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UK coach Mark Stoops: “I want them to look good, look classy and get off the bus with a sport coat and tie and look good and represent us the right way.”

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

LOUISVILLE — Several University of Kentucky players apparently went on Twitter Tuesday about new coach Mark Stoops’ decision to have players wear suits before games before the head coach was ready for that to be known based on what he said during the Governor’s Cup press conference here Wednesday.

Question: What is going on with players wearing suits before games?

Stoops: “I don’t know where that came out to be honest with you. I’m working on that. That came out a little premature. I’m going to have to talk to my players. See. That Twitter. That Twitter might get you there. I don’t know where that came about. My athletic director is in the room here somewhere. We’re working through that a little bit. It’s important to me to have our players looking right when they get off the bus, represent our university and represent this state the right way. I want them to look good, look classy and get off the bus with a sport coat and tie and look good and represent us the right way. So we’re working through that.”

Question: What about the players saying they like the change?

Stoops: “We see the players embracing it each and every day. They’re really hungry. They really appreciate our strength and conditioning staff goes about things, the way the coaches work with them. It’s important to all of us that those players are ‘my guys,’ not the previous coaches’ guys. They’re our guys and we embrace that and want them to feel fantastic about Kentucky, about where we’re going. They’re a big part of it. It’s very important to go out with the seniors and have a good year with them.”

Question: What about players tweeting about wearing suits for game day?

Stoops: “I just started working on this and the next thing you know … there’s always leaks.”

Question: Will he have a player Twitter policy?

Stoops: “Not yet. Not yet. We’ll see how things go with Twitter. They’re good right now. As long as they keep things in perspective. It can be good, as we know, and it can be harmful at times, so you’ve just got to be careful.”

Question: Is leaking information on wearing suits an acceptable Twitter violation?

Stoops: “That’s OK. We can deal with that.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Sounds like a good idea. It also shows Coach is doing it his way.

  2. King Ghidora

    Back when I was a student it was a fairly common sight to see Joe B’s teams walking around campus all wearing not just jackets and ties but matching jackets and ties. There was no mistaking who they were from a block away. I think it’s a good idea. There’s a time for individuality and there’s a time to be part of the team and represent the school. If this was the early 70’s and every team was doing it I might not see it as being so important to be honest. But I think it will bring a team together in today’s world because it’s a thing they will do voluntarily and not because they are expected to do it.

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