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Stoops on Whitlow: “There’s nothing major wrong with him” but status for Saturday still not certain


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Monday that “ everything has checked out OK to this point” on injured quarterback Jalen Whitlow going into Saturday night’s season-ending game against Tennessee..

Stoops said UK is still “working through” the starting quarterback’s status for the game.

“He’s gotten an MRI, went to a specialist. Everything seems fine at this point,” Stoops said Monday. “So we’ll see how he progresses through the week. There’s nothing major wrong with him, so hopefully he’ll be able to play. If not, we’ll prepare to play with Max (Smith).”

Whitlow has a problem with his left, non-throwing shoulder, but Stoops says that is “not the main issue” with Whitlow.

“He’s got some spasms going on in his neck,” the UK coach said.

Stoops wasn’t sure what he was going to do at Georgia last week if Smith went down after he took over for Whitlow. The coach asked UK athletics trainer Jim Madeleno if Whitlow could “ just hand it off and try to get out of that game” if Smith was hurt.

“I did consider putting (freshman) Reese (Phillips) in the game when Jalen got hurt, but that wouldn’t have been a wise decision. But emotionally, I was a little bit frustrated and thinking about it,” Stoops said. “And part of me, as I said earlier in other press conferences, I would’ve liked to have seen Reese just to see where we’re going, what he had in a game. You see it in practice and all those things, but again that wouldn’t have been a wise decision (to burn his redshirt year).

“So we were going with Max. I wanted to go back to Jalen and hand off to get out of that game, but if the doctors told me he could not go then I would’ve had to play Reese.”

Two years ago UK faced Tennessee without a healthy quarterback and receiver Matt Roark played quarterback and led UK to a win.

“All options are open to get a victory, believe me,” Stoops laughed and said.

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  1. Little Baron

    Coach Stoops… There IS one thing major wrong with Whitlow – he is NOT a QB and a major reason is he can NOT pass,

  2. fanfan

    He’s better than the rest little baron. Stop the hate

    1. Little Baron

      Don’t miss-label facts as hate. I don’t “hate” any of the players – I don’t even know them! Just as I don’t hate Pitino or Joker or Tubby or Billy Clyde – who either is coaching elsewhere (Pitino) because he left, or are gone because they (the other 3) took the program down hill. Just glad they are not in the same POSITION (as a UK HC). Hate is a horrible thing – should be reserved for hating the Satan and his evil doings, not for people.

      Whitlow will be a big contributor to this team when his skills are developed at a position he could play in the pros. He cannot pass. A super player for a few WildCat plays, but not a full-time QB. That’s not hate… that’s in his best interest as well as the team’s.

  3. Larry Pup

    I hope Jalen heals up. UK needs him ready to go. Max will have to go. He can do it. Max did a fairly good job against UGA with them playing in our backfield all night. That was Jalen’s problem too. The OLine couldn’t block anybody. Fate was just stacked against this UK team this year. The schedule, the outcome of games, etc. They could just not catch a break.

  4. Carter

    Please don’t use Phillips this weekend. I’d put him in street clothes and let him sit with me. Save the redshirt. Credibility is now based on him not playing.

    1. Little Baron

      Ditto! Absolutely! Miss St was the very last window for Reese or Towles,

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