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Team meeting apparently gave UK players no insight on next coach but timetable might be around Dec. 14


Kentucky players got no indication at a Monday morning meeting on who the new UK football coach would be.

Parents of three different players, who did not want to be identified for fear of angering UK officials or any coach, all said their sons were anxious to know more about who will be coaching them next season. All three also said their sons had no plans to leave UK.

“What worries me is it is time to be recruiting and I thought by firing Joker (Phillips) three weeks ago that UK would have a new coach in place by now,” one parent said. “They need to be recruiting, maybe even looking at junior college players for some help. The kids are frustrated, especially the seniors, and wondering about the future.”

Another parent was a bit shocked by what his son told him. He indicated there was “no word yet” on the coach, which he could accept. However, he didn’t like what he heard that UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart told the team about needing to give a better effort and that played a role in Phillips being fired.

A third parent wants a new coach and staff to “not play as many favorites” and use the most talented players all the time.

“You deserve to play if you earn it. You don’t deserve it just because you have been around or a certain coach likes you more,” the parent said. “Look at Vanderbilt. That guy (James Franklin) can coach. He has recruited well, but he has also coached well. He has emotion, fire. UK was missing that this year. I like the way (John) Calipari handles his team. He gets the best out of all his kids. He wants players to play defense and play together. If they don’t, they sit. He runs the show and demands that players perform or he plays someone who can.”

And what about the search? Rumors continue to persist that UK is close to hiring a coach. Sources indicate that Barnhart is working from home — maybe a way to keep any university phone records from eventually becoming public knowledge to see who he did call during the search process.

Another UK parent called tonight to tell me that Barnhart seemed to indicate he wanted to have a coach in place by the semester break. Most players likely will leave campus Dec. 14 or 15 for the semester break, so that timeline would go along with earlier reports that UK might have set a Dec. 15 target date.

One current college assistant coach told me today that there are a “ton of rumors” about the UK job, but no one seems to know for sure what is happening. I’ll give credit to Barnhart for that. He’s keeping information to himself and that’s why when rumors about certain coaches spread, one has to wonder if it is reliable information or maybe something to draw attention away from the real direction UK is going.

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  1. Jerry S

    Totally unprofessional of Barnhart to call out the players like that. I would be furious if I was a parent of a player after his remarks. Now when it comes to the coaching situation my source told me it was to be announced today. Now the only thing I can think occured was someone who Barnhart thought wouldn’t take the job is expressing serious interest now causing Barnhart to re-evaluate his earlier decision on the new head coach.

    1. wambor

      There’s nothing wrong with Barnhart telling the players they need to give a better effort. They do! That’s a matter of fact. If memory serves, when Charlie Strong showed up at UofL in his first meeting with the players he told them they just got a good coach (Krapthorpe) fired. If the next UK does the same it will be justified.

      1. Jerry S

        A coach can say this yes, but not an AD. It’s not his place, and we didn’t get a good coach fired. Sanders couldn’t coordinate the New England Patriots and Joker couldn’t beat WKU.

        1. john4uk

          And Minters defense was just about as a D-1 program could be.

        2. Larry T Clemons

          ” Exactly “…

    2. Smyzo

      If you’re gonna run Barnhart’s name through the mud, do it with real sources and not people afraid to put their name to it. It was chicken shh when the Sun Times did it to Anthony Davis and its chicken shh for you to do it to Barnhart.

    3. steve from Dayton

      It’s also sad to hear the parents bellyache because their son didn’t get to play. I think it makes that player look bad.
      By-the-way; 1. Barnhart, 2. player, 3. parent, 4. news reporter…this is 4th-hand information on what was said.

      1. larryvaught

        Steve, parents I talked to all had sons that played regularly for UK from game 1 to game 12.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    ” You help in firing Coach Phillips “….No, Mitch, No, You Hired Coach Phillips ! Take the responsibility as a grown Man…Don’t blame those kids, guilt gets you no where.

