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Kentucky Wildcats forward Kyle Wiltjer (33) celebrates after a three in the second half. (Clay Jackson/

Kentucky Wildcats forward Kyle Wiltjer (33) celebrates after a three in the second half. (Clay Jackson/

Apparently the announcement that Kyle Wiltjer is transferring from the University of Kentucky might have been a little premature.

Wiltjer’s father, Greg Wiltjer, told the Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggars that Kyle has three options, and only one of them involves transferring. Greg Wiltjer said Kyle could remain at UK on the roster, he could redshirt at UK to develop his skills, or he could transfer.

“Kyle is still a Kentucky Wildcat,” Greg says of Kyle, the former Jesuit High standout who played the past two seasons for John Calipari. “He loves being a Kentucky Wildcat. He’s not 100 percent committed to transferring.”

Eggards said the Wiltjers visited Gonzaga on Wednesday and Thursday.

Kyle is in Toronto, training with the Canadian developmental team that will participate in the World University Games next week at Kazan, Russia.

Eggars said Kyle won’t make a decision until after the World University Games. Greg says he’ll support any decision, but told Eggars he hopes if Kyle returns to UK he redshirts. Greg Wiltjer also said UK coach John Calipari has approved that option.

“The biggest time in Kyle’s career lies in the 14 to 16 months ahead,” Greg told Eggars. “I’d 100 percent like him to devote the next year to working on his body, but it’s his decision. He feels vested in Kentucky. It has been his life the last two years. And Kyle is a very competitive kid. He is always trying to prove people wrong.”

You can read Eggars’ complete story at

8 Responses to Transfer not a certainty for Kyle Wiltjer, according to his father

  • UKFMLY says:

    I hope he stays

  • Larry Pup says:

    I never did think it was a done deal.

  • Judi Cole says:

    Come on back, Kyle and play and train with the best so you can be your best!

  • Karen Sprinkle says:

    Amen, Judi! You only improve by competing against someone as good as you or better, IMO.

  • Love SEC says:

    I agree – I hope he stays.

  • Little Baron says:

    Wiltjer is one if my all-time favorites right there with Ford, Mashburn, Farmer, Feldhouse, Davis, MKG, Issel, Pratt, Casey, Delk, Walker, Bowie, Turpin, Dampier, Riley, Nash, Macy, Roby, Phillips, Lee, to name a few who helped lead UK to Titles & FFs… + many more,,, Ronnie Lyons, Jim Andews, McCarty, Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Mills & Mills, Mercer, Blessoe, Pops, Nazr, Shepherd, Padgett, Lickert… and a personal friend whose family i know so well – who played for Rupp before going to war in the early 40′s – Carl Althaus (now gone to be with The Lord after serving him for so many years… WOW!. That’s some good company! Wiltjer better stay!

  • TheProfessor says:

    I believe that a decision to transfer will not be in Kyle’s best long term interests. The comments about competing against and with the best is the surest route to being your best. Second, I can’t think of many college transfers that really worked out for the player. Yes, you can cite exceptions, Kyle Macy, and a handful of others, but the vast majority simply get lost along their travels, perhaps they were lost before they set out on their journey.

    I am reminded of Jared Prickett when I look at Kyle. Jared played off of Mashburn’s dominance and looked relatively strong during that season, but after Mashburn moved on, Jared was something of a loss when the opponents could defend him more aggressively. Jared then took a redshirt year, and when he returned, he was a much improved player. I think Kyle would benefit from staying, and taking that extra year to develop.

    Stay at UK Kyle, and follow the Jared Prickett model. It is a path to victory for you and for your team.

  • Love SEC F-Ball says:

    Agree with The Professor – Nailed it as usual.


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