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Speculation on Rich Rodriquez to Kentucky has several potential flaws


With the Kentucky football coaching rumors continuing to increase, Lonny Demaree of Kentucky Sports Report (kysportsreport.com) dropped a new name in a big way into the discussion during an appearance with Larry Glover on WVLK (590 AM) Thursday night.

He says sources are telling him that Arizona coach Rich Rodriquez has “risen to the top of Mitch Barnhart’s list” because he has an exciting offense that can score, has solid recruiting ties and can excite fans.

He’s the former coach at West Virginia who left there to coach Michigan, where he failed miserably. He was 15-22 at Michigan — and the program was hit with four NCAA major violations — before he was dismissed. He’s resurfaced at Arizona, a job one current college coach told me Thursday was “a job 10 times better than Kentucky” when I asked him about Rodriquez. He also told me he thought there was about a $3 million buyout on his contract with Arizona that UK would have to probably pay along with the nearly $3 million it has to give Joker Phillips.

Another rumor that keeps growing is that former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has interest in the job, something several sources continue to tell me is not true.

Phil Fulmer? The stories about the former Tennessee coach being high on Barnhart’s list won’t go away and there is no doubt Fulmer has made it clear he would like the job.

Bobby Petrino? It seems like this is over and now there is talk some media outlets might be trying to obtain emails between UK officials over the coaching search that could possibly include some interesting observations on Petrino.

Kirby Smart? The Alabama defensive coordinator’s name seems to be fading away, but some are now saying LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis could be in play. Again, not sure I really buy that.

Then there is Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes, a name that should not go away. His team is 9-1 going into Saturday’s game with Utah State. The knock by some is that his defense is not potent enough. It has struggled this year partially due to the injuries to key linebackers and now Tech will be without two linemen and one secondary player this week due to more injuries. But anyone who thinks he doesn’t value defense is mistaken. If he comes to the SEC, he’ll  hire a quality defensive coordinator.
And there’s no reason a productive offense and stingy defense can’t go together. To me, he should still be UK’s No. 1 target since UK officials have no interest in even talking to Petrino.
There is San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre, another name that won’t go away. His team is 8-2, and barely lost to Stanford. San Jose State and Louisiana Tech meet next week in a showdown between potential UK coaches.
Or perhaps Utah State coach Gary Andersen, a name that keeps popping up and another coach who is making a name for himself in the same conference with Dykes and MacIntyre
But what worries me is the lack of confidence the UK fan base has in the decision-making process at UK. Here’s a text message I got from a Kentucky fan with no connections to the search. He’s just someone who buys tickets and wants UK to win.
Here’s what he said: “When you are as bad as UK I wouldn’t take anything off the table like Petrino. If Mitch pulls some no name coordinator or retread off the heap, I would have rather stayed with Joker Phillips and saved $2 million. The fans are not coming back if a commitment is not made to football.”

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  1. JD

    I certainly won’t be back to CWS for a coordinator or Midmajor hire. And I agree, if the concession is to continue to suck without a MAJOR injection of coaching talent and facilities upgrades they should have just kept Joker and saved the money. I said all along that the only downside if firing Joker is that Mitch is still the one making the hire and that is NOT a hood thing.

    1. larryvaught

      JD, have a lot of friends saying the same things as you

      1. Reality

        I agree. I hope we don’t have to stoop to hiring a coordinator like Florida, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Louisville, Florida State, Oregon, Clemson, Stanford, Nebraska, TCU, or Washington had to do.

        Even worse would be hiring someone from a non-BCS conference. Look how poorly that has gone for Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Michigan, and Cincinnati.

        Clearly, the only acceptable solution is a coach from a BCS school who is currently enjoying success at that school. Anything less is a failure, reserved only for those lesser programs listed above.

        1. JD

          I’ll take Petrino or RichRod, you take any coordinator or mid major coach. I’ll lay $1000 out that my guys could and would win 7+ by the 4th year and that NONE of yours could. Want to take that bet?

          BTW, I liked Bo Pillini A LOT when Brooks was here and wished daily Mitch had the foresight to make him DC for $1m+ a year and HCIW. Nope we got a career loser. But at least he was Blue! Ack. The program is to far in the toilet for anything less than a splash hire to have anyone (analysts, hs coaches, recruits) take notice. The right hire will absolutely say “UK is serious about football” while what will more than likely end up being the hire says “Yep, same ol Ky football, whipping boy for such juggernauts as Mizzou, Muss St and Vandy”

          1. Reality

            Nick Saban was beaten this year, at home, by a mid-major coach who has been at TAMU for less than a year. Myth busted?