  3. Ira

    Just seen a tweet by a player saying Stoops yea! Make what you will of it

    1. Larry T Clemons

      There’s, Moe, Larry and Curly and you read a tweet that says we got ” Shep “…I’ll take his brother, Bob.

  4. grant

    I’d say it is telling of how things were ran by the parents comments. Not good! Funny thing is, Mitch has a chance to do something directly about the losing . We will know soon.

  5. tyson

    If Barnhart did indeed tell the players that, and along with his “real fans” statement, he needs to be reprimanded. His emotional ties to Joker have become a hindrance to his job.

    Larry, did anyone in the media ask him about the “real fans” statement he made during one of the pregame shows several weeks ago? I know he has not had much media availability, but I think he needs to clarify, answer for, and/or apologize for it.

    1. Mr. Morals

      tyson, NO ONE has called out Mitch for his comments about “real fans” and one of the only people that he will give interviews is his ass sucker Matt Jones who wont dare rile Mitch for fear of getting booted out of the circle jerk. Mitch is a ROYAL ASS WIPE who should not be in making the next hire for UK mainly for the reason that he is PISSED at the fanbase because we rebelled on him and quit coming to the games. How dare we stand up to him and not take what ever he decides to give up, as he has already quoted “you will know when you know”. I wish UK would send his ass packing for the sake of the University and the sanity of the fans. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

      1. john4uk

        I would say Mitch Barnhart is not very high on your best friend list.And watching him in action on the way he has dealt with the football program,i can understand why.

      2. John

        tyson, NO ONE has called out Mitch for his comments about “real fans” and one of the only people that he will give interviews is his butt kisser Matt Jones who wont dare rile Mitch for fear of getting booted out of the group hug. Mitch is a ROYAL BUTT STAIN who should not be in making the next hire for UK mainly for the reason that he is UPSET at the fanbase because we rebelled on him and quit coming to the games. How dare we stand up to him and not take what ever he decides to give up, as he has already quoted “you will know when you know”. I wish UK would send his glutes packing for the sake of the University and the sanity of the fans. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

        I agree with what you said, however we are a family friendly bunch here. Be more creative in your word selection, Mr. Morals.

        1. larryvaught

          Do indeed want a family friend group here that can agree to disagree. Lot of passion/emotion on football with no clear right and wrong. We all have our opinions, and I try to respect them all. But idea here is for all to be able to express opinions and clearly fans have lot of different opinions about UK athletic leadership right now

  6. dailyminefield

    That lack of conversion on two 4th and inches in the TN game is really on the players. I don’t think any somewhat knowledgable fan looked at those playcalls and thought, “if the players give a better effort, maybe we convert”. We looked and thought, “WTF is that play call. You have six inches to go and you toss four yards behind the line of scrimmage. ”

    My advice to Mitch is get coaches who put the players in position to succeed.

    1. Jerry S

      I know for a fact that the staff asked Patrick if he can run the sneak and he said Yes. The coaching staff then said no nevermind run this instead.

    2. LarryPup

      Amen daily…if you can’t pickup a 4th and inches by just sending the qb up the center’s a– and blow UT off the line of scrimmage, you are not going to have a chance to win. Did not understand the call that was made at all.

      1. john4uk

        And that was against a Tennessee team recognised as having one of the worst defenses in the SEC.

    3. Theresa Crow

      I agree totally with you on the two plays with inches to go and the play that is called is to run wide left or wide right! I was at that game and could not believe it. For those of you who don’t know me, I live in middle TN but grew up in KY bleeding blue and I am married to a Vol for Lifer so when he said on that first 4th and inches play result “That is why Joker is fired”, I knew he was as incredulous as I was about the play that was called. We were both disgusted by those plays because we appreciate good play calling and believe that it is the coach’s responsibility to put the kids in a position to succeed–Joker and Randy Sanders did not do that last Saturday. No Vol fans are fans of Randy Sanders–even Phil Fulmer fired him…why on earth did UK hire him? Randy Sanders, at best, might be a decent positions coach–but he cannot see the big picture at all. Hopefully, he will not be kept by whatever coach comes in next.

