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Stoops won’t accept losing, but he can see progress being made


It’s not easy for any coach to find a silver lining when his team loses. It’s just not the way coaches are, and certainly Mark Stoops is no different.

However, the Kentucky coach did acknowledge after Saturday’s game that UK was improving.

“We made some steps.  Like I told the team, we’re never going to accept losing and all that.  I could give that whole same speech and everything like that,” Stoops said. ” It’s hard for me to say that.  When you look at it, it’s all said and done, there were probably a bunch of yards in there.  But we had a bunch of stops against a very good team.  I think there were five or six stops against a very good team.

“We have to continue to fight, finish, learn how to win, make plays when the game’s on the line, so…”

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  1. Anonymous

    Four word killers: turnovers and dropped balls.

    Until our D ran down (due to early lack of offense) we played an excellent UofL team near even. Bodes well in such a tough loss. Great game compared to what I expected.

  2. Larry Pup

    Progress was made against the Cards. It was a tough loss to that bunch, but UK is improving. It will take time and patience with this young team. No excuses however for receivers dropping balls that should have been caught, just make a play. In time, with this offense, UK will be hard to handle. Help is also on the way in 2014. I am proud of our guys. They fought hard. Jo Jo Kemp is a stud, give him the ball coach!

  3. Little Baron

    Ditto, Larry Pup.

    Progress & lots of promise with the 1st year (@ UK) players.

    Someone needs to step up & catch passes! 8 drops = pathetic.

  4. Little Baron

    Ditto, Larry Pup.

    Progress & lots of promise with the 1st year (@ UK) players.

    Someone needs to step up & catch passes! 8 drops = pathetic.

  5. Andy

    Agree with Jojo getting more touches as should Timmons. These guys can be complete running backs.

  6. Georgia Blue

    Can’t wait to see how we line up against some SEC TEAMS. These next 3 games will be good for the young talent to see how real smash mouth football is played. Florida , Alabama and South Carolina are going to run the ball. All three Play good Defense and it will be great to see how our young talent take up the Challenge. They will see speed at every position on Defense. The game will be a much faster than the previously three games.

  7. Mike

    Agree that the 3 coming SEC games will be a true test for us. Don’t expect any victories, but it would be nice if we could take care of UF. If we can just keep getting better and stay competitive and avoid blowouts, I think that would be about what we can expect.

  8. krautdog

    I’m just thrilled to see an exciting team. The boredom of Joker’s repetitious, predictable offense and porous defense is history. This was one of the most entertaining games in the Governors Cup series that I’ve seen and I’ve watched or witnessed most of them. Keep up the great work Mark and Neal!

  9. Wildcatvaughn

    We very well could have won that game yesterday, had it not been for dropped, passes, and turnovers, and by the way why are we saving Towles, the 2 qbs we have are not sec, caliber qbs. jmo

  10. Anonymous

    Some of you guys need to quit your day jobs and get into coaching because you all evidently know more than these current coaches. Towles may be the answer, but he didn’t prove it in the spring or fall camps. Hell, I heard Reese did as good as any of them. How about just giving these coaches and players support right now, and let them coach their team. This is not their first rodeos.

  11. Anonymous

    Some of you guys need to quit your day jobs and get into coaching because evidently you know more than these current coaches. Towles may indeed get a shot if he don’t red shirt, but he didn’t win the position in the spring or fall camps. Hell, I heard Reese did as well as any of the QB’s. You can’t put all the blame on the QB’s anyway when UK receivers drop balls that should have been caught. Why don’t you just be patient and support these players and coaches and see where this thing goes. UK is headed in the right direction thanks to Stoops. And let me add, this is not the first college football season these coaches have coached in. They are qualified to make the choices for who plays.

  12. Andy

    Towles has the arm but did he have the decision making skills that set him behind? If Whitlow does get hurt, it will be either him or Philips. Question lies as in who is the more accurate passer? Whitlow seems to not be confident in his passing ability imo and Max’s shoulder will always be a cause of concern if he gets hit.

  13. Alex

    On the QB situation. Two coaching staffs pretty much saw it the same way. They announced their 1 and 2 QB before the WKU game. The QBs were given 5 weeks of heavy head to head competition. Never see anyone complaining about Smith, Whitlow, or Phillips. True UK fans know about players and what they did in high school, camps, etc. We don’t need every article to repeatedly tell us the same thing over and over about what players did in the past, or directly or indirectly criticize our current QBs. Let the coaches coach and let the players play!

  14. Ira

    Our D came to play and has improved from game to game. Our offense didn’t produce this game with dropped passes turn overs in the red zone and penalties. Get this cleaned up and the way our D is playing we can challenge any SEC team. Can we beat all of them, no but we will more than a few problems and for the teams on our back end of our schedule yes we can beat those.

    I’m just worried about our QB, if Smith goes down again Whitlow didn’t look like a real good #2 backup. We may have to get Reese Phillips snaps with the 1 team.

  15. AndyP

    We’re three games in and there’s no doubt that Mark Stoops is a football coach. You can see dramatic improvement every time the defense takes the field. There’s just so much you can do on offense when you really don’t have a competent QB.

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