            Les Miles was beaten this year, at home, by a coordinator who has been at FLA for less than two years. Myth busted?

            Steve Spurrier was beaten this year, at home, by a coordinator who has been at FLA for less than two years. Myth busted?

            Even more analogous: Washington was a terrible, terrible football team from 2003-2009, going a combined 18-53. They hired a coordinator and in 2012 have beaten two top 10 teams and are already bowl eligible, looking at a likely 8-4 season, barring a meltdown against two terrible teams, including the team that hired the “big name” last year.

          2. Reality

            I didn’t address this, but you literally think that there is no coordinator or mid-major coach in the entire nation that could win 7+ games at Kentucky in his 4th year?

            That’s just irrational.

          3. JD

            UK has NONE of the advantages of Florida, aTm, FSU, Oregon etc. It has ZERO tradition. It has PATHETIC HS football. It has ZERO support from the administration. It has no billionaire donors named Knight or Pickens. The ONLY positive UK football had was 70,000 people that love football showed up every week to watch BAD football. Joker even managed to kill that by putting HORRIBLE football on the field. There are no built in advantages for UK FB. The only one they cab exploit is name recognition and the ONLY way to do that is HIRE IT. So know I don’t think ANYONE without at least the name to be able to get into living rooms of SEC recruits can do it. With a 9th SEC game coming its only going to get worse while continuously having the #14 recruiting class in the SEC year after year after year. The SEC East was the worst its EVER been in 2010 & 2011 and yet UK FB sat unable to take advantage sitting in the cellar.

  2. Wes

    Larry, so Petrino is now totally out of the picture?

    1. larryvaught

      Wes, does seem to me Petrino is out. Keeping hearing he has tried to at least get an interview and had no luck. As far as I know, UK has not contacted him and does not seem that it will.

      1. rqa

        Larry, isn’t it fair to say that you also don’t know that UK hasn’t already spoken to Petrino? When did you learn they had been talking to Bill Parcells?

        1. Reality

          Sorry, it’s public knowledge that Petrino has been leaving tear-filled pleas on the UK answering machine. Every time the message is played, Barnhart makes the sign of the cross and hisses. It’s perfectly clear and an incontrovertible fact that Petrino has agreed to accept the job without limitation and Barnhart has made it perfectly clear to everyone everywhere that Petrino will never be interviewed.

          Look it up. This is all 100% true and factual.

      2. David

        This is very disheartening news about Petrino, I swear I am at my ropes end with the AD and the direction the football team has been taken. So help me, if he chooses a coach that is not a proven head coach and has a winning record, he has seen my last donation. I have all along been hoping we would get Petrino, and this news just takes the wind out of my sails.
        I feel like the man who had drunk from the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom.

        1. David

          I just thought of something this my be my last home football game also, just like Joker

  3. remember Bill Curry

    believing in Barnhart to make a great hire is like asking your Veterenarian to do your colonoscopy ! he is totally going to deflate the fan base unless he brings in Petrino… a legitimate prospect !

    1. Reality

      I said back in 1993 that Mitch Barnhart was making a mistake hiring Bill Curry. Turns out I was right!

      1. rqa

        Mitch hired Curry?

        1. Juan4UK

          That went right over your head, didn’t it rqa?

      2. grant

        wow mitch was around then? interesting.

        1. Reality

      3. Larry Pup

        Reality…my friend you are always right. All we gotta do is just ask you.

  4. Bryan

    Talked to someone in Tenn. that said the rumor is that UT’s AD doesn’t want to deal with Petrino either. Even though he would be my #1 choice, I could deal with not going after him if he ended up in another conference. If he ended up at UT or AU, then it’s another story. I’ve seen mentioned in several places the possibility of Dykes bringing in Neil Brown as OC. If as you say an emphasis is placed on defense, and BP is not at a competitor, I think the fan base would get behind a Dykes/Brown staff. Larry, have you heard anything about a Dykes/Brown combo?

    1. Reality

      This is untrue, Bryan. Every team with a coaching vacancy would be literally idiotic to not hire Petrino. There is absolutely no way any other administrator anywhere is stupid enough to not consider Petrino, who is widely accepted to be a top 5 coach by everyone with a brain.

      1. Larry Pup

        Reality…sounds like you have changed your tune on hiring Petrino. Where is all that risk and law suit talk that you have been pushing for the past two weeks. Acording to you now, UK’s admin. is stupid for not considering Bobby. Your quote.

