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Mikel Horton says Drew Barker “still being a leader” for UK

By LARRY VAUGHT Drew Barker not only helped put together Kentucky’s 2014 recruiting class, but he graduated early from Conner High School so he could enroll at Kentucky in December, 2013, and go through spring practice in hopes of becoming the starting quarterback as a true freshman. However, Barker didn’t win the job over Patrick …

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Watch a replay of the UK v Florida OT game

video courtesy SEC Network

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Older fan needs advice for spending time on Vanderbilt game day

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky fan Richard Wright needs your help. “Larry, my wife and I are coming in for the Vandy game and need some advice about where to eat and hang out a little.  We are older but  would love to see some of the basketball players and some Vandy fans. Thanks for your …

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Vince Marrow knows recruits are now “seeing the reality” of Kentucky football improvement

By LARRY VAUGHT After selling the message about the future of Kentucky football, assistant coach and recruiting guru Vince Marrow now knows recruits are “seeing the reality” of what is happening with the program. “Pretty soon we had to start showing improvement. Don’t get me wrong. We are not into moral victories,” said Marrow referring …

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Jason Hatcher balancing mental aspect of football with his natural ability

By ASHLEY SCOBY Florida was going to have to come up with a miracle on fourth down. The Gators had just suffered a four-yard loss on third down of the game’s first overtime on Saturday, thanks to sophomore Jason Hatcher’s clutch tackle for loss of Kelvin Taylor. As it would turn out, Florida did produce …

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Mark Stoops pleased with how four redshirt freshman lineman fought at Florida

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky played four redshirt freshman offensive lineman — Ramsey Meyers, Nick Haynes, Cole Mosier and Kyle Meadows — at times at Florida, but coach Mark Stoops liked the way the overall group performed. “They really played and fought extremely hard. At one point, during critical portions of that game — which they …

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Whip cream challenge for Kelly Melton another reason to believe in Mark Stoops

By LARRY VAUGHT Looking for still another reason to believe in Mark Stoops and like what he is doing at Kentucky, then I have one for you. Kentucky fan Kelly Melton is battling Leukemia and former UK basketball player Nerlens Noel and current UK kicker Max Strong have helped start a “Kickin’ it 4 Kelly” …

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Guest post: UK super fan John Short truly is a Great American himself in so many ways

By TINA COX John Short does not have a Twitter or Facebook account. He has never visited a blog site nor does he review game stats online. He has a tablet but is unable to use it because it is not voice activated. Despite all these facts he is a social media icon for the …

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