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Kevin Stallings on UK: “There is just nothing that they are not doing well”

By LARRY VAUGHT Veteran Southeastern Conference coach Kevin Stallings of Vanderbilt knows what his team will be facing at No. 1 Kentucky Tuesday night. “Their defense is perhaps as good as I have ever seen,” said Stallings Monday on the SEC coaches teleconference. “I think if you allow your mojo to be defined by one …

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SEC coaches understand importance of Kentucky’s quest for unbeaten season

By LARRY VAUGHT From LSU coach Johnny Jones’ perspective, Kentucky’s quest for an unbeaten regular season under coach John Calipari — something that has not happened since 1976 — is “great” for the Southeastern Conference. “I think Cal has done a tremendous job building a program and great identity not just for Kentucky but for …

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Vandy coach Kevin Stallings praises forward-thinking ideas that John Calipari has

By LARRY VAUGHT CHARLOTTE — Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings says Southeastern Conference teams have to find a way to catch up to what coaches John Calipari of Kentucky and Billy Donovan of Florida are doing with their programs. Botht teams made the Final Four last year on what was supposed to be a down year …

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Kevin Stallings says every SEC team “would love to have Kentucky” as permanent foe

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings says any team in the SEC would like to have Kentucky as a permanent opponent when the league expands to three permanent SEC opponents in 2015-16. On the increase from one to three “permanent” SEC opponents in 2015-16: Stallings: “It seems like there’s still some ironing out of the scheduling format to …

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Stallings doesn’t feel “hopeless” against “big, athletic, physical” UK

By LARRY VAUGHT What does Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings think of Kentucky going into Saturday’s game on CBS-TV? “They are big, athletic, physical, talented. Looks like ethey are playing well to me right now. This is a very talented Kentucky team and I think they’ll be in the race the whole time. I think they …

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Nashville glad to have SEC tournament, knows UK fans will come

By LARRY VAUGHT BIRMINGHAM — Scott Ramey, president of the Nashville Sports Council, is delighted that Nashville will host the SEC Tournament nine of the next 12 years and knows UK fans are probably just as happy. “Kentucky’s fan base obviously is very close and has a great affinity for Music City as we do …

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Stallings on Calipari recruiting: “They get it done”

By LARRY VAUGHT Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings has no problem admitting he is “jealous” of the way Kentucky coach John Calipari, who added six McDonald’s All-Americans to UK’s roster this season, can recruit. “They get it done that way. Our deal is different obviously (at Vanderbilt). Our program is not going to be constructed that …

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Stallings says Vandy not afraid of UK/fans but says Cats have “earned right” to be everybody’s rival because of success

By LARRY VAUGHT NASHVILLE — Kedren Johnson says Kentucky-Vanderbilt is really not a rivalry, but the Vandy sophomore says the games are always fun. “It’s just a good environment for basketball. Even before I got here, the fans got into it,” said Johnson after scoring 13 points Thursday to help the Commodores beat Arkansas 75-72 in …

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