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Guest Post: Coach Stoops Continues To Face A Monumental Rebuilding Program As Year Two Begins, Here’s Why

In 2013, the Kentucky football team finished with the same 2-10 record that marked the end of the Joker Phillips era following the 2012 season. In 2012, the wins came over the MAC’s Kent State and Samford while in 2013, the wins come over the MAC’s Miami of Ohio and Alabama State. The Cats lost …

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Guest Post – Kentucky’s quality of performance showing decline, not improvement

By RICHARD CHEEKS Some say the team is “not playing hard” and others “the players are not committed to the program, only to their NBA futures” and yet others “that they are playing better ball” but all of those kind of statements lack any objective measure to support the assertion.  How does one measure “how …

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Guest Post: Cats Continue To Move Up Their Learning Curve Texas Arlington Up Next

By RICHARD CHEEKS To my Big Blue brothers and sisters, smile, relax, and enjoy the ride that the Cats are going to deliver to you for the 2013-14 season. This ride has only just begun, and yes I realize that the young Cats did not beat Michigan State in their third college game, and third …

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Four non-conference games will determine if Calipari’s Cats are above average team next season

Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)  By RICHARD CHEEKS  The future’s not ours to see. We all know the message, and the tune is probably rumbling through your mind as you begin to read this piece. You are probably wondering what is the point, and where is he going with this today. Well, …

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Guest post: Cats have yet to grasp meaning of team but numbers still indicate 17 point win over Vanderbilt

By RICHARD CHEEKS When a teammate falls, his brothers rally around him, each doing a little more, to show support of their fallen brother in the interest of the team. The emotional boost that sustains that greater effort cannot be sustained for the long term. However, as the extra energy provided by the initial response …

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Cats need to ace Marshall quiz to prepare for final exam at Louisville

By RICHARD CHEEKS The Cats passed their Lipscomb quiz last Saturday, probably earned a grade of C+ or B-, and this Saturday they get their last quiz of the month, the Marshall quiz, before their December, non-conference Final Exam on December 29, at Louisville. The Marshall quiz will be more difficult than the Lipscomb quiz, …

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