  7. Tom R

    Did Mitch not recognize lots of players gave great effort, many who were true frosh lacking the physical development to play SEC ball? That roster attrition related problem’s on Joker and Mitch!

  8. big tim

    the third parents already complained about there son not playing and im sorry to tell them hes not good enough yet. hes not a college star like he was in highschool they need to get over it doubt he will start next season either unless he makes a huge improvement

  9. LarryPup

    I don’t like for one min. that we are three weeks into this hire and no info. All we have gotten so far is just a bunch of hot air rumors by people who want everybody to think they are in the know. I don’t like the way things are either, but all you guys who are running your mouth about Mitch Barnhart may have to eat your words. Why don’t we just wait and see who the man hires.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      So, you agree with me, he hired Coach Petrino 3 weeks ago….and, that’s one of the reasons you don’t see other SEC Schools courting Petrino…

  10. Rickman

    Players do need to give better effort.
    Joker got himself fired, but players were soft and not giving their all.
    that has to change.

    On coaching search, no one was ever going to be named until the regular season was over. For some teams (Florida State and Cincy for example), they still have a game. Lots of drama and gnashing of teeth, but we are not “behind” on the search.

  11. NCWeasel

    We’re an impatient bunch. Anyone that thought a CURRENT coahc, HC or otherwise, was going to just jump ship on their current team and come running to UK when called and leave their current employer behind before the season ended was delusional.

    How many “other hirings” have we read about? NONE What should have happened was that long list of candidates should be down to a some list now. like 1-2 names. Amd depending on whether those teams are done with the regular season or not, should drive whether things are ready to move forward THIS WEEK.

    So all the “I thought we’d be further along stuff” is silly. We don’t KNOW how far along we are because neither the coaches we are talking OR the University want to look like they got jilted at the altar if things don’t go their way. So everybody plays it cool in public, untl the wedding is announced. And it’s all complicated by Tenn, Ark, and Auburn looking at a similar list of people.

    Now …. if we get into the middle of next week and we still don’t have a bride. We can start getting worried then that everybody we wanted said no.

    1. larryvaught

      Well said NC Weasel. You are right. HOpefully UK has it down to 1-2 names and has been in serious talks with those coaches. Doesn’t seem to be the case, but well could be with a ton of misinformation out there like normally happens with every coaching search.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      ” Great Analogy “…

  12. Old Cat

    The best quality that I would look for in a coach is this-“has his team improved over the season, or did they get worse?”

  13. LarryPup

    The problem is that UK plays the big boys with 2 and 3 star athletes, and Florida, Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, etc. play with 4 and 5 star recruits. Until we get a coach that can recruit and develop this type talent nothing will change for UK in the SEC in football. We need football talent. It is simple as that. Why do we win in in basketball? Cal signs top talent and knows how to coach. The only name I have seen that can bring great football to UK out of the imaginary list is Petrino.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” Thank You “, enough said….

  14. eddie

    i saw the stoops tweet also but it could be just a d-lineman wanting a defenseive coach also if we could have him we could get recruits from ga, fl,

    1. Twice

      Not just GA and FL, he also has ties in Texas and Ohio. Those are some serious recruiting areas that UK has little to no connection to (other than GA)

  15. rqa

    Mitch has kept a tight lid on the coaching search info. Who in their right mind thinks that he is going to tell a group of 85 18-22 yr old kids anything that would blow that lid?

  16. Mr. Morals

    Regardless of what Mitch thinks about the effort of the players, he should have kept his mouth shut. I can see where it would be very hard to put forth your best effort as a player, for a coaching staff that incompetent. A lot of the kids that are on this team have played at some big time programs and have been around some of the best coaches in the highschool ranks, so they know if a coach knows what he is doing or not. It is hard to go to war for a man in a general’s uniform when you know that the man in the uniform is only a private in disguise.

  17. Mike

    Mitch has had 3 wks. to get a commitment from our next coach, and now I am afraid he is has us in a more precarious position with all of the other openings. He certainly isn’t winning any new friends or influencing any of the BBN with his cryptic search either.