      2. STS

        We need BP like we need a hole in the head, he tried to get his mentors job at Auburn while he was employed at Loserville, he bailed out on the Falcons in the middle of the season, and he was doing his assistant coaches fiance who he had gotten a job on the football staff, this dude makes Claude Basset look squeeky clean, Integrity still matters, Mitch wont sell his soul to the devil so this Dbag can lie to us too

        1. JD

          Then Mitch will continue to have a doormat football program.

        2. David

          Here is an article from Larry that tells the sitiuation in Atlanta from Joe B Hall. I thought just like you until I read it. There are 2 sides to each story and we should not just trust the media.

          “I know there is a lot of misinformation about Petrino and looking for other jobs when he was at Louisville, especially the situation at Auburn,” said Hall. “People were wanting to talk to him. He was not out chasing jobs and would not have left Louisville if he had not been approached about jobs. He was very loyal to Louisville. The AD (athletics director) and president at Auburn pressure him to meet with them. They flew up to southern Indiana to talk to him. He told them it was a waste of time but he had been at Auburn as offensive coordinator and respected those people. All he did was talk. Nothing else.”

          What about leaving the Falcons the way he did?

          “The situation was not him leaving team with three games to go. He went into management to bench a couple of starters that were causing problems and they told him he couldn’t do it,” Hall said. “He said was to have complete control but they said he couldn’t bench players they were paying big money. He told them then he would be not be back the next year and they said he was finished now. He was going to finish the year. He was not going to walk out. But they changed the locks on the door so he could not get back to the locker room. There was a lot more to that story.”

          Hall, who won the 1978 national championship, is an avid football fan and sees no reason for UK not to hire Petrino now.

          “This is a very unusual opportunity to have a coach out of a job who could be the guy that you want here,” Hall said. “I would think it is an unbelievable opportunity to get a coach that maybe you would never ordinarily be able to approach. With the situation here, you could not get a better coach than Bobby Petrino. This is a chance for Kentucky to bring in a very predictable successful coach.”

          Hall noted that UK once passed over basketball coach John Calipari and hired Billy Gillispie because some at UK had concerns about rumored problems Calipari had with the NCAA.

          “After Gillipsie, it was so important to get UK back on the winning side that they (UK officials) overlooked what they were afraid of the first time with hiring Calipari. They brought him in and it has not been a bad situation at all,” Hall said. “Calipari was different in that he was still a winner and had not done anything morally wrong. A lot of his problems with his perception but the NCAA had never come down on him personally in any way.”

          Hall describes Petrino as a “taskmaster” and said he could be “tough” on assistant coaches and “demanding” on his players. But aren’t most top coaches that way?

          “He’s a very strict disciplinarian. He recruits kids that might have a temptation to stray a little and he rides herd on them,” Hall said.

          Hall called Petrino an “offensive genius” who can look at a defense and “pick it apart if he has the players” to run his offense.

          “He would make (Maxwell) Smith or (Patrick) Towles a great quarterback,” Hall said. “He would have good players to work with at UK and a young team that he could mold.”

          Kentucky has not won a SEC championship since 1977. Other teams that have won championships might have coaching vacancies in the weeks ahead. But Hall believes the uncertainty about the future could help UK land Petrino.

  5. Bill

    Drawing lines in the sand or chiseling lines in granite make for no win situations. Sounds like some are imitating what is going on in Congress. Can’t live with a Coordinator? That rules out coaches like Franklin, Strong, and Dan Mullen who have been much more successful than anyone would have imagined. There are no guarantees. Rodriquez left a mess at WVU and Michigan. Arizona is bowl eligible in his first year but he got blown out in 3 games. He’s not going to leave Arizona. Wait … I don’t know how many seniors are on his team. If the pot is empty he might. We just have to get the best that is available and provide the support and resources needed to be successful. What we as fans can do to help us hire the best available is fill up the stands tomorrow for our seniors. Just my opinion.

    1. Juan4UK

      Bill you are 100% right. If someone cannot accept a coordinator, then they might as well focus on pro football, or another team. Except that if they go for another team, they will be rooting for a coach (successful I assume) that was… a coordinator. All coaches have been coordinators before they got a head coaching job. All the successful coaches were even coordinators.

