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Stoops again “very encouraged” by response from Wildcats

Here is what Kentucky coach Mark Stoops had to say today when asked if he was concerned about his team’s attitude in the midst of a rugged four-game schedule going into Saturday’s game at South Carolina.

“I really like the way we’ve been the past two days. Like I said – I admit it – it’s very difficult waking up on Sunday after a loss and having to get in here and grind it out all day and get these kids back up and everything. It’s not fun, but I was very encouraged Monday, very encouraged today,” said Stoops.

“I think their attitude’s right, and we truly just try to make it a one-week season again. Let’s come in Monday, let’s prepare the right way. Let’s go about our business the right way. Let’s have the right attitude. Let’s put a little bit more into it, do a little extra.

“Do whatever we have to do to give us a chance to win. And I do see that. Like I said, I’m not ever going to try to mask any of that. If I was unhappy with their preparation, the way they’re trying to go about their business, I’d tell them and I’d tell you.

“I think we’re trying to do the right things. We need to make more plays. Like I said with the third-down period, we went into it a day early. Went good against good, trying to get the competition level high in some third-down situations. We need to make plays.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Coach will get it done in time. No matter what, UK is No. 1 in my book. I’m frustrated, but I support these players and coaches until the last game is played. I bitch a little, but I’m big blue all the way. We got help on the way in 2014, and UK will remember and settle the score eventually. I want to be there to see it too. GO Cats, upset SC Sat.

  2. Ira


    Think we have the coach as well to settle some old losses for us as well. Figure it will take this team a true 3rd year before they are good and then their 4th year we ought to have a pretty special team.

    Long as recruiting holds up, think it will if we keep improving this year, grab some wins next, even if it’s nothing more 6-6 and a very low tier bowl. That will carry our recruiting right on for another year while our 3rd year team under Stoops starts really showing what this staff and team can really do on the field. My belief anyway. Sure hope they don’t go make a liar out of me!

  3. RJ

    If we keep on supporting them, this staff will succeed. When I signed on this morning I was disappointed that of the all the subject lines, they were all basketball. The football season is not half over, and the press is all about basketball already. What do you think that says to the players and families of players thinking about committing to KY football.

    1. Larry Pup

      I agree and have said the same thing. It’s football season win or lose. Basketball can wait awhile. And yes I’m a fan of them all.

      1. Edward

        Yes! Yes! Across the South you won’t hear much of roundball until this season starts to wind down. The SEC is Football. Kentucky is simply an anomaly in the SEC when it comes to this roundball thing. But when we get Football going…

  4. Gene T.

    i have totally bought in. How could you not. Stoops & Co are doing the best they can with Jokers recruits. Not to say the players we have are not quality players, Joker just took best available. We need to up grade at all positions for depth. I love the guys we have, they just need help behind them. Next year and the next will fix all of that! GO CATS!

  5. stevec

    If we give this staff a chance we will see good things to come. It will take time and patience on our part abut we have a lot to look forward too in years ahead.

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