    1. John

      Have you not been paying attention to all of the other schools who have fired their coaches in the last three weeks? Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee among others and they are better destinations for a good coach than we are. You don’t think the best coaches are waiting to see what is on the table before making any decisions? Or do you think they are chomping at the bits to grab the UK job?

  18. Walter

    I believe bloggers and people who read blogs should stop telling the world how bad our administration and coaching is.

    1. LarryPup

      Amen Walter…at least until we know more.

    2. UKFAN197TONE

      Good point, because we are wasting our time. They already know. HA.

  19. Mr. Morals

    Walter, it is as the old saying goes, “the truth will stand when the world is on fire” I am grateful for a place like this that Larry has provided so the average Joe who means nothing to a jerk like Mitch can voice his or her opinion. I can assure you that at least some of the opinions, good or bad, get back to the administration and the boosters. Do you not think the powers that be know Mitch is building the wall a little higher every day between himself and the fan base.

  20. Mr. Morals

    LarryPup, and when will that be? Oh yeah, know one knows, but as Mitch has said, “you will know when you know” Sorry, that dont cut it for me, I dont like being talked to like he is my dad and I am being scolded for something I have done wrong. It does not matter for me if he were to hire Bill Parcells at this point, he has show what an arrogant jerk he is and I for one will never have any respect for him as a AD.

    1. LarryPup

      Yeah you make that real clear.

  21. M West

    My take. Mitch can’t show his cards fully until the timing is right. Negotiations at this level are tough and need to be played out strategically. He can’t give parents and players incomplete or inaccurate information before the process has played itself out. If he drops hints of who he thinks might take it or when it might happen, he gets killed if it doesn’t work out. If he doesn’t drop hints, he gets killed. He’s in a no-win situation until it’s time to make the right announcement at the right time.

  22. Mr. Morals

    LarryPup, I hope I did not come off directing any my frustrations toward you or anyone else that thinks Mitch is doing a good job. I guess my patients is just wareing a little thin.

    1. LarryPup

      Mr. Morals..no problem. I think we are all frustrated. I just hope for Mitch Barnhart’s sake he makes a home run hire.

      1. Theresa Crow

        LarryPup, I hope for the sake of the team, the fans and all of UK, Mitch makes the home run hire…for Mitch Barnhart’s sake, not so much!

  23. coldspringmike

    M West agree with you. When Joker was let go I believe he said ” I get it, this is a business, I understand that “. Mitch is in charge of a big business and big business decisions are not discussed in public until that important decision has been made. With D-1 openings all over the country I’m kinda glad Mitch is playing it close to the vest and not letting everyone know what cards he has in his hand.

    1. Ira

      Well coldspringmike, he had a three week jump on every team execpt Arkansas and he pissed it away by doing big business. So now in the SEC Arkansas, Auburn, UT and of course UK are looking for coaches, the Pac 12 CAL and Colorado are, in the ACC NC State is, Purdue fired theirs, I think Illinois did too, Idaho has. So while he has dallied for reasons only he knows, other openings have taken place. Places that UK has to compete against that we didn’t three weeks ago. Other openings will take place at other universities soon enough. His Christmas deadline may very well be a real deadline now. Thanks to him not getting in no real hurry.

      I hope by him not getting in a hurry, he really has got someone lined up, because its just got that much more difficult in the last few days.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        ” The difference in Playing Chess and Checkers”, Ira ….If MB has secured Petrino, before all the other openings, he made a hell of a Chess Move…My Hopes.

        1. Mr. Morals

          Amen Larry, and if this is the case, I will apologize to Mitch in person for not having faith in him.

  24. InTheKnow


  25. GP

    After 29 yrs in sec. 128 I left 10 yrs ago when I wasn’t happy with the Brooks hire. My parents finally walked this yr after 39 yrs. I can’t help but wonder how many longtimers are gone for good after this mess. But I second what a lot has been said about this AD. I’ve never liked him and his comments towards the fans that have put up with so much is crap.

