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Stoops says Calipari has been “very supportive” of UK football


How does Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops get along with John Calipari and do they exchange recruiting tips since it seems like both never stop recruiting?

“We talk, not to that extent. I love being around him. He’s been very supportive,” Stoops said. ” (I’ve) gone over and had breakfast with him over at the lodge and just see their operation over there and how they’re doing things. He’s helped with recruits. He’s there. He’s made that very well-known. He’s there to help in any way.

“We’ve used him quite a bit, whether it be recruiting and different things. Certain kids we bring over to meet him. During our recruiting weekends when there was a home basketball game, each time he’s taken some time right before his game and come over and addressed our recruits real briefly. It’s been great.”

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  1. Ira

    You know what will be nice, down the road in the future, not saying today, or tomorrow, next year, Coach Cal brings his recruits to a football game because our program has risen that high. I know there will be no reason for him to do it, but would love to see the basketball team being able to use football as part of their recruiting efforts. Ie as part of the campus scene you get at UK. powerhouse football you can watch as a student athlete till their basketball season starts etc.

  2. Larry Pup

    UK has some great coaches right now. I wouldn’t trade a one. I think it is neat for our two head coaches to like and support each other. That is the way it should be. Both sports should compliment the other. I say this because there are athletes in high school who play both sports, and love both football and basketball. In college they usually have to settle on the one sport they excel in. But I can see where a great football player would love to have the opportunity to meet and know Coach Cal. Our Head football coach is doing a great job handling this program. He is very smart to use Cal on the recruiting stage. Cal is very supportive of our football team. I like it.

  3. Gene T.

    Ira, I see them doing it now

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