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Texas Tech writer praises recruiting ability of Chad Scott and sees him as perfect fit with Neal Brown


Chad Scott coached running backs at Troy under Neal Brown and has done the same for the last three years at Texas Tech. Now he’s all but a lock to join Brown, UK’s new offensive coordinator, at Kentucky.

Mike Graham (@MGraham17), staff writer for RedRaiderSports.com and the Dallas Morning News, has covered Texas Tech football and says there is no doubt Scott will be a huge asset for Kentucky.

“I haven’t met a person that doesn’t like Chad. Tech has four elite recruiters who are offensive coaches and Scott is one of them,” Graham said. “These guys were recruiting to Lubbock, Texas, and while this city isn’t a bad place it takes a lot of effort to get kids take that initial visit because of the stereotyping. Scott and Brown together are a  one-two punch on the recruiting trail regardless of any other coaches. Scott helped land what Scout.com called the best running back class of 2011 and for a school like Tech where the best the running back was running a zone play is a huge accomplishment.
“Neal himself recruited Tech’s first Rivals100 recruit in tight end Jace Amaro. This tight end is built like Tony Gonzalez and probably has an NFL future to him.
“It helps the two coaches really like each other. I think they could be together for a long time as a head coach, offensive coordinator model after Kentucky.”

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  1. shinny

    Wow! Welcome home guys, speaking for the BBN we love you! Beware Vandy,SCar,Ga,Tenn,Fla,Misso,here we come!!!!

  2. Gene

    The world is about to end !!!
    More than a month into basketball season, in Kentucky, and Larry your top FOUR items in your blog are football related ???
    The new coaching staff in Lexington is rather exciting I must admit. More is yet to come but Coach Stoops has some outstanding people coming to Lexington to help him put together what we all hope will be a competitive team. It’s all about recruiting, the foundation for the program that will come, and each of the individuals in place to date have a great recruiting background.
    The “Air Raid” offense should have people like Max Smith amped up to their fullest. September 2013 can’t come soon enough !!!

    1. larryvaught

      Gene, that is indeed crazy but just shows what I have always said, This is a football state. Fans love football

  3. john4uk

    I hope their recruiting success transfers with to UK,and their enthusiasm rubs off on the players currently enrolled at UK.Commonwealth Stadium may be the most exciting place to be come fall.

  4. Jimcats

    I certainly don’t want to rain on our parade, but…..

    I’m one of the older strong UK football fans, following the Cats back to the ’40s when “Dopey” Phelps was my first hero. (Well, other than Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis). Can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten all excited about a new coach and staff for Cat football, only to end up with the same ole same ole.

    IMO any long time UK follower has to be thinking in the back of his/her mind: Wow, I hope this is the time, but I’ll keep my yap shut and fingers crossed.

    Larry, I’d be interested in the thoughts of some media folks who look from a national scale and have no ties to UK or TTU, etc. Appreciate it if you would round up some of that type input for us.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      Jim, over on the bigbluerules board I’m a member of, I call gentlemen like you…

      UK VETERANS. Most of them are actually Military Veterans, but, you know what I mean.

      I’m not exactly a teenager, but in my lifetime, I’ve seen all the misery I want to see out of UK football. I like the direction the program is going, even though not one ball has been kicked or thrown. I’m not expecting UK to hang a NC Banner or even a SEC Championship banner, but it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming season.

      I like your idea for Larry as well.

  5. Steve

    I fell in 3 years or less BBN Football will be in the mix of the SEC Title and a team that others hate to play.It will take that long for the Coaches to get the the right players for their system.Loving the upside to all of this

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      I like the way you think.

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