    1. Reality

      So you missed Rich Brooks’ win over #1 LSU? How disappointing for you.

    2. Shaun27

      HaHa, good maybe with all the “long timers” gone I won’t be told to sit down when I’m up screaming for our defense.

      See things are getting better already…

      1. larryvaught

        Good line Shaun. Does always amaze me when some fans tell those standing and cheering to calm down

        1. Ira

          actually I know where they come from. Some of those old timers, can’t stand up on every down. Where I set, I have a few people in front of me, that just stand up on every down, I end up standing up alot as well just so I can see. Then when you have an old timer behind you they get blocked from the 1st down play. It gets aggravating. I just turned 40ish, heck I don’t want to stand for every down in the game.

          I mean they stand for the time outs, penalties, everything. the Older generation has every right to be at the game, same as you or me. They’ve stood the thin alot longer than us Shaun27.

          Lets see you spend 40 years on losing football. Time effort and money. 40 years. Shaun27. Been around that long??? Have you got that type of money to spend for forty years shaun27????

      2. Sporty

        Excellent post. I may get more tickets since my nephews will be able to cheer like they know how to without all of the seat warmers and profanity spewers ruining the game.

  26. Cam Jacobs

    Larry T, still believing in a Petrino hire? wish we had word that was fact.

  27. Jim

    Everybody knows Petrino is not the guy. If so, there would be no waiting period. The wait is because he is hiring or already hired an assitant or head coach that has post season bowl preparation going on. Why else would Mitch not announce the hire?

  28. Catsfan2

    I know I hate it when people who think they know so much stand over your shoulder and tell you how to do your job they can’t their own. Grow up me. I can’t believe you are sogreat that you great that petrino is a good hire with the path of lies that he’s had you want him to lead our young men. What a great man to show them how things are. Lies cheating leaving mid season.

    1. Mr. Morals

      Catsfan2 I will guarantee you that where ever BP ends up next, he will be on his behavior and out to prove his critics wrong, and that he is reformed, and this in turn will benefit said school as he will be more focused and driven than ever. We are gonna miss out on the best coach available at this time that no one wants to take a chance on.

      1. Sporty

        Does a leopard change his spots? Has he “gotten religion,” and we just haven’t been told yet? Why has he waited so long to let us know?

  29. Viper

    Two quick points…(1) I bet that most of the know-it-alls on here calling names and making uninformed and irresponsible comments have (a) never made personnel decisions or hired anyone and (b) have never met Mitch Barnhart and know nothing about the man they are insulting. (2) While it is obvious that Kentucky does not recruit as well as most of the SEC (a) you can say the same for nearly every team in America and (b) there are a pretty large number of 2-star and 3-star recruits that came through this program that are, or have in the past, made a really good living playing on Sundays. This blog is one of the few I read because of its creator who always shows class whether or not I agree with his assesssments. Others on here should take note of his example.

    1. Mr. Morals

      Viper, (1) Most folks that are so called know-it-alls that are making comments about what a Jack Ass Mitch has been are commenting because of what few statements that Mitch has made have been derogatory toward the fan base as being racist and vindictive. His comment about “you will know when you know” in reference to the new coach, pretty much said to the fan base STFU and take what I give you and like it. Not Cool. I personally have been around Mitch in several fund raising functions and he is as dry as a hot rock in the desert, no personality at all and seems to be mad all the time. He may be a different man out the eye of the public, but public perception is everything.

      And in reply to your second point (2) I agree that there have been a lot of 2 and 3 star recruits that have gone through our program that have over achieved, but did they really over achieve or were they just incorrectly evaluted? Uk’s quality of recruit really increased with the hiring of Mr. T Martin and like wise decreased with his leaving for USC. My point is not every coach is good at finding raw talent and it is even rarer to find a coach that can bring out that raw talent and hone it into an elite player. I also agree that Larry Vaught is a class act, and does his best to let all opinions be voiced in an unbiased manner.

