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Dick Vitale knows importance of football recruiting in Florida, and so does Joker Phillips

By LARRY VAUGHT He’s a college basketball analyst, but he’s a college football fan. So while Dick Vitale knows Kentucky fans were bitterly disappointed with UK’s overtime loss to Western Kentucky, he was also thrilled for WKU coach Willie Taggart because he played “where I lived” in Florida. “He has kids from Bradenton, Fla. He knows …

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Overtime loss to Western Kentucky puts Joker Phillips on an even hotter seat

By LARRY VAUGHT If Joker Phillips was on the hot seat before this game, he’s been thrown into the furnace now. That’s what a 32-31 overtime loss to Western Kentucky will do to a coach who has had back-to-back losing seasons and no longer can live off a win over South Carolina in 2010 or …

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