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Source speculates on Stephen Zimmerman’s interest in Kentucky

