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UK teammates loved Darius Miller’s throwdown dunk

Darius Miller slams one down against Ole Miss. (Clay Jackson photo)

Darius Miller slams one down against Ole Miss. (Clay Jackson photo)


Darius Miller tried to downplay how monstrous his one-handed dunk over Reginald Buckner, the SEC’s active leader in blocked shots, was during the first half Saturday even though it keyed a 14-4 run.

Teammates had no trouble, though, describing it.

“A dunk like that when the crowd gets into it can change the whole game really. The crowd got into it when Darius made that dunk and we got on a run,” Doron Lamb said.

“It just gave us more energy, got the crowd more into and it makes the team feel, especially in this building, like the whole game just shifted. It just helps us and gives us a lot of energy,” Terrence Jones said.

Kyle Wiltjer, not one to normally overreact to anything on the court, even got a bit excited.

“I like to keep calm, but you can’t after that,” Wiltjer said. “It was a great dunk. I just hope I was close enough that I am in the clip on (ESPN) SportsCenter tonight because that has to be the top play. Coach drew up that play and he really hammered it down.”

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  1. Jim Boyers

    That dunk didn’t even make the Top 10 on ESPN. Instead, they went with a horse racing clip, several hockey and soccer clips and a few other dunks, of which only one was anything impressive. A Blake Griffin slam, the type which he does several times a game, was #1. Total bull***. He did however do it off a pretty nice assist from Eric Bledsoe, so I can’t complain too much. But to not honor Darius’ slam was a complete travesty.

    1. Gene

      This may let us all know what espn thinks of UK and coach Cal.

  2. LoveSECFootball

    Can’t believe this did not make the top 10!

    1. larryvaught

      Me either. Had to be top 10

  3. ukcrazycat

    I hate to say it but someone has to. Miller should have been making plays like this for the last 2 years, every game. He can get into the lane anytime he wants and maybe, this will turn him into the beast, we all know he could be.
    Wish I could have heard what he said after that dunk. I’m guessing it was something like ” is that want you wanted coach?”

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