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Stoops on offensive line, defense and positives for South Carolina


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops discussed UK’s offensive line, the defense and positives going into South Carolina after Saturday’s loss to Florida.

 Question: Talk about trying something different on the offensive line.  Have you not been satisfied with that?

 Stoops: “It’s tough.  Like I said, you know, at times within this offense you try to eliminate some pressure off of them with getting rid of the ball and all that.  But in this league, I mean, they’re going to get up on you. We talked about that.  We know that.  They’re going to get right up in your face.  They’re going to outnumber you in the run game.  They’re going to make you beat them outside.  They’ve got some good players to cover you up out there. We’ve got to continue to get better, keep on working, get more skilled in what we’re doing.”


Question: What did you think of the way your defense hung in, especially during the middle stages of the game?


 Stoops: “Yeah, if I’m not mistaken, y’all can tell me better, it’s running together for me, I thought at one point when they were getting some drives on us, we were off balance defensively, we had a couple three‑and‑outs, put us right back out there.  That’s hard to do. We know that.  That’s not blaming either side because it’s going to take a group effort to beat Florida.  We would have needed to play good in all phases, the best of our ability in all these phases. I faced that team for a while.  You give them a lot of opportunities, yes, it wears you down.  You know, they’re physical.”


Question: Are there things players can still take away and they can use when they go against South Carolina?


Stoops: “I think we’ll go back, watch the film, look at the things we did good, the things we did bad.  We’ll keep on building on the things we did good and try to eliminate mistakes. That’s what I like about this group.  We’ll get back to work on Monday and they’ll be ready to go.  They’re prepare to execute the offensive, defensive and special teams game plan and we’ll just keep on working.”

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  1. goUKats

    Really surprised Stoops didn’t address the o-line play more directly.You can’t have an offensive tackle not block the defensive end if you are going to play a passing game.It’s hard for any qb to throw the ball looking at the sky flat on his back.

  2. Ira

    Already said he wasn’t going to throw players under the bus, and if that player…Miller didn’t know he missed 2 blocks back to back causing sacks blasting him to the media isn’t going to help.

  3. Pacman

    Didn’t look like it was Millers fault. Looked like
    a miscommunication on the blocking scheme
    Both times after the plays he was talking to the
    Guard about who he was blocking in the scheme

  4. RJ

    Once is a mistake. Twice is something else. Don’t know what but something else.

  5. Larry Pup

    The OLine just got whipped, that is the bottom line. But our tackle has to slow that rush end down if he keeps getting in on the QB like was happening. Florida’s DT’s were penetrating too. So there well could have been confusion on who was blocking who. If so, sound off coaching staff and try to plug the hole.

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