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How do former players feel about Stoops’ recruiting and impact it will have on 2014 season?

By LARRY VAUGHT Question: What are your feelings about UK’s recruiting efforts and how will this 2014 class impact next season? Jacob Tamme: “I think the recruiting efforts have been really mind blowing the way they are putting this class together and I think the impact should be felt in the next two-three years. I …

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What has impressed former players the most about UK coach Mark Stoops and his staff?

By LARRY VAUGHT Jacob Tamme had “very realistic expectations” about Mark Stoops’ first year as Kentucky’s head coach and despite UK’s 2-7 record going into Saturday’s game at Vanderbilt, Tamme says he likes what he has seen. “If anything I’m even more optimistic because of the way our young guys are playing and the fight …

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Despite record, former players pleased with progress Stoops is making at Kentucky

By LARRY VAUGHT Despite Kentucky’s 1-6 record going into Saturday night’s game against Alabama State, five former Wildcats all can see progress being made under first-year coach Mark Stoops. “This coaching staff has focused on improvement and maximized effort with current roster,” former UK quarterback Freddie Maggard said. “Can you imagine the result if the …

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Father says it will be hard for Drew Barker to “disappoint” coaches

By LARRY VAUGHT Terry Barker remembers the first time his son, Conner quarterback Drew Barker, went to UK to see new coach Mark Stoops. They walked into the football facilities and Barker’s father said “every coach was standing at the door waiting to greet us.” He said he would never forget that. “As the saying goes, …

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Former Cat Andy Murray on Drew Barker: “He is a lock (for UK) in my opinion. Kid is a blue blood.”

By LARRY VAUGHT Andy Murray was a fierce competitor when he played fullback at the University of Kentucky and remains a hard-core UK fan. That’s why he’s become a huge Mark Stoops’ fan already and believes that Conner quarterback Drew Barker will pick the Wildcats over South Carolina and Tennessee Friday when he announces his college …

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Former players agree adding Brown shows that Kentucky will make more of a financial commitment to football

By LARRY VAUGHT Bringing former Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown to Kentucky to run the offense for new coach Mark Stoops certainly seems to have pleased UK fans, but the move has been just as popular with former players. “I can’t think of anything that has gone over bigger,” said former UK quarterback Freddie Maggard of …

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Former players think excitement at all time high for Kentucky football

By LARRY VAUGHT I asked former University of Kentucky football players Derek Abney, Freddie Maggard, Jason Todd, Andy Murray and Dave Hopewell a series of questions about Kentucky football. This is the first of a series of posts over the next few days with their answers. Question: Do you remember a time when there was …

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Former Wildcats on excitement of hiring Stoops and what it could mean to fan base

By LARRY VAUGHT Former Kentucky All-American receiver Derek Abney says he can’t remember being so excited about UK football as he was Tuesday when Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops was named the team’s new coach. “It’s just amazing. I can’t wait to see who the offensive coordinator is going to be,” said Abney, who …

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