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Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 7.35.16 PMBy CHRISTIE HORAN

The excitement from UKDT continues! We’ve dedicated a theme to each of our practices to keep the environment even more fun and upbeat. Some of our themes include Spirit Day, Beach Day, Jungle Day, America Day, Neon Day, Old School Hip Hop Day, and Throwback Thursday. UKDT posted the theme pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you’d like to check out our outfits!

Along with practices this week, the UKDT Nationals teams have started performing the Pom and Hip Hop routines at events. We performed at the UK Women’s Basketball game this past week, the UK Gymnastic Excite Night, Henry Clay Cheer Showcase, and also a cheerleading competition hosted at EKU.

Saturday’s crowd at EKU was phenomenal. Cheerleaders are definitely the best type of crowd to dance for! The performances really encourage our excitement for Nationals and send our energy through the roof for the crowd.

We leave for Orlando this upcoming Friday, January 17. We’re so incredibly excited for UDA Nationals and we’re ready to show everyone what we’ve been working on! UDA Nationals is on January 18 and 19. The first day consists of semifinals and the finalists perform the next day. We’ve grown stronger and closer as a team the last three weeks, practicing, performing, and encouraging each other every day. This next week we’ll continue practices and performances to make the routines even better.

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 7.34.43 PMToday we perform at the UK Women’s Basketball game in Memorial Coliseum. Directly after the basketball game is our Nationals Preview at 7:30 p.m.

We encourage all UK fans or dance lovers to attend! It’s such a fun event for us dancers. We’d love to see you there!

Thank you BBN for all your encouragement and support!!


Christie Horan photo submitted.

Christie Horan photo submitted.

Hello BBN!

It’s Nationals season again for the University of Kentucky Dancers and Cheerleaders!! The UK dance team has been hard at work practicing our two routines for Nationals non-stop since the beginning of December. Our main focus during December and January, besides bringing BBN spirit and entertainment at basketball games, is to perfect both our Pom and Hip Hop routines for the 2014 UDA College Nationals competition, hosted in Orlando, FL at Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports on January 18-19.

Although most of our nationals practices begin in November, we learned choreography in August. If you read my nationals blog last year, you have an idea about UKDT’s progress and success at Nationals, and if not please tune in this year!

UKDT has seven more practices and five more performances until we fly to Orlando for the big competition! We’ve worked hard as a team and committed long hours to making our Nationals dances as perfect as possible. Dancers are all about precision and execution!! We will use these last practices to fine tune each move and work on our stamina. Each dance is a two-minute routine jam packed with high energy, and challenging choreography and technique. UKDT excels at our high-energy performance quality and showmanship. We love to dance and we hope the audience can tell through our performances!

This UKDT 2014 Nationals team is one-of-a-kind. We are determined to bring home a dance team championship to the University of Kentucky. As a team, we believe this is possible with hard work, positivity, team work, full hearts, and determination.

UKDT’s Nationals Preview is Sunday, January 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Coliseum after the Women’s Basketball game. Please attend to cheer us on and lift our spirits before we compete at Nationals!!

Until next time, GO CATS!!

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Kentucky dance team member Christie Horan has been a great friend for — remember she blogged about the national competition last year.

If you want to know even more about the dance team, check out University of Kentucky Dance Team on Facebook or @KentuckyDance on Twitter. You can also find information on  Instagram: ukdanceteam.

As you enjoy the slide show of dance team photos by Vicky Graff, here’s a bit about the dancers and what lies ahead thanks to Horan.

