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Kentucky basketball calendar makes a perfect gift for any UK basketball fan

By RENE CORNETTE John Spalding’s love for calendars began at an early age when his parents gave him a new UK wall calendar every year for Christmas. Spalding always believed he could do a better job than the company who made the UK wall calendar. It was that belief and love for all things UK …

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2013 Kentucky Basketball Calendar has information to make perfect gift for any UK fan

By LARRY VAUGHT If you are looking for a Christmas gift for any University of Kentucky basketball fan, the 2013 Kentucky Basketball Calendar is for you. Once again, it is available at various retail outlets across the state or you can find more information in a rotating ad on the top left of the vaughtsviews.com …

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UK fan Megan Dills said UK-Indiana series over, but proud to be a Wildcat fan and proud of championship team

By LARRY VAUGHT Now that the Kentucky-Indiana basketball series is over — at least for two years — I wondered what UK fan Megan Dills thought of the rivarly going away. You remember Dills. She is the Playboy model — and die-hard UK fan — who was in Bloomington when the Hoosiers beat No. 1 …

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Kentucky fan Megan Dills remembers Indiana fiasco, wants Cats “to smoke” Hoosiers Friday

By LARRY VAUGHT When Megan Dills went to Bloomington, Ind., to watch her favorite team, Kentucky, play basketball in December, she never envisioned how that game would impact her life. She was knocked down when Indiana fans stormed the court after the 73-72 victory and injured her ankle so severely that it caused her to miss …

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Look who showed up to visit Larry at Rupp today!

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Playboy model, UK fan Megan Dills holding design contest for Kentucky blue swimsuit to benefit cancer research

By LARRY VAUGHT Megan Dills wants to combine her love for University of Kentucky basketball with a way to help cancer research in honor the memory of her father, Carl Dills. “I am holding a design contest for a swimsuit,” said Dills, a UK fan from Grant County and a Playboy model. “The suit will …

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Kentucky fan was “scared to death” at end of UK-Indiana game, suffered ankle injury

By LARRY VAUGHT She describes herself as a “die-hard Kentucky fan” and says not much can intimidate her. However, Megan Dills admits she did feel a bit overwhelmed at Indiana’s Assembly Hall Saturday when the Hoosiers beat UK 73-72 and she was knocked down when the crowd rushed the floor after the game. “I was …

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