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Demitrious Davis admits it will be hard at first for Kentucky fans to tell him and twin brother Chris apart.

“After a while, most people can tell the difference but not everybody can,” Demitrious said. “People get us confused a lot, which is kind of funny.”

That gives the twins an opportunity to sometimes have a bit of fun.

“We did do things a couple of times to fool people and have some tricks we use,” he said. “But basically we know it is not easy to tell us part, so we understand when somebody gets confused.”

3 Responses to Telling Davis twins apart will not be easy for Kentucky football fans

  • Ben says:

    I never have trouble telling football players apart! Now give them the same number on their back and the confusion begins. All players look alike with their helmets on. Got any photos of the two? That would make for a better article!

  • Todd says:

    Here you go Ben, the Davis twins: Chris and Demetrius

  • Todd says:

    Sorry, evidently the images didn’t link. I’ll try to link to the profiles where the pictures came from for Chris and Demetrius.


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