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Tim Couch proud of what former teammate Neal Brown has done, and what he thinks he will do at UK


Hoover, Ala. — The final part of an interview from SEC Media Days with former UK All-American Tim Couch.

Question: Did you see any scenario where recruiting could go this well?
Couch: “No, I never envisioned it this quickly. I thought it would happen over time because I knew coach Stoops and his staff would be dynamic recruiters and would grind the recruiting trails hard. But never did I imagine before he ever coached a game that he would get this type of excitement about Kentucky football and get recruits and fan base excited. He has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Question: Back when Brown was a walk-on receiver at UK and sat with you on bus rides, did you ever think of him as a future coaching star?
Couch: “Neal and I were good buddies. He actually came back with me to my hometown a couple of times and he was a good friend. We hung out a lot. It’s exciting to see the success he’s had so early. To be able to go out and be a younger guy but still command the respect of the players is great. I think they all feel like they can relate to him and that’s a good thing that he has that kind of youth on his side. He can relate to the young guys well and he has an exciting offense that they all want to play in.”

Question: Did you realize then what a great football mind he had?
Couch: “You just never think that way. It really is hard to imagine one of your teammates going on to be a coach. You know them as a 19- or 20-year-old kid and we were doing 20-year-old kid things and it’s hard to imagine him going on to be a coach. I am proud of him and what he has been able to accomplish and just wish him nothing but continued success.”

Question: What would be your best story with Brown from your college days together?
Couch: “I have to think about that one. I can’t think of just one.”

Question: What would be one story he would not want you to tell?
Couch: “I have got a couple of those. Neal and I and Nolan Devaughn and a couple of guys, we had a good time. I am just glad we played in an era with no social media, no Twitter or camera phones or we would be facing some of these same questions a lot of guys are facing right now.”

Question: Do you still stay in touch with him regularly?
Couch: “I do. I talk to him all the time. He told me to enjoy Media Days and stuff. We keep in touch regularly.”

Question: Would you like to get more involved with the program now?
Couch: “I am always willing to help the program. Anything I can do, I will. I grew up there. Kentucky means more to me than I just played there. I grew up a Kentucky fan my whole life. Anything I can do to help the program whether on a committee to get a coach or talk to players or whatever the case may be, I am all in.”

Question: How have you stayed in such good physical shape, especially with two children now ages 8 and 4?
Couch: “I try. I still work out every day. I got in a certain routine with my training and eating when I was playing. When I finished playing I didn’t know what to do with myself because I had all this free time, so I was just on routine. I would wake up, train and eat healthy and I just stayed with it. So far it is working for me.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    A UK great, and a fine man. Everybody who knows a tad pole’s tail about UK football loves Tim Couch, and always will. He is all UK, he is a Kentucky folk hero. Loved the interview. I’m also looking forward to hearing Tom Leach say “TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!” when Brown runs his offense. The clock is ticking! GO CATS!!! BEAT WESTERN!!!!

  2. coldspringmike

    Tim could have also said having a 8 and 4 year old helps
    keep you in shape. Those little ones will run you ragged.

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