket holder for some 15 years and I thought Joker was lazy and content being mediocre. I also felt he was a yes man for Barnhart. I think he got lucky every once and a while with players out of Lagrange Georgia and landing Cobb, but it takes 22 good players to field offense and defense teams that can compete in the SEC. I am hoping Stoops and staff have the energy and determination to bring in players that can compete every game.

  7. big tim

    if joker didnt want quick then why did quick visit uk and have uk in his top 5 so that doesn’t make sense. cause if the coach doesn’t want you and your not interested in that school you dont come for a visit

  8. pacman

    With Browns offense skill players will be easy to recruit (remember the Mumme days); its the large, athletic offensive and defensive linemen that we need. Those are hard for any team to find and recruit. Those type players separate the “haves” from the “have-nots” in the SEC.


    Look. Joker is gone. To continually beat him up is a waste of time and energy. Could we all just move on/

  10. Kyle

    @big tim

    Have you heard of the Mr. Football bias? If a kid doesn’t list UK they don’t get the votes to win Mr. Football. As a follow-up – Quick dropped UK just days after he won the award.

    So should we pander to a kid who is obviously not seriously considering UK and merely using us to win the state’s biggest award? I mean he’s announcing on Jan. 5, when do you think he’s going to officially visit UK – after he picks UL?

    1. Gene

      Let’s simply move on !! What’s done is done !
      You now have a second coaching martyr to stand along with Tubby, in your mind at least.

  11. Eric

    This staff should not spend any time at Trinity. Other than a great punter and a good walkon DT what has Trinity done for us or any other program with the exception of Brian Brohm. And Brohm would have went to UL even if Bill Curry was the coach.

    1. CM newton

      Sorry Eric but that is not correct. Perhaps you recall mike of eider, Carwell and Donnie Gardner, Andy Murray, Jason dumbrowski and others. Seems as though we stopped recruiting the school very much after Jerry Claiborne retired….

      1. CM newton

        Sorry. Mike pfeifer.

    2. David

      Eric I went to school and played at Trinity back in the 70’s and I remember some great talent going to Uof K. Some slipped away and played at Georgia Tech, Keith Calvin went to Indiana and played for Lee Corso.
      All and all Kentucky needs to recruit Trinity hard and get a good relationship going there. Lot of ball players grow up bleeding blue that slip away to other colleges because coaching staffs have refused to go into Louisville like they should.

  12. Bill

    This kid could step on the biggest stage in college football every Saturday at Kentucky.

  13. UK 24 7

    I’m not sure why Joker Phillips did what he did on recruiting while at UK. I do know that he’s the WR coach at Florida. When Florida comes to Lexington next season, THROW THE BALL!

  14. David

    Trinity Coach Bob Beatty on UK

    Question: What do you think of new Kentucky coach Mark Stoops and his staff?
    Beatty: “I have only met the coordinators and talked to the head coach on the phone, but the first thing I can tell you is that they were here. They were in our school and they were talking to us and spent a great amount of time with me on two different occasions. The fact that they are here and punching the clock tells me that they are making their faces known and that is the first step.”

    Question: Have you sensed a stronger commitment already from this UK staff to recruiting Trinity than past UK staffs?
    Beatty: “I think the past Kentucky staffs were in there, but I¿think at times there was maybe a word spread that the kid wasn’t interested so they would maybe kind of fade away. These guys came in strong and said, ‘Hey, we have a package to sell and come and look at us.’ That is where it has to start and they have been persevering pretty hard and that is what you have to do.”

  15. Viper

    Slightly off the subject, but just as important, I think… Larry, do you have any idea what the liklihood Ryan Timmons lands at UK? This kid reminds me so much of Randall Cobb as far as being almost impossible to tackle in the open field, it’s not funny!

    1. larryvaught

      Would call it about 50-50 on timmons right now

  16. Hank Rippetoe

    Rich Brooks started the under the radar movement because he had to, coming off probation. He had some success with that. Joker continued that and it didn’t serve him well. If you want to stay on the porch with the big dogs, you have to act like a big dog. Look at Vandy. They are signing highly ranked 3 star players and are beginning to sign 4 star players. You can’t get these kinds of players if you don’t even make an effort for them.

    There are some 4 star players out there who have UK listed as a school of interest, but Joker’s staff made no offer. The WR from Cleveland Heights is a case in point. Stoops and Neal have arranged for a visit. Now today we hear that 4 Star QB Asaintii Woulard of Winter Park, FL has set a visit up in January. Don’t tell me what a great recruiter Joker was or is. The results on the field of play say otherwise.

    1. larryvaught

      Visit from Woulard is huge news

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