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Numbers project Kentucky 82-71 win over Arkansas

By RICHARD CHEEKS On Saturday, the Cats began the final stretch of five games to close out the SEC regular season, and three of those five games provide an opportunity to avenge an earlier loss. The first rematch ended with the Cats getting their revenge. However, much to the chagrin of most Big Blue Fans, …

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Guest Post – Kentucky’s quality of performance showing decline, not improvement

By RICHARD CHEEKS Some say the team is “not playing hard” and others “the players are not committed to the program, only to their NBA futures” and yet others “that they are playing better ball” but all of those kind of statements lack any objective measure to support the assertion.  How does one measure “how …

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Guest Post: Cats continue quest for sustained improvement with Cleveland State next in Coach Calipari’s lesson plan

By RICHARD CHEEKS When your team consists of inexperience players, the number one objective from the start must be to teach, and all great teachers develop a syllabus with a sequence of lesson plans as a road map to follow. For each session in the season, the teacher establishes learning objectives, and I have no …

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Guest post: 2013 Pre-Season Football Fearless Forecast

By RICHARD CHEEKS Prior to each football season, I project the entire season’s results based solely upon Kentucky’s and each of Kentucky’s upcoming opponents’ body of work during the prior season, in this case 2012. Beginning with the 2013 Pre-Season Forecast, I have adopted a new methodology to define the starting point for each team. …

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Guest post: Cats have yet to grasp meaning of team but numbers still indicate 17 point win over Vanderbilt

By RICHARD CHEEKS When a teammate falls, his brothers rally around him, each doing a little more, to show support of their fallen brother in the interest of the team. The emotional boost that sustains that greater effort cannot be sustained for the long term. However, as the extra energy provided by the initial response …

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