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UK coach Mark Stoops says substance — “I don’t have a silver tongue” — is why UK is successful in recruiting


LOUISVILLE — Here’s what UK coach Mark Stoops told the Jefferson County UK Alumni Club Friday about the importance of recruiting Louisville and signing Trinity’s Jason Hatcher in February after he had committed to USC.

“Well, we believe very strongly in what we’re doing. We’re not cocky or anything like that, but when you walk into a school — when we walk into Trinity — we want to let people know up here in Louisville that Kentucky is here and we’re not messing around,” Stoops said. “But with that, you have to have some substance, and that’s why we signed Jason Hatcher. Not because of the way we carried ourselves in that building, but because of the substance that would go behind it.

“People ask us, ‘Why? How? What are you doing here with this recruiting?’ Y’all can listen to me right now and you know I don’t have a sliver tongue, but it’s about substance. It’s about what we’re doing with our program. We bring them in and show them exactly what we’re doing. We wouldn’t have signed Jason Hatcher without genuinely recruiting him. We’ve had great success with defensive linemen at Florida State prior to being here, and we worked relentlessly to get that flipped.”

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  1. TheProfessor

    The power of a message lies in its simple truth.

  2. Larry Pup

    UK should never back away from recruiting Louisville hard. I like Coach’s recruiting method, it works. Never concede Louisville to UofL. Some great football players come out of Louisville HS’s. Need to keep them home and not allow the Big Ten and other schools to dominate state talent as has happened in the past.

  3. MikeF

    This Coaching staff has far exceeded my expectations for the recruits that have already signed and the list of committments. We are thin at the linebacker and wide receiver position and with Clemons out Kemp may be called on this year. As exciting as it is to observe this program now, I must be fair with this Coaching staff with the schedule we are playing this year. I realistically think anything over 4 wins is pure gravy. The BBN must be patient, however, I must admit, any victories over 4 would not shock me at all with how this staff is working and the positive attitude being instilled into our players. I am way more excited for Football season to start than I have ever been!!

  4. Anonymous

    LP -start with Alexander ( UA ) and “the golden ( ND – Heisman )….and on and on ….. it’s a perquisite… we’ll see. Pray.

  5. Anonymous

    LP, ( early cocktail hour may have pre-empted earlier entry ) – – you are dead on. How about Alexander ( UA all time rusher ? ), Golden Boy ( ND – Heisman ) it really is a prerequisite.
    Rick and Cal Bird played with All – American end Kestner – – anyone know how he is doing – – last thing I remember he played multiple positions with the 49’ers. What a combo.

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