Question: How has the dance team season been going and how do you feel about what lies ahead for the team?
Horan: “The dance team season is going great this year! We’ve been working really hard since the 2013-2014 team was decided back in May to perform outstandingly at every game, performance, and appearance thus far. I proudly say I think we’ve done just that. We’ve had amazing feedback this year and we hope to continue to go above and beyond the BBN’s expectations. UDA Nationals is approaching in January so that is our next big focus. UKDT is looking to bring home dance national championships! BBN should expect to see more fun, high-energy and entertaining game performances for the rest of the football and basketball seasons.”
Question: For folks interested, when will the dance team calendar/poster be coming out and how can they get one?
Horan: “The UK dance team 12-month calendar will be available for sale in late November/early December. Every UK fan should buy one!! The calendar makes for a great holiday gift if you’re looking for one! The calendars are $10 and can be bought through a UK dancer or through our Facebook page. UK Dance Team posters are also available. Please express interest through our Facebook page or Twitter page.”
Question: How much fun do you anticipate basketball season being?
Horan: “Basketball season is going to be SOOO MUCH FUN!! Starting with this year’s Big Blue Madness and continuing through the first couple games, I’ve had the most fun on the court this year! The basketball team is going to be absolutely phenomenal this year. I’m so incredibly happy I can be apart of something as great as UK Basketball. I’m looking forward to another great season!”


Thank you to everyone for all of your support and interest in the UK dance team during UDA Nationals 2013. We are truly blessed to have such a great support system back home!! This Nationals was absolutely my favorite of the three I have competed at with Kentucky Dance Team. This team was something else and the experiences we had together were completely amazing! I’m sure most of you all heard we received 8th place for our Pom routine and 6th place for our Hip Hop routine!! TOP 10 in the nation!! I think that’s pretty amazing!! We put in such hard work this season and it definitely paid off. The competition this season in both divisions was extremely tough. Teams really brought their A-game this season with great intensity and amazing choreography. The most flattering part of the competition was hearing other teams talk about how amazing Kentucky was this year and how we really brought it. I’m completely honored to be apart of something as great as Kentucky Dance.

Finals morning was a whirlwind. FInals was Sunday and we were to compete in Hip Hop first and then Pom later on. We woke up, put our costumes on, got prepared and took a bus over to the HP Field House. We headed backstage to warm up before going onto the floor. Shortly after a couple of run-throughs, one of our teammates suffered an injury. My coach called in our alternate, Morgan, and she came running to the warm-up area, hopped right into place, warmed up her tricks, and headed backstage with the team. Luckily, she knew the spot she was taking over! It was truly amazing. Our team kept calm and knew everything was going to be alright. We waiting backstage for a couple more teams to perform and then took the stage. UKDT ran out of the UDA castle with confidence and determination to nail our Hip Hop dance. We danced with the best of our ability and left everything on the floor!! Our coaches ran backstage after the performance to congratulate us and celebrate about how great of a performance we gave. We were so excited. When we were through watching the replay backstage, we walked back to the venue. To our surprise we were greeted in a Catwalk by all of our UK Cheerleaders clapping and cheering us on. It was truly one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. We hugged and thanked them so much for coming to support us. It was an emotional time.

The day wasn’t over yet. We still had to get our minds right to perform Pom. We went back to the hotel, relaxed a little, and then got back in the zone to perform. We stretched and warmed up just like we did Hip Hop. This was our last performance of the competition and we were ready to dance with all that we had left. Backstage we huddled up, got each other pumped up, and then took the UDA finals stage once again. We performed as a team and cheered each other on as we danced! Once again,  it was a great feeling as we ran off that stage! We watched the replay on the screen and were extremely proud of our performance!

photo3I absolutely love my team and I’m so proud of us this year! Earning top 10 in the nation is especially something to be proud of! Especially with the amount of competition we are up against. We devote our time to Kentucky dance because we love it. We love our teammates and the bond we share, our coaches, the University and sports, and especially getting the opportunity to enjoy dancing on the collegiate level.

