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C.M. Newton on John Calipari and Rick Pitino

By LARRY VAUGHT BIRMINGHAM — Former Kentucky athletics director C.M. Newton still does consulting work and was at the Southeastern Conference Media Days. Newton, who coached at Alabama and Vanderbilt, hired Rick Pitino at UK and also knows current Kentucky coach John Calipari because his son, Martin, worked for Calipari at UK before leaving to become …

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Nerlens Noel on Louisville, Gorgui Dieng and being an underdog Saturday

Nerlens Noel talks about playing Louisville By LARRY VAUGHT Here is what Kentucky freshman center Nerlens Noel had to say today about Saturday’s game at Louisville. On what he has heard about the game … “I’ve felt for a few years back now that it’s a big rivalry in the state of Kentucky.” On Gorgui …

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Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy not sure UK can handle Louisville pressure or zone

By LARRY VAUGHT He doesn’t really think Kentucky can win at Louisville Saturday, but Sporting News college basketball columnist Mike DeCourcy knows pregame assumptions often can be wrong. The logic is that Louisville is just too experienced and deep for Kentucky this year, especially playing at home as it will be Saturday when it tried …

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Jennifer Palumbo only media member to pick Kentucky to beat Louisville

Question: Who do you think wins the Kentucky-Louisville game Saturday and why? Mary Jo Perino, WLEX-TV: “Louisville. They are the better team.” Tom Leach, Leach Report and UK Radio Network: “With so many factors working in its favor, Louisville should win at this point in the season, especially with the homecourt advantage.   But I’m also confident Kentucky’s …

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Media members sound off on chances for Cats and Cards to both make Final Four again

Question: What are the chances both Kentucky and Louisville could make the Final Four again this year? Mark Buerger, WLAP Sunday Morning Sports: “Somewhere close to zero. I think there’s a decent chance that neither one does. Louisville has trouble scoring from time to time. I think that could ruin them come tournament time. Kentucky …

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Media members feel Louisville will have more pressure to win Saturday against Kentucky

Question: Which team has the most pressure on it to win this year? Tom Leach, Leach Report and UK Radio Network: “ Louisville.  They’re going to be favored and with such a big experience edge and the homecourt, they have more things working in their favor than at any other time in Cal’s time at Kentucky.” Larry …

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