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Jacob Tamme and family know what a “blessing” it is to go back to Super Bowl


Allison Tamme can still remember when her husband, Jacob, was part of Indianapolis’ 2010 Super Bowl team. “It was so surreal for us and completely new. But most of our friends in Indianapolis had been to the Super Bowl (three years earlier). We heard stories about how awesome it was and got excited by their stories.”

Now they can tell friends Super Bowl stories because Jacob Tamme and the Denver Broncos are headed to the Feb. 2 Super Bowl in New York to play New England.

“Now that we have been and know what a blessing it is to be there, we know how much fun it will be,” Allison Tamme said. “We really like it here and know this experience is going to be even better.”

She’s over the “logistical nightmare” of meeting with team officials to help make travel plans not only for them, but also for family members in Boyle County who will be attending the game.

“Obviously, everybody wants a ticket, but there’s just not enough to go around no matter how hard you try to find ways to get tickets,” she said.

She’s looking forward to New York — the Super Bowl three years ago was in Miami.

“We will head up a few days early. There are so many things going. Everything about the Super Bowl is special,” she said. “This will be totally different. New team, new city. Last time we sat by the pool drinking frozen lemonade and enjoying the sun. We won’t do that in New York.

“But one thing I learned from before is that it doesn’t feel like as big a deal when you are there as when you watch on TV. When you are there, it’s just another game that you want to win. It’s a big, huge deal, but you do not see all the show, all the flash. It’s more that your husbands, sons, brothers are preparing to win a game.”

There will be one major difference for the Tammes this time — their 2-year-old son Luke will be with them.

“He is obsessed with football,” Allison Tamme said. “I was pushing golf. But I have given up on him not playing football. As a mom, I do not want him to get it. But he plays football every day. He watches and cheers at the appropriate times. He keeps asking if the Super Bowl is today. For 2 3/4 years old, he is pretty in tune with what is going on.”

Luke was at the AFC championship game last week when Denver beat New England. However, he missed his father’s 1-yard touchdown catch in the first half.

“It was a one o’clock game, so he slept through the touchdown. That’s his normal nap time,” Allison Tamme said. “We told him when he woke upo that Daddy scored and the first thing he said was, ‘No way.’ We showed him pictures. He actually slept through most of the first half.

“The first playoff game he slept probably an hour. We just hold him and he wakes up in a pretty good mood. He doesn’t go to all the home games. But with the playoffs, in this profession you never know when it could be your last game. We wanted him to participate and be there for everyone. We’ll have a lot of family at the Super Bowl, so we’ll just pass him around and take turns holding him.”

The main focus, though, on Sunday will be watching her husband trying to win a Super Bowl, something the Colts could not do when they lost to New Orleans.

“I can’t say Jacob is more excited, but he is very, very excited,” Allison Tamme said. “He has a different role on this team and scoring a touchdown and playing on offense in the championship game was such a huge blessing and  accomplishment for him. To be able to play with this offense and setting records and going to the Super Bowl just makes this all even more special for him.”

She says they “love it here” in Denver after leaving Indianapolis after the 2011 season.

“It’s a lot different here than Kentucky, which is still home and what we both love,” she said. “But the people here are amazing. We have an awesome  couples Bible study group on Monday nights that helps keep us grounded. We are really enjoying our time here.”

That enjoyment obviously would increase even more if the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

“We went (to the Super Bowl) the last time and did not win, so Jacob’s only goal this time is to win. He really wants to win. There is no other option for him, no other choice,” Allison Tamme said. “He wants to come home with that ring. That would mean the world to him. What little boy growing up does not dream of winning the Super Bowl?”

That likely includes her son, Luke. He was one of the last ones to leave Mile High Stadium last week after the win over the Patriots because he was running around the field with his father.

“The Tamme family has the reputation of being the last one to leave any event or venue, even at Boyle County,” Allison Tamme said. “We were pretty much the last ones there except for security and a couple of guys cleaning up. Luke and Sarah Jane (Jacob Tamme’s sister) ran the length of the field. Luke was king of the castle at Mile High, and loved it. That’s why I have given up and just know he’s going to play football just like his father.”

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    Oh my goodness! I can’t tell you much I LOVE this video. And the story is pretty good too. :-) The Tammes are such a special group.

    1. Carter

      They are very special indeed.

  2. Anonymous

    I can see why Luke is certainly “King of the Castle”. Loved the video!
    Great family!

  3. Anonymous

    Karen, it’s DITTO to your post to Larry. Also, Larry, I am puny today and missed church but, thankfully, got to hear the morning show and your telling about this video!

    Yes, how special the Tammes are, and Luke is adorable! Too, Luke’s video brought back video memories of last Sunday at our older son’s home. Family and friends were celebrating after my two twin grandbabies’ christening. Naturally, my younger son and I ( huge Bronco fans — because of Jacob, Wesley, Danny, and Peyton, and Larry understands!) — tuned into the game. His son, a few months away from two, ran around with his football, similarly screaming “Go Broncos” and signaling touchdowns and clapping. After most folks had left, he changed from church clothes into his Peyton Manning Broncos jersey for the rest of the game — just skipped his nap, ha!

    Funny telling on myself tidbit is that I was holding one of the twins, who had become so tired and fell asleep in my arms. I just kept swaying him and would not take him into his room until that first touchdown drive was complete — yes, some grandma I am, ha!

    Anyway, I had been hoping it was Jacob and then saw his number! I was so excited, glanced at the other end of the room and saw Justin smiling broadly at me, saying “Tamme!” Larry, if you talk with Allison or Jacob any time soon, please share that story, particularly letting Jacob know how happy Justin and I had been for him!!!


  4. Tana

    Karen, from this corner it’s DITTO to your post. Also, Larry, puny today and missing church and thus able to listen to the morning show, I am SO thankful you mentioned the video’s being here. Taking care of precious grandbabies now does not allow much computer time!

    Yes, the Tammes are such special people, and Luke is just adorable. Also, the video brought back to me special memories of last Sunday. Family and friends celebrated the christening of my older son’s twin babies at their home. For my younger son (very loyal to Jacob and Peyton, of course, Larry, from the days with the Colts) and myself (very loyal to Jacob and Wesley and Danny), the television simply had to be on for the entire game! Well, through most of the game, Justin’s one-year-old son ( a few months short of two) ran through the crowd with his football, similarly screaming “Go Broncos,” signaling touchdowns, and clapping. After most of the crowd left, he changed from his church clothes into his Broncos Manning jersey — and, actually, he even skipped his nap!

    By the way, in that noisy, crowded room, one of the babies had become really tired and fell asleep in my arms. I had been standing up and headed in the direction of the room with his little crib, but I was NOT going to take him in there until the Broncos’ drive ended (yep, some grandma I am, ha!). Then came the touchdown pass! I had been SO hoping it was Jacob! Then I saw his number and glanced toward the other end of the room where son Justin was standing. He was looking at me, smiling broadly, and saying “Tamme!”

    Larry, Justin and I had both been SO happy for Jacob. If you get the chance, please get that story or message to Allison or Justin. We are pulling for the Broncos and Jacob with all our hearts. GO BRONCOS!!!

    1. larryvaught

      Great post Tana. Glad to have you back

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