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UK coach John Calipari reacts during the Cats' loss to Duke. (Victoria Graff photo)

UK coach John Calipari reacts during the Cats’ loss to Duke. (Victoria Graff photo)


ATLANTA — As he stopped at midcourt of the Georgia Dome, Kentucky coach John Calipari told ESPN’s Andy Katz that if players in the NBA flopped to draw charges like Duke players had that they would be fined for their antics.

So what did Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski think about those comments after his team held off Kentucky 75-68?

“He has right to say what he wants,” the Duke coach said. “I thought we took some amazing charges and could have taken more. There is a difference in a charge and flop. A flop means you are not taking any contact. I hope anybody who watches the game will say our kids did a good job.”

Then, he added, “We don’t make any money, so we can not get fined.”

Calipari pretended that he didn’t remember what he said to Katz when asked about it.

“I don’t even remember. What did I say?” Calipari said.

Finally, he smiled and said, “It was a joke. Come on, you guys at Duke can’t you take a joke. Just kidding.”


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