Performing at nationals this year was especially important to me because I suffered an injury in the beginning of the school year. In August I broke my ankle. On August 30 I had to get surgery to properly heal my ankle. I have a plate and six screws in my right ankle. I was out of dance a total of three and half months, missing football season, Big Blue Madness, the beginning of basketball season, and a lot of performances and opportunities to dance. I attended every dance practice and performance while I was injured. I was on crutches for two months in a splint and cast, a boot for a while and eventually started walking on my own again in the middle of November. I attended physical therapy twice a week in November and eventually was officially cleared to dance again December 5. It was one of the best days of my life. I was FINALLY able to do what I loved again–it was a long time coming. From there I worked extremely hard to get back to where I was before my injury. Nationals practices were picking up and once finals ended they were every day. I was able to quickly pick skills back up–turning, jumping, and doing tricks again. I kept my eyes on the prize and focused primarily on what I wanted–to dance in both Hip Hop and Pom at UDA Nationals 2013. I was originally only performing in Hip Hop for Nationals and worked my way from not being in Pom, to being an alternate, to eventually being placed in the formation. With determination, persistence, and the will to keep going I was able to accomplish my goals. Looking back at my journey, it is truly amazing and humbling to know I could do it. You really can do whatever you put your mind to. Because of this personal accomplishment, performing at Nationals and UKDT’s placement at Nationals means so much to me.

Thank you for following my version of UKDT’s journey at UDA Nationals 2013. Now you have a little more insight into the lives, performances, and practices of the UK Dance Team. Thank you for BBN’s support throughout Nationals! Thank you to my team, coaches, parents, fans, and more! Special thanks to the UK Cheerleaders for being our biggest fans this season and supporting us at every performance. Congratulations to the UK Cheerleaders for placing second at UCA Nationals 2013!! Their routine was one of a kind!!

If you are interested in watching UDA/UCA Nationals you can watch the Championship Coverage at Just type Kentucky in the search bar! UKDT is also performing its Hip Hop routine at the UK vs. LSU game this Saturday, January 26.

Until next year!!


photo by Victoria Graff

photo by Victoria Graff


Thank you everyone for all the fabulous support and feedback and positive thoughts!! UKDT has officially made it through to both Pom and Hip Hop finals!! We are so pumped and so excited to dance even harder tomorrow!

With the excitement of making it into Pom finals and determination to make it through to Hip Hop finals, we were ready to impress everyone with our great Hip Hop routine. We performed 26th out of 26 teams and decided to use that to our advantage–saving the best for last! As we were backstage getting ready to take the floor, we could hear the cheerleaders cheering GO BIG BLUE!! That pumped us up even more! We took the floor with confidence and danced with all our hearts. We hit a  hard, clean, crazy routine, leaving everything on the floor!! We were proud of how we danced and so were Dawn and Andrea, our amazing coaches. Our choreographer Julie was there to watch and was extremely proud of us as well!

A little while later UDA announced the list of teams who made it into finals. There were 13 teams called in no particular order. Our name was the last one called! We were so nervous but once we heard University of Kentucky we erupted in cheers!

After prelims we were able to relax a little and take a trip to the Magic Kingdom. We rode the merry-go-round to past time before dinner (space mountain’s line was too long) and ate at Liberty Hall. UKDT had so much fun, telling jokes and making each other laugh. We get along so well and always have fun every where we go!! My team is awesome.

Tomorrow we perform Hip Hop around 12pm and Pom around 4pm in the HP Field House at the Wide World of Sports. We can’t wait to run out of the castle and dance even better than we did today!

The Kentucky cheerleaders will advance into finals tomorrow!! They performed tonight as well and delivered a phenomenal performance!! UKDT would like to give a HUGE thank you to the cheerleaders for coming to support us and cheer us on today!! It truly helped us perform even better. We can’t wait to cheer them on and support them at finals tomorrow!

Thank you for keeping up with the Kentucky Dance Team! I can’t wait to update BBN tomorrow with our final results!!


Good morning from Orlando!


We touched down in Disney. Yesterday we headed to the ESPN Wide World of Sports where we practiced at the Josten’s center. We had a great practice! We practiced with confidence and even got a few impressed looks from the other teams.

This morning we woke up at 5:30am and got ready to perform Pom at prelims. We performed at 8:54!! We felt the energy from the team and from the crowd as well. We did great and everything hit with room for it to be even better tomorrow.

Right now were waiting to hear the order for finals tomorrow. We can’t wait to perform hip hop later on around 3. Wish us luck!!


For more instant updates please follow @KentuckyDance on Twitter and like University of Kentucky Dance Team on Facebook!!

By Christina Horan

Hi BBN!!

