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Statement from Joker Phillips thanking Barnhart, Brooks, wife and players

Here is the statement Kentucky released from coach Joker Phillips today after UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart announced that he would not be back as head coach:

We, as coaches, are measured on results.  We didn’t get the results we had worked and hoped for, therefore change is needed.  In my current 10-year stay at Kentucky, we’ve had some memorable moments as an assistant, coordinator and head coach.  We’ve had the opportunity to coach some fine young men and I am grateful to have had the privilege of watching them grow as players, as students and as people.

 I am very appreciative of Mitch Barnhart and Rich Brooks for providing the opportunity to have been the head coach here.  Mitch is the best athletic director I’ve ever been associated with.  He’s fair and honest and he’s “all in” in terms of student-athletes’ well-being.  Rich is the best mentor a young coach could ever have.  I learned a lot from him in terms of plowing ahead.  They are dear friends.   Dr. Lee Todd and Dr. Eli Capilouto have both been very supportive.  I appreciate the Big Blue Nation and encourage the fans to stay behind their team going forward. 

 I love our players and am proud to be associated with them.  I expect them to continue the behavior we have asked of them academically, socially and with football.  I’m thankful for the staff’s hard work, dedication, and what they have done in coaching and mentoring the players.  I’d like to thank my wife and family for all their support and for being behind me 100 percent. 

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  1. Woodson Wood

    If it had to be done at least it was done with class.

  2. Charlie Darrington

    Good Luck Joker! you will do well were ever you go. I know you will help the kids find somewhere to play nexts year.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      Yeah, GOOD LUCK and the players are staying. Get over it.

      1. Tanya

        really? YOu know personally that every single player is staying? Wow, you have an inside track that no one else has. Good job.

        1. UKFAN197TONE

          You’re welcome.

  3. shinny

    It had to be done so we could start with a new slate. However it is sad in many ways. We would not have had to worry about Joker(if successful)ever leaving for greener pastures. As a true member of the big blue nation as he is i wish him well.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    Like Clint Eastwood said, ” if they don’t do the job, you got to let them go “…Joker is loved by many…but it takes Wins Baby ! You’ve got to fill them seats in the SEC…

  5. Kentucky Packrat

    I hate that Mr. Phillips had to be fired. I hope that he and UK can come up to an equitable financial end to his contract, and that he can find a good job somewhere else in the football world.

  6. grant

    not me i’ll help him pack

    1. Tanya

      Wow, you are a super nice guy Grant. Nice classless attitude. PLEASE go to Louisville with that classy attitude.

      1. larryvaught

        Tanya, I have no doubt Cal meant every word he said about Joker and had no agenda for his comments. Just being nice to a friend as he should have been. Guessing he may say more tonight after the game as well. Hoping Joker does coach next week and fans can give him the farewell he deserves and players can carry him off the field after a win.

  7. Bob

    Joker i think they should bring in an NFL coach and you eat an little pride and stay and continue to learn and when the time is right step up for another swing , it’s only strike one .I think Joker you have alot to give to this program even though it’s not at head coach right now

  8. RJ

    I’ve been witness to many of these ‘exits’ over my career and none are pleasant. I have always felt that, in most ways, the person who hired a person that eventually has to be fired is more responsible for the disappointing results than the person who has to endure the firing.

    The Japanese culture does not look kindly on a person or an organization who has to fire someone for failure. They first look upon the organization as a failure first then the person who has to be sacrificed. All lose face….. UK bears the responsibility for putting Joker in this position for which he was not qualified and taking the easy way out. Joker bears the loss of UK’s lack of leadership.

    I never believed that, although Joker Phillips was a fine OC, he was ready to be a Head Coach. UK hired Joker to take the cheap route and in many ways set him up for failure. If Barnhart was a Sumari, he would have fallen on his own sword.

    1. Tanya

      Well, only if we had asked YOU what to do three short years ago. Whatever.

  9. RJ

    I can tell that a lot of people making posts on here have never had to look a man in the eye and say “you’re fired”. It’s not as easy as you think, especially when you hired that person. I hope you never have to.

    1. Tanya

      You are absolutely right! Exactly what I was thinking. Cold hearted people.

  10. grant

    rj what you say is true, however i have not been given millions of dollars for doing a poor job either

    1. RJ

      What you say is true but that is just accounting.

  11. grant

    all these coaches have buddies and contacts in football, somewhat like gypsies, he will have a job somewhere , don’t feel too bad for him r.j.. look at wade phillips in the nfl, everytime i see him he has a different ball cap on for a new team. i am not going to lose sleep over it, i am really excited for u.k. football and its future.

    1. larryvaught

      do agree that I think Joker will find a new job

    2. Tanya

      Maybe he will find another job, but to say “not to feel bad for him”, is ridiculous. He is one of us, period. He is a UK fan, through and through. No one asked you to lose sleep over it, but give a crap about another human being…..

  12. Mike Flannery

    I was one asking for Joker’s termination, just a note of Thanks to him and his staff for their hard work, the results did not come, it was not for a lack of effort. His show of class with the above statement follows what kind of person he is, we are all hopeful that each member of the staff lands on their feet ASAP. I am sure some of the present staff will be retained by the next head coach.

  13. grant

    Tanya , more than glad he is gone ! bye! bye! bring on Petrino!

  14. grant

    i think tanya is coach phillips

  15. ford

    sorry to see him go. think the new class will produce better numbers, wish he could have been around to see the results. keep agoin. thanks!!

  16. Sam

    Grant, please do all of us true blue Kentucky fans a favor and find another team to support. Memphis would be an excellent choice because their fan base is full of fairweather fans like you. You’re going to insult a man like Phillips who has given 22 years of his life to UK football, and then turn around and endorse a controversial figure like Petrino? This season has been as difficult for me to watch as it has been for any other UK fan, but they’re still my team at the end of the day. Kentucky fans support their Wildcats win or lose, so if you’re only going to be a fan when we’re winning, find another team. We don’t want fairweather fans in the BBN.

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