      1. viper

        You made my point. Evaluations by so called recruiting gurus are nothing more than an educated (and sometimes uneducated) guess at how a 17 or 18 year-old kid will mature physically and mentally. In the case of the Ladaveon Clowneys of the world where he is a man-child at 18, it is easy. There are many 4-star recruits that don’t make it and probably more 2 and 3-stars that do. This isn’t like basketball. Football rankings are much more suspect and I would take the opinion of Joker (and most others who have coached) over any recruiting service in this sport. Also, while Tee Martin is an excellent recruiter our 2 and 3-star recruits who have done exceptionally well did not begin, nor will it end, with him.
        As to MB’s handling of the hiring, I am not defending anything he may have said. My point was he should not say anything at all when it comes to a hiring decision, period, until it is done. That is how it is handled in business and should be handled by him. However, since he is a public employee and is hiring a public employee, after the fact it is open season on his decision. I would be nice however if criticism were handled with a little class and was based upon facts.

    2. Ira

      actually Viper I’ve met him a couple of times. Doubt if he remembers me though. Been on the sidelines with my son when he has come thru and talked with him. What most people call arrogant, I’d say is nothing more than is his business face.

      Unless you are in his personal circle of friends, doubt if you are going to know the real side of him. He isn’t going to let that side down much in front of the fans, media etc.

      What does irritate the fans, is when he has lashed out at them, called them microwave fans, having an agenda, and other things as well. He doesn’t help his side at all. Not a very good PR person is our AD.

      But our fanbase might as well give up on this notion of Bobby Petrino. He ain’t coming. We might get him if every other coach in the search tells us no, and by then BP will be somewhere else. So get over it fanbase.

      Look for Mark Stoops, or McIntyre would be my guess, or maybe that Northern Illnois coach can’t think of his name cause BP isn’t coming to the rescue.

      1. Sporty

        Good post, Ira. He is a huge football fan, but a fan of all sports. He is between the rocks and some hard places for sure, being a football fan and AD at UK cemented between a basketball donor base and fan base, a historically mediocre football program, and a football frenzied fan core tired of mediocrity. He’s been fought over facilities upgrades for football, dealt with a football recruiting budget that wasn’t competitive with UK’s basketball program, much less proportional to the size of their respective recruiting classes, and had to watch as other schools such as Vandy gained significant momentum, when UK already had it and was losing it, while the state and the university sat on its hands relative to UK football. I’d have some fences up, too. I’d have lost my cool and my patience with this place and moved on to another program (and better pay with it) by now. He’s not one to give up, though, unlike those he’s been the scapegoat for. Northern’s coach would be a good coach to fit the talent UK has and bring in more from up north, an area UK has never gotten a firm foothold, but should’ve done well in. He could put up the offensive numbers that would cause UK to get noticed again and bring in both skilled offensive and defensive personnel. Is he going to settle for UK right now, is the question, when he may have better prospects coming along? Stoops, McIntyre… if they can’t put up the big offensive numbers, few UK fans will be happy.

  30. Still Bleeding Blue for UK football

    Not a fan of parents calling the media, especially nameless parents. Anyone that reads your column regularly can put a name with one or all of the parents. Hearsay stories from disgruntled parents does not help the BBN. Why does a parent need to talk to the media and state: “for fear of angering UK officials or any coach”. If they live in fear as a parent of a UK football player, they should have their son transfer. It would be for the betterment of the team!

    UK was 2-10. The players head coach has left. They are left only with their strength and conditioning coaches during these hard times. It’s time for the players to bond as they await their new coach. It isn’t time for unhappy parents to vent with the media and put their spin on what Mitch Barnhart said to the players.

  31. Tom R

    It also “wasn’t the time” for an AD to play coach and risk alienating the entire squad because a few players aren’t “giving effort.”

  32. Cat Fan for Life

    I don’t think any school will let another school contact their coach about an opening with 3 weeks to go in a season. Just because Joker was let go with 3 weeks to go in season doesn’t mean anything. Nothing really gets heated up until season is over. I believe Mitch will come through will this hire. He knows what is on the line with this one.