It’s the night before we head to UDA Nationals and I’m incredibly excited!! I just finished getting ready for the weekend and packing my suitcases. UKDT will board a plane in Cincinnati tomorrow morning and land in Orlando early in the afternoon. We had our last performance at the UK Hoops game tonight and our last practice shortly after. Both Pom and Hip Hop teams are confident and ready to compete!

I wanted to take this blog to say a huge THANK YOU to our coaches Dawn Walters and Andrea Masters! You each put an enormous amount of your time, energy, and heart into our team and it is truly appreciated! More than you know. Every bit of coaching, running practices, mixing music, searching for and ordering costumes, watching hours of video, reviewing hours of film, cleaning dances, choreographing dances, creating spirit videos, updating Facebook, traveling, and much, much more mean so much to us! Thank you!! We couldn’t ask for better coaches!

Thank you to the University for allowing for us to participate and compete in such a prestigious and special event.

UKDT is more than ready for Nationals this year. We can’t wait for all of our hard work to pay off! I’ll be blogging more updates, stories, and pictures throughout the weekend.


I’m so excited to keep you updated about our UK dance team’s upcoming trip to nationals! Today is a big day because it is our nationals send off. We are performing our nationals Pom and Hip Hop routines at Memorial Coliseum at 6:30pm today (Jan. 13)!!
Please come out to Memorial today to cheer us on and support UK dance team  before we fly out to Orlando! We appreciate all the crowd support we can get :)

Thanks a lot and GO CATS!

Larry with Dance Team members Lindsey and Christie.

Larry with Dance Team members Lindsey Buehner (left) and Christie Horan.

Vaught’s note: Christie Horan is a UK dance team member who will be competing for a national championship next weekend in Orlando. She’s going to blog most days for us starting Sunday about the competition, experience and other things to give us some insights on what the competition is all about. Enjoy what this talented junior has to share. And she has been part of the blog header (lower right hand corner) since attending the 2011 Ohio Kentucky Convention with Lindsey Buehner.


I am a junior at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Marketing and Integrated Strategic Communications. I’m from Cincinnati, OH and was drawn to UK for its southern appeal, love of sports, campus, and its Wildcat pride and spirit. This is my third year on the UK dance team and my third year attending UDA College Nationals. I’ve had a passion for dancing and performing in front of a crowd since I was a little girl. I wanted to continue that passion and take my dancing to a collegiate level at the University of Kentucky.

 The UK dance team started competing at Universal Dance Alliance (UDA) Nationals in 2009. UDA College Nationals takes place each year in Orlando, Fla. at Disney World’s Wide World of Sports on the third weekend of January. It is broadcasted on ESPN at a later date. Kentucky is known for competing in the division IA Pom and Hip Hop categories, placing within the top ten each year. We prepare for UDA Nationals each year with hard work, determination, devotion to our team, and the love for dance. This year our team is especially strong, physically and mentally, in both categories. We’ve worked really hard and devoted many hours to both routines, hoping to place within the top five teams of each category. (The top five teams in each category receive paid bids to attend UDA nationals the following year.)  Our ultimate goal is to bring a national championship to Kentucky!
We have been preparing for nationals since September of 2012 and started practicing for Nationals consistently since November. We dedicate our winter break to preparing for Nationals, practicing each day for several hours and dedicating an equal amount of time to each routine. Compared to previous years, I believe this team has a special bond and has worked extra hard to do well at Nationals this year. We have an amazing amount of talent on the Nationals teams and work incredibly well together. We’ve kept our eyes on the prize and continue to grow stronger each day. There are 16 girls in each routine and 11 girls dancing in both routines.
I’m really looking forward to blogging about Nationals and sharing with readers the emotions, adventures and events we go through while competing in Orlando. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with others and am really looking forward to the opportunity to do so. Those of the Big Blue Nation who follow the dance team or are interested in finding out more about what we do will appreciate the blog or even those just interested in keeping up with Kentucky Athletics. I will do my best to keep readers updated about practices, our travel adventures, before and after each performance, and especially the dance teams results. I hope everyone has as much fun keeping up with us that I do during the trip!

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