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Stoops, UK want to reach out to family of Georgia high school player who died from football injury


Give Mark Stoops and the Kentucky football program credit for wanting to reach out to the family of Deantre Turman, the Georgia high school senior who died over the weekend from a football scrimmage injury. His first scholarship offer came from UK.

“Just like everybody else, just very sad to hear that news. That’s tragic, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, with his dad. We’re asking for some options (from the NCAA) on things that we’re allowed to do, whether we could just send – you know, we’re not normally allowed to mail an offer letter to somebody that age,” said Stoops.

“We’d like to do that. Maybe the father would like to have that as a memento. I think we were the first one to offer him, so we’re looking into some of those things that we’re allowed to do. We’re asking for a waiver in that situation where we could just send it and send some flowers and just let him know we’re thinking about him.”

Stoops said Turman came to his first camp at UK and that assistant coach Derrick Ansley was the UK coach who knew him best.

“Met him briefly and we offered him, and we were just getting started to recruit him for the next couple years,” Stoops said.

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  1. Theresa Crow

    It is a sad day when the NCAA has to give permission for a school/athletic department to be able to express condolences in the normal forms most people would not think twice about doing in this situation (flowers, sympathy cards, etc.). That should not require an inquiry. The offfer letter is almost just as silly because there is no advantage to be gained by issuing it posthumously.

  2. Larry Pup

    This is so sad. I like the offer letter idea. It means something. He was recruited by the “Kentucky Wildcats.” That is something his family can hold onto.

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