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Tony Franklin has had big role in coaching career of Chad Scott

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

Former Kentucky offensive coordinator Tony Franklin, now the offensive coordinator at California, has played a big role in Kentucky running backs coach Chad Scott’s career. He not only recruited Scott at UK, but also helped Scott with the transfer process.

“Once I was cleared to leave here at Kentucky, he helped me and guided me in that option. He gave me my first coaching job when he hired me at Troy. He had hired me to work some of his summer camps to get experience coaching guys and after I was a GA at North Carolina he was the first one to give me a full-time job. He gave me an opportunity to come to college and then the opportunity to be a full-time coach,” Scott said.

“We are still very close. He is even influential now in my maturation as a coach. I talked to him quite frequently and we stay in contact. He has been huge in my career as player and coach. We are close for lot of reasons and I owe him a lot.”

Scott says he’s passionate about what he does, which is one thing Franklin told him would make him a successful recruiter.

“I do a great job building relationships with kids and I am a young coach so I can relate to what they are doing. Some of the kids coming up have a lot of struggles and lot of adversity they deal with, all things I have gone through as a player and coach from a GA sleeping in my car to having the success I have now,” Scott said. “I can relay those stories to kids and they can relate in their own way to what story they may have.

“Being able to share those kind of stories and similarities that you may have and them seeing what it might be like on the other side helps me build relationships with those guys. But you also have to be passionate about it, and I am.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I like the part about his building relationships with kids and recruiting. That is pretty important in building a football program like UK must have in order to compete in the SEC. I also like his fire in the belly.

  2. Shinny

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—-I love this FOOTBALL staff!!!!!

  3. Ira

    Nothing wrong with the building the relationship part with theses recruits, heck we heard all it all time with Joker, but the difference is the level of player they are recruiting. Joker and staff were content to recruit kids that hardly any other BCS schools were looking at aka MAC & CUSA etc. the huge difference with this staff they are after the same kids the major schools are recruiting. The guys we have to have to be successful in the SEC. not just be 6-6 and 7-5 seasons.

    It’s all about who you build those relationships with. This staff is doing it right!

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