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Could Willie Cauley-Stein team up with Tom Lyles to record a song?

By LARRY VAUGHT Singer/producer Tom Lyles might have a new client after basketball season ends. His son, UK freshman Trey Lyles, called him from the Bahamas and told him that Willie Cauley-Stein, a unique personality himself, had heard “BBN” and wanted to talk to Lyles about his new song that is dedicated to Kentucky basketball …

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Tom Lyles has dedicated new song “BBN” to the “best fan base in the country”

By LARRY VAUGHT The more Tom Lyles got to know Kentucky coach John Calipari, the more impressed he became with the coach and the way he recruited his son, Trey Lyles. That’s why he decided to put together a song named “BBN” that he says is dedicated to the “best fan base in the country” …

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Photos from UK Men’s Basketball Photo Day 2014

Photos by Clay Jackson, and property of Schurz Communications, Inc., and vaughtsviews.com. All rights reserved; images may not be reprinted in print or online without permission of the owners. Reprinted images must be attributed to vaughtsviews.com and linked to the original site.

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Not playing “very hard” on Trey Lyles but he says he is close to being back on court

video courtesy Kentucky Wildcats TV By LARRY VAUGHT Freshman Trey Lyles has not played in Kentucky’s five games in the Bahamas and said after Saturday’s win in Nassau that he was “working my way back” from an injury. “I had an injury a couple months ago and just working my way back from it,” said …

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Guest post: This time the hype is real about John Calipari’s Kentucky team

By RENE CORNETTE If last year taught us anything, it was not to buy into the early season hype but what’s happening in the Bahamas is not hype. It’s proof. Proof of just how far ahead a John Calipari coached team can be when it returns key role players from a National Championship runner-up team. …

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John Calipari want to keep “anything from sabotaging what we are doing”

By LARRY VAUGHT During Monday’s win, Kentucky coach John Calipari spent time working one of the ESPNU cameras. On Tuesday, the UK coach joined the ESPNU TV crew to talk about his team’s easy exhibition win over the Puerto Rico Reserves. “I have had to coach 9-10 guys before, but probably not guys this talented,” said Calipari on …

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John Calipari’s major concern now is developing players and getting them better

By LARRY VAUGHT With all the options he could have with his talented and deep roster, Kentucky coach John Calipari has one primary motive as his team prepares to start a six-game exhibition trip Sunday to play three veteran teams in the Bahamas. “I worry about developing individual players. How do we get each one …

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John Calipari working on making players better teammates, praises Tyler Ulis

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky coach John Calipari said it has been hard to develop “team chemistry and those things” during practice for exhibition games starting Sunday in the Bahamas with Willie Cauley-Stein and Trey Lyles both out as they recover from injuries. “We are looking to develop guys here and trying to get them to …

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