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SEC coaches understand importance of Kentucky’s quest for unbeaten season

By LARRY VAUGHT From LSU coach Johnny Jones’ perspective, Kentucky’s quest for an unbeaten regular season under coach John Calipari — something that has not happened since 1976 — is “great” for the Southeastern Conference. “I think Cal has done a tremendous job building a program and great identity not just for Kentucky but for …

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Bruce Pearl thinks raising NBA age limit would be “perfect adjustment”

By LARRY VAUGHT New Auburn coach Bruce Pearl has his own thoughts on the NBA increasing the minimum age requirement for players to be drafted — which could have a huge impact on UK if the age limit is raised. “I think the NBA game would be better. Too many guys have gone early, gotten …

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South Carolina coach Frank Martin calls it “disrespectful” to coaches to call SEC a weak league

South Carolina coach Frank Martin didn’t mince words when asked about the strength of the SEC on the SEC teleconference Monday. “I’m tired of this (fallacy) and myth that our league is no good. I’m tired of it. I think it’s disrespectful to the coaches in this league. I think anytime you try to convince …

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ESPN analyst Bruce Pearl does not buy theory that Goodwin can be selfish

By LARRY VAUGHT When Kentucky freshman Archie Goodwin is good, he’s very good. When he’s not good, he can sometimes frustrate UK fans perhaps more than any current player. “He struggled today. He was a little bit out of control, playing too fast,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said after Tuesday’s win over Tennessee. “We are …

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Pearl says Harrow key for UK in SEC play and that Cats could make history in NCAA tourney

By LARRY VAUGHT Even though he still believes Florida will win the SEC, ESPN analyst Bruce Pearl doesn’t see the Gators as unbeatable because of the “offensive weaponry” they have lost the last few years. “This is one of best defensive teams that (coach) Billy Donovan has had. But there is not one single guaranteed …

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Bruce Pearl enjoyed watching UK championship team as much as any team he has ever seen

By LARRY VAUGHT Former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl thought Kentucky’s home-court win streak would end this year and said so in October. Yet the current ESPN college basketball analyst thought it would likely be Florida or Missouri, not Baylor, that gave UK coach John Calipari his first Rupp Arena  loss. “I actually thought Kentucky might …

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ESPN analyst Bruce Pearl picks UK to win SEC but warns that Rupp Arena loss could happen this season

By LARRY VAUGHT Former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl thinks Missouri, Florida and Tennessee could all be good enough to beat Kentucky in Southeastern Conference play this year. However, he still has no doubts that the Wildcats will be the league’s best overall team. “They are so talented, so deep and John Calipari does the best …

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ESPN analyst Bruce Pearl says Calipari working harder than ever and is even better coach now than before

By LARRY VAUGHT Former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl, who is now an analyst with ESPN, says there’s no way to truly appreciate the way coach John Calipari has recruited at UK. Kentucky could be in line to have a fifth straight No. 1-ranked recruiting class under Calipari. “It’s hard to predict something like that could …

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