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UK football coach Mark Stoops understands that hiring Vince Marrow was a home run for Kentucky

Vince Marrow

Vince Marrow


This is part of a series with Kentucky head football coach Mark Stoops based on a recent interview with him that I hope will offer insights into his personality and philosophies that you have not read about before.

Question: Did you know immediately that you wanted Vince Marrow on your staff and did you expect him to have such a huge impact in recruiting this quick?
Stoops: “I did. I did. There were several guys, as you know, the hard part about the head coaching job sometimes is some of the people that you can’t hire because there are a lot of very qualified people out there. As I was putting it all together, right away Vince rang a bell with me and we talked.  A lot of the advice I received, both from my brother, people like Kevin Sumlin, my brother Bob, brother Mike, just people in the business that I really trust and are going to give me good information, told me to be very patient in that process. I saw that. I’ve been through it with Mike before. Things happen. Just like if Neal would have fell through, then you go on to the next guy and then all of a sudden the panic button hits sometimes with people. I really tried to be very thorough and very patient through that hiring process. But Vince, in hindsight, yeah, Vince was a home run.”

Did you think he would have such a huge impact on Ohio recruiting this quickly?
Stoops: “He’s surprising me a little bit, yeah. He really is. He’s really done a great job.”

Question: Why is Marrow having so much success in Ohio?
Stoops: “It’s his personality. He has a big, bodacious personality and he kind of has a great way about him where he can connect with the recruits, the parents and the coaches. He just has a great demeanor and a great way about him.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I believe this is a great staff.

  2. Ira

    I believe he is earning every cent of his paycheck and then some!

  3. Love SEC F-Ball

    Glad to have Coach Marrow – Great recruiter – Setting the bar for other coaches.

  4. Tcat

    No doubt this has been a home run hire, I just hope with every bit of my fan-dom that we can continue this type of recruiting even if we struggle and only win 4 games or so. Recruiting at a high level is hard enough for good teams, hopefully our staff can pull it off. I think the key really is targeting kids that are smart enough to understand if they really do want to be apart of something special and turn things around it’s going to take time.

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