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South Carolina coach Frank Martin does not think John Calipari “gets the credit he deserves”

UK coach John Calipari on the sideline during the win over LSU. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

UK coach John Calipari on the sideline during the win over LSU. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


On the SEC coaches teleconference Monday, I asked South Carolina coach Frank Martin about his general observations on Kentucky, a team he will face Saturday. I knew he had not broken down film on UK with another game before South Carolina faces the Gamecocks, but I also knew he had seen UK on film and was always candid with his comments.

Here’s what he said:

“I think they’re real good, and I don’t think Cal gets the credit he deserves for the job he does. To rely on so many freshmen, to not have those foundation guys – I guess (Alex) Poythress and I can’t remember the young man’s name, (Jarrod) Polson, that they’ve been with them for at least a year, they provide that consistency that he’s looking for,” Martin said.

“But every year, I don’t care if Cal is coaching seniors or freshmen, you don’t want to play them at the end of the year because his teams play their best basketball at the end of the year, and that’s obvious with this team that that’s happening.”

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  1. LindaS

    How many coaches could develop players to leave in one year? He not only develops their athletic abilities but helps them become caring, sharing and respectful young men. He deserves more credit for things he does on the court as well as off the court.

    1. larry clemons

      Agree completely….


    I think Cal have done a very great job with this very young team,and with all the other young players before this year.It seems to me he have stuck to his every word about how some of the seasons will be. This years team seems to me he have put some special coaching time in.What is need from this team is to go very deep in the SEC tourny and get that extra playing time and coaching.I just hope that by that time they will understand that every second counts and take no plays off.It’s been and still will a be fun ride watching this team grow BBN4LIFE

    1. larry clemons

      YOU NAILED IT ! Game Time experience to prepare for The NCAA Tourney…

  3. Barry

    Coaching is one thing, but this team has chemistry issues and you can’t coach that. The Twins and Young dominate the ball without giving an equal effort on the defensive end. If they expect to do anything in the SEC or NCAA tourneys, they are going to have to feed the post more, commit to playing defense even if it means less playing time, and commit to winning regardless of who has the big games.

    1. larry clemons

      I agree, ” unless your Jimmy Chitwood ” feed the post for the first 25 seconds of the shot clock….We need to Learn, how to Foul Out The opponents, BIGS…” We got the Size and Bodies to do this…. like, KY 78′ Bigs, Did ! Learn it now….Use It In The Tournament.

      1. larry clemons

        Plus, Julius, Dakari & WCS play through those fouls…

  4. Jim

    What happened to Frank Martin? When he was at Kansas State, he used to go to the big dance. He is not having the success that I expected that he would have at South Carolina. I am wondering how long he will last. Basketball is not like football. You can turn around a hoops program with a single recruiting class or a couple of very talented players. I thought Martin would turn USC into a strong contender in the SEC. It hasn’t happened.

  5. AndyP

    Why do we hear so many opposing coaches vouching for Cal’s coaching ability? Have you ever heard a coach doing that about any other coach so often. What is it about Cal that leads other coaches to take up for him?

  6. Sully

    AndyP, two things, I think. First, there is the perception among some that Cal recruits great talent and simply has to “roll the balls out” at practice and the talent will take over. Clearly that is not the case. Second, there is that belief among some that Cal is “slick,” or a cheater. You don’t have to look far to find that sentiment. But SEC coaches know Cal is a terrific coach, and those who think he has cheated simply do not know the man’s record, or the circumstances of UMass’s and Memphis’s troubles with the NCAA. I think Martin and others who know and appreciate Cal’s skills feel they need to help set the record straight.

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