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Steven Borden watches what Jacob Tamme did to improve his game


Former UK tight end Jacob Tamme, who is now with the Denver Broncos,  was never regarded as a physical blocker at the line of scrimmage. Instead, Tamme studied the game and knew where to be and how to get open.

“I look at him because he is somebody that understands the game really well. I watch him. We have cut-ups of him back in our film room and I watch him and pay attention to what he does. Obviously, you play in the league that long you must be doing something right. So I watch how he stretches the field. He has really reliable hands, too. He catches everything,” current UK tight end Steven Borden said.

Sometimes Tamme was able to just shield a defender long enough to let a UK running back find a hole because defenses had to respect his ability to get down the field on pass routes.

“Coach Marrow won’t have any of that. He is all about being physical. He won’t put up with that. No shadow blocking for me,” Borden said.

That’s why Borden knows he has a lot to do this summer before preseason practice resumes in August.

“Technique, route running, footwork, getting off in man coverage. Then just running through reps in my mind,” Borden said. “I will probably watch I don’t know how many hours of film so that when I get on the field, I will just play. A lot of speed and power work that will help me get bigger, stronger, faster.”

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  1. Ira

    Good to get film work in, but it’s his last yr, put it all together. It’s now or never

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