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Kentucky assistant coaches Kenny Payne, John Robic get multi-year contract extensions

Kentucky’s men’s basketball assistant coaches Kenny Payne and John Robic have signed new multi-year extensions with the University of Kentucky, UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and head coach John Calipari announced on Wednesday. Payne, who has been with the team for four seasons, signed a new two-year deal worth $500,000 annually plus incentives and was …

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UK coach John Calipari says “winning matters” when it comes to NBA draft

By LARRY VAUGHT One thing Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne constantly tells John Calipari is that NBA teams, just like teams at any level, want players who win. “Kenny Payne says this all the time: You guys don’t understand, people want winning players. So winning matters. It does. If our team had gotten in the …

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John Calipari has assigned assistants to monitor players’ minutes in games

By LARRY VAUGHT Remember a few games ago when Kentucky coach John Calipari said he had players playing too many minutes because they would not take themselves out of game. Apparently, the UK coach has found a way to solve that problem — and it’s not him just taking a player out. “We even got …

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UK assistant Kenny Payne says there is “so much more” James Young can do to help UK

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne has been trying to convince freshman James Young to think more than 3-point shooting. “But James Young is 6-7, a great jump-shot shooter. If he ball fakes and gets in the lane, he can make one-dribble pull-ups, he can get fouled and go to the free-throw line,” …

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Kenny Payne still believes UK could be “scary” this season

By LARRY VAUGHT As much as Kenny Payne would like to say that Kentucky is close to having everyone click in the same game, the UK assistant coach says he can’t say that. “Until we do it once, it’s hard to say. If this team ever gets five or six of these guys playing great …

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Cauley-Stein can’t talk about play of others because “mine hasn’t been there for weeks”

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne thinks Willie Cauley-Stein’s inconsistent play in Southeastern Conference games is mainly “mental” and something he hopes will change soon. “Willie’s a very, very talented player, as we all know. There are games where he comes out and gets 16 (points), six blocks and six rebounds, and then …

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Kenny Payne says Jon Hood one of “our most prominent leaders, best leaders”

By LARRY VAUGHT Just in case anyone was not sure, Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne pointed out today how valuable senior Jon Hood had been this season despite his limited playing time. “I would say Jon Hood has been one of our most prominent leaders, best leaders. He’s one of the most energetic guys in …

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UK assistant coach Kenny Payne knows adjustments Cats must make, especially on defense, to avoid being “up and down”

By LARRY VAUGHT Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne  said fans shouldn’t wonder if the players are “tired of losing” yet or not. “None of these kids want to lose. They have never lost before. They just don’t fully understand how good mid major programs are and good the major programs are,” Payne said while filling …

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