    2. JD

      How many assistant coaches were interviewed to replace BCG in Rupp? Why is anything less than the best available good enough for football? Name a top notch coordinator that wouldn’t use this job as a launching pad in the miniscule chance he dud actually manage to win a few games. Chavez is old as it is. You think Kirby Smart is going to hitch his wagon to this asteroid? Without SIGNIFICANT financial compensation no capable/sane up and commer takes this job just to be planted in the coaching graveyard that is Commonwealth Stadium. The only reason UK has a chance at proven winners at crappy programs like Petrino, Leach and RichRod is because they have blemishes. Nick Saban is not calling his agent to see what UK is offering.

      IMO Joker had a couple of HUGE flaws coming in. #1 way too much UK and overall bad football exposure. He never spent time in Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Gaiesville,Norman, Austin etc. #2 no head coaching experience. Thrown into a annual bottom feeder with no clue ob how to run any program, let alone one in the best conference in America. There’s a reason Gus Malzan is at Ark St and not Vandy. Because he is SMART. He is learning the job before trying it in front if a very unforgiving audience.

      UK is far to outclassed, outcoached and untdertalented to learn on the fly against the people that take football seriously. So yeah, Mitch won’t get another dime fron me until he commits to SEC caliber football instead of SunBelt/MAC football.

      1. rqa

        JD, Joe Hall was Rupp’s assistant prior to being named HC at UK.

        1. JD

          Exactly. FORTY YEARS AGO!

          Jokers ONLY upside was “he is Blue and won’t leave”That’s it .

  6. grant

    I know from living in big 10 country , michigan could not get rid of” rich rod “fast enough.

    1. Juan4UK

      I agree Grant, good ole Rich Rod would be a mistake. A blunder of epic proportions. This is one of the choices that would cost MB his job.

  7. Wes

    No thanks to Rich Rod. I remember that mess at Michigan.

  8. Wes

    Wow, a top five coach cant even get an interview at a 1-9 school. Mitch is PATHETIC!!!

    1. Juan4UK

      Wes, you, like others (and for good reason) have a one track mind.

    2. Larry Pup

      Wes..if the no interview for BP is true, you are right on.

  9. grant

    Larry in reading that text message you recieved, do you think Mitch has the pulse of the fandom and its current state of frustration. Aside from the seats not being filled , is there any inclination that you are aware of that UK feels they need to get this right or there might be more of the same as far as empty seats go. Lets face it whether people like the idea of Petrino or not, he does give UK the best chance to win sooner. And also, i think the jig is up for people just showing up for crappy football like they used to and it is just an accepted culture. People may actually want a return for there money.

    1. Ira


      I really don’t think they have “the pulse of the fanbase” as it were. Something tells me this backlash from the fans, has caught them by surprise and they figure if they can just get another coach in, everything will return to normal.

      It will bite UK in the a$$ if this hire is not the “good hire”. The AD is so playing with fire. I’ve talked with to many of my friends that have held tickets and they are saying they won’t renew if it ain’t a BP type of hire.

      A few others have even said, they’ll wait to renew, to see how he does not in his first year, but in his second year, because everyone says, anyone will be an improvement over Joker this year. They want to see how he coaches and recruits in his second year before they will come back. In another words, they won’t renew till he is in his third year.

      Myself I quite agree. I find it hard to throw money into these tickets anymore, with the kfund I have to put up, without it being a quality hire. Others may not agree, if not oh well. Like that irritating commerical says its my money.

  10. Juan4UK

    Larry, I got to tell you that this is a case of media trying to get into business that is none of their business. Requesting emails just because they want to publish (or just know) all the details of a negotiation or coaching search is just too much. I don’t like it and that is the exact reason that all kinds of cloak and dagger stuff takes place. Like burner phones, secrete meetings and such. Some things have to take place in private for the benefit of all involved. It’s mainly to protect the targets involved (potential hires). Now, freedom of the press is absolutely good, but sometimes they go too far for no good reason.

    1. Reality

      Disagree. Everyone should know every minute detail of this coaching hire. There is absolutely nothing to be lost by disclosing every name considered or contacted by the administration. There are only two games left in the season, and the bowl season to come. Every school in America is perfectly fine with having their coaches’ name splashed across headlines with a .pdf copy of the email or text message referring to them as having been contacted for a vacancy at another school.

    2. Larry Pup

      The C-J especially. Tell them nothing. They will use it against UK. JMHO.

  11. rqa

    “But what worries me is the lack of confidence the UK fan base has in the decision-making process at UK.”

