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UK football fan does not want to be told how to cheer or act at games

By LARRY VAUGHT Recently University of Kentucky athletics decided to solicit fan response for how to improve the game-day atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium. One possibility was moving the singing of “My Old Kentucky Home” to the end of the third quarter. Thomas Beisner, regular host of Kentucky Sports Television, asked  me how I felt about …

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Former UK All-American Derek Abney likes what he sees from UK offense, likes commitment Barnhart has made to football

By LARRY VAUGHT Question: Do you continue to like what you see from the Kentucky offense? Derek Abney: “I think the program and the system we have got is going to be top notch. I think we have a little time still to implement that. We have to get the right people in. I think we …

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What impact will JMI Sports deal with UK have on coaches’ endorsements?

MITCH BARNHART:  “I think what happens is this is a long‑standing ‑‑ make sure that all your endorsements and all the people that want to be a part of your program are centralized in one spot.  So I don’t know that much changes for us.  The process will still be very similar to what we’ve had.  …

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Mitch Barnhart on how new JMI deal will impact on how fans hear games, who calls games

Question: Fom a fan standpoint, how does this change where they’ll hear the games, who’s calling the games?  Does any of that change at all? MITCH BARNHART:  “I don’t see that changing right now.  Clearly we always want to be better, so what allows us to be better, there’s going to be new things in …

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Mitch Barnhart says $210 million marketing deal is “not about” Rupp Arena

Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart was part of a news conference Monday to talk about UK’s $210-milion dollar marketing deal with JMI Sports:   Question: With everything that’s happened with Rupp Arena here lately, I think one of the media questions people will ask today when they see this dollar figure is does this position …

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Kentucky rewards Mark Stoops with contract extension

The contract of University of Kentucky football head coach Mark Stoops has been amended to extend through the 2018 season, UK Director of Athletics Mitch Barnhart announced Tuesday. The new agreement extends the term from Dec. 31, 2017 to June 30, 2019, giving the coach five years remaining on his contract. “We are excited about …

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Barnhart on stadium: “We wanted to bring fans tighter to the action”

With the continued excitement over UK football recruiting, here’s a chance to look back at what Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart said when asked if his travels within the SEC inspired any of the elements of the new stadium. “What you’re seeing is that you’ve got some very large facilities in our league. We’ve been …

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Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart wants to “create great environment with students” around recruiting room

By LARRY VAUGHT Why was it important for Kentucky to finally add a football recruiting room at Commonwealth Stadium? Coach Mark Stoops and his staff could give a long list of reasons, but let’s stick to why UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart recently said it was important when he discussed plans for renovations at Commonwealth …

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