  33. P90XDude

    Dec 14th? Has everyone said no? You can write off next year’s recruiting.

  34. TrueBlueJohn

    The only positive thing that I have seen concerning this coaching search is that it has stirred up the football fanbase to an extent that I have never seen before. If anyone says that we are apathetic toward football, they just need to read the comments on this blog and any of the others.

    1. larryvaught

      TrueBlue, amen to that. Has shown me what I always believed — this is a football state. Kentucky folks care deeply for football and finally have decided they want more than just being mediocre

      1. Viper

        I am about to be blasted for this and I really don’t care. As passionate as the fans on this blog and on talk radio are about football, the majority of fans, in my opinion, are like me. While I enjoy the football team and wish them the very best… If it would guarantee a ninth national championship in April they can shut down football today and put a dome over Commonwealth so I can have a shot at better seats for the NCAA tournament. Just that simple. If you believe I am in the minority, ask the question that way and see what answers you get outside the circle of people who write on this blog or call the radio shows. BTW…I would love to see the Larry Vaught Radio Show!! Just sayin’.

    2. JackG

      I absolutely agree with your comment. With that said, I think Mitch Barnhart needs to put his arrogance on the back burner for now and start to move forward to unite the fan base. At this point I see no movement in that direction on his part.

  35. Sporty

    I don’t whine and stomp when I don’t get my way or don’t know everything. It’s of no value. More harm has been done to the progress of this football program by the backstabbing of certain fans that occurs before any new coach ever coaches a game. It doesn’t surprise me that they gravitate towards a liar and low-character guy like Petrino. Maybe he’s someone they can admire. It’s hard to start coaching a program that is as far behind as UK is in its conference. No one “should” have any difficulty understanding that, yet they do, and every coach will have to deal with a percentage of the fans being negative and vocal about it from day one. It’s not a winning attitude, nor one that deserves a response always. Big picture is that UK HC is already a tough position, not likely to get better overnight, yet the coach coming in has to know he will not get more than 3 years to attempt a fix, and before he even meets with a player, he will already have a bunch of people on his back beating him like that the mostly dead horse that is UK’s past. No, Joker did not get it done in his 3 years. Yes, the play-calling was abysmal. Yes, the playing favorites thing was a problem. But, trying to climb the steep slope UK faces while you got 1000 people on your back kicking and biting you, and slashing at the rope with dull knives, is not gonna go well. If anyone thinks Brooks was a bad hire, they need to brace for worse because this search has had twice as much negativity from fans as that one. I know it’s hard to hear, but being that way can’t help the search. It can only hurt it. We’re all disappointed right now, but it’s not the incoming coaches’ fault, no matter who they are. Think about giving them a boost for a change instead of knocking them down before the hand shake.

  36. Sporty

    BTW, Dec 14th-ish is the best time for marketing purposes. You don’t want your hire to fall on deaf ears, and you can’t talk to, negotiate, or hire most working coaches until after the conference championships. Through the 10th, the talk will be about the BCS and other searches. No air time until after then for a splash that could get UK’s hire noticed. This is neither a bad nor good sign. It is what it is. It’s just what a program of UK’s caliber needs. This isn’t Alabama or LSU, and even they’ve had some relatively bad years with big-name but less than great coaching.

  37. Richard

    Looks like we won’t have to wait until Dec 14.

    1. larryvaught

      lot is happening

  38. Larry T Clemons

    Give ” Ira “, props, he called it, 2 days ago, from a tweet….and I would like to thank all of BBN who have been posting about Football, during Basketball Season…Thank You for indulging me with my proactive and supportive stance on and with Coach Petrino…I can say, also, Thank You Mitch Barnhart for enduring our rants and concerns, I believe you made a great move for the University and deserve congrats, even from your detractors. And lastly, Larry Vaught, thank you for stimulating and monitoring daily discussion, that brought much excitement to Kentucky Football…” Go Big Stoo…! oops ! (lol)

    1. larryvaught

      Has been mostly a fun time with this search and proven how much passion uk football fans have

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