    Why do they have a lack of confidence? I’d say that Mitch’s judgement has been proven to be a heck of a lot more reliable than that of the fans. The same fans that cheered wildly when Billy Clyde was hired, the same fans that wanted Brooks run out of town, the same fans that were happy that Joker was sticking around in January of 2008 when he was named HCIW…but then when the offense struggled after losing Woodson, Burton, Johnson, et al then Joker couldn’t couldn’t coach. The same fans that today forget the fact that the mention of John Calipari’s name in March of 2007 came with more snears and smears than cheers yet today “blame” Mitch for not hiring him in 2007…and also forgeting that had Mitch done so Cal would have likely been gone now when playing Derek Rose caused UK to vacate a season. The same fans that said that no other SEC team would hire a coach without previous HC experience?…obviously ignorant of the fact that Georgia, Miss St., Florida, Vandy all had coaches who came in without any HC experience.

    Larry, what are you 14? The fanbase has z-e-r-o knowledge of what is really going on with the search so how could they have an informed opinion on the matter???

    I’m sure you feel obligated to write something daily on the subject but at this point there is nothing to write other than to continue with the gossip column. Is it too difficult to simply say…”I have no idea who is being considered” rather than to wildly speculate and perpetuate rumors?

    The very first mention of Rich Brooks came when he was hired. It wasn’t until well after Brooks had been hired that we learned about Parcells having been in play. Mitch is pretty good at keeping things quite. I know that sucks for you guys but it is the best thing possible for the search process.
    There is no chance that an annoucement is going to be made prior to the end of the season and very little chance that any real leaks occur beforehand.

    1. Larry Pup

      rqa…why are you so uptight my friend. If you don’t like the site, don’t post. We are all Big Blue fans just blowing off steam. Hey and old man like me has to have something to do. To old to play sports now. Larry V. keep trucking my friend. We would all go crazy w/o your stuff.

    2. Jim

      Count me as one of the long time fans and alum that has zero confidence in Mitch. He has failed as an AD, imho. If I were in charge, I would have given him the hook. I don’t give two shakes about his accomplishments with the non revenue sports. He has been sub par with the two big cash cows and that turd, Lee Todd, gave him an extended contract with a huge raise. He makes under 900K for doing less that the average bum off the street could do.

      He has failed the football program and got lucky hiring the best coach in the business, while he ignored him the first go round. No sir, he shown me nothing to give me hope that he can pull of a top notch hire. Furthermore, from what I have heard, he doesn’t not engratiate himself that well with boosters. I could have that point wrong, but that is what I have heard.

      I would be more than happy to give Mitch all the credit in the world and eat my words, if he can pull off a great hire. I will give him zero credit for making a solid hire. He needs to make a great hire. If it is true that he refused to consider Petrino and he ends up with another failure, they should fire him and get an AD with some damn sense.

      Truthfully, I expect Mitch to make a very uninspiring choice. That is the history of Barnhart. What is Kentucky getting for its AD salary? From what it appears to me, it is getting a man that really knows how to run the non revenue sports.

      1. Jim

        ;-( Too bad there is not an edit option for typing and grammatical errors.

  12. UKFAN197TONE

    rqa, what are you 3? Larry is an award winning Journalist you dolt. If he says the fanbase has no confidence in the decision makers at UK…HE’S ONE THAT WOULD KNOW.

    I’ll start the chain to prove Larry is correct.


    1. rqa

      I guess I missed where blogs were considered journalism.

      BTW: because readers of a blog or a fan website agree on something hardly proves anything to be true to anything other than those people on that site. I’ll bet that if you took a poll on the presidential election 2 weeks ago the results wouldn’t have matched the actual election results.

      I will repeat, there is far more evidence that Mitch will make a good hire than otherwise. Will that hire have any better results than the last 10 that have preceeded it? Only time will tell. Last year when UK passed on Mike Leach fans were saying the same things…how’s that working out for Wazzu???

      1. Juan4UK

        rqa this blog is not larry’s primary. You need to go back to cats pause, or wherever. Really, go away, you bring nothing to the table here, and this isn’t your type of place.

        1. grant

          atta boy juan , i am with you

      2. UKFAN197TONE

        It has a lot to do with it, starting with the WRITER of such site. LARRY IS AN AWARD WINNING JOURNALIST.

        I couldn’t care less about what you said.

      3. Larry Pup

        Oh the election that was stolen?

      4. Jim

        Actually, the polls were pretty acurate in the prediction of the election. And no, Mitch has not proven he can deliver a top notch football coach. Almost does not count, in regards to the Big Tuna. Leach should never have been fired at his old job. He had a parent, who took him down, through his notoriety at ESPN. Give Leach time and he will produce a winner. That team he has now was total crap, when he took it over. Although Leach is a big step up from the current coach at UK, he is not the offensive genious that Petrino is.

        1. Anonymous

          Jim, I said a poll on this site.
          Mitch has executed exactly one football coaching search in his tenure at UK and that coach delivered the longest period of sustained success at UK since the 1950’s. Brooks requested and recommended that Joker be given the job when he retired. Of course you know more about football and football coaches than Rich Brooks so we can blame Mitch for not consulting you first.

          You say that you would give credit if he made a good hire but then say he just got lucky with Cal…

          So tell me…when will the credit come for the football coach? When he is hired or will it only be in hindsight?

          1. Jim

            Lets go with you point of view, that Rich Brooks should be consulted. We all know who his choice was, Joker, and that was a disaster. Yes sir, let’s get Coach Brooks’ input on the next coach as well.

            In Brooks defense, I would venture to say that he never thought Joker would fire 90% of his staff or he wouldn’t have pushed for him to be his successor.

            My point about the Cal hire is that is who Mitch should have hired in the first place, instead of that yahoo Billy Clyde. Cal even said so to the press!

            As for Mitch getting credit, he will get 100% of the credit and 100% of the blame for this upcoming football hire. If he gets it right, he will finally have made his mark. If he gets it wrong, he should be fired right along with the miserable coach and his losing record.

            I truly believe that the AD will be held acountable for this decision. It is make or break time for the football program and the AD. Football can not afford another ho hum hire.

          2. David

            I had heard rumors that Mike Pratt was the man who brokered the deal with Cal.

          3. larryvaught

            David, those rumors are very true and why Lee Todd wanted him involved

  13. RJ

    If Rich Rod can’t cut it in the Big Ten how the heck does MB expect him to succeed in the SEC? The rumors just keep getting worse and worse. I’m getting the impression that it was a mistake to fire Joker with some of the names getting dredged up from the muck farm.

    1. Larry Pup


  14. donv

    Larry, from the only source I have, I am hearing Butch Davis.

    1. Reality

      Davis or Jones? Davis seems unlikely, but Jones would be a good hire in my opinion.

    2. Larry Pup

      I kind of like Davis, however many in BBN don’t. I think he is a good coach.

  15. Pacman

    Larry, I still say Lance Leipold @ Wisconsin Whitewater. You can’t argue with 4 National Championships and a runnerup and a 72-3 record over 5 years in any NCAA Division. He knows how to win and has proven it for more than 1 year.

  16. Ukalum

    The only way to salvage this situation without breaking down and hiring Petrino is if the jets rock bottom and fire Rex Ryan and UK scoops him up. There are pretty of coordinators that could hold there own at UK but most of them don’t want a fixer upper at a basketball school in the hardest conference in America. If Barnhart is just going to hire an average coordinator that will need 4 seasons to win more than 5-6 games or a ex head coach that is on the verge of drawing social security, then he should have just waited till the end of the season to fire joker. That way expectations would have been tempered since UK wouldn’t be the only true open spot in the BCS.

  17. Larry Pup

    I think we all ought to take a deep breath, and Mitch B. take a big bold step and hire Bobby. Before it is to late. Good night to all.

  18. Tom R

    Butch Jones at Cincy is the flavor today, FWIW, NOT Butch Davis.

    1. Jim

      If Mitch hires Butch Jones, it will be a ho hum hire for me. Petrino has proven he can win against tough SEC teams, Jones has not. That is all the evidence I need.

  19. lunchbox

    uk football isnt changin no time soon folks….nick saban isnt coming through that door



  21. Anonymous

    Well said, Keith Grayson. If you’re going into a fight, who would you rather have leading the charge, Bobby Petrino or Mitch Barnhart. Needless to say, that’s a no-brainer.

    Petrino might be a junk-yard dog, but the guy has proven he has what it takes to win football games.

    Barnhart is a bean-counting geek who can’t think outside the box.

    This is not going to end well.

  22. Larry Pup

    Don’t trash MB until you know who the hire is. He may surprise you. He might just have to hire BP.

  23. David

    “If I am to meet with a disappointment, the sooner I know it, the more of life I shall have to wear it off.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    1. RJ

      Ha! Good one. I’m with you……………

  24. David

    I hate to say it but maybe Mike Pratt should be the AD. I am hoping that we are swinging for the fence and not trying to lay down the bunt with the next coach

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