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Stoops updates injury report on Timmons, Miller, Willis, Pascal, Mitchell

Question: What’s the rundown of some of those guys who have been injuryed?

STOOPS:  “Yeah, we’re banged up.  It looks like we should be better, I think, (Ryan) Timmons should be better, no setbacks.  He only played four or five plays.  Darrian (Miller) should be back this week.  Nate Willis, I think, his knee, I don’t think he’ll be able to play.  The rest of the guys I think we’re just banged up.  We should be getting better.”


Question:  What about  linebacker TraVaughn Pascal?

STOOPS:  “TraVaughn is doubtful (for Georgia Saturday).  The rest of them we’ll have to see.  But yeah, TraVaughn doesn’t look good.”


Question: Was it an ankle or something for Darrian?

STOOPS:  “Just banged up with a knee.”


Question: What about Kevin Mitchell?

STOOPS:  Yeah, he’s banged up, but he should be back, as well. He’s been beat up.  It’s tough, as you all know, playing in this league.  He’s fought through it.  I thought Kevin did some really good things.  There was one series maybe he was beat up on this past game where he didn’t play very good, but the rest of the time he really had a pretty strong game.  That’s a case where, again, we need to continue to develop some guys and be able to get some rest here and there”


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  1. TT

    I am proud of our Cats! We appreciate your effort and dedication.
    It will pay off the next two games and especially next year.
    Good Times are coming !!

  2. Larry Pup

    Need some healing power quick. UGA will be another heavy load for the CATS especially after their tough loss to Auburn. I don’t see how UK can do it. I hope I’m wrong. If the offense plays like it did against Vandy it will be ugly. Some of these CATS need to make some plays and put the ball in the end zone. Just go play football and have fun. Take some chances. GO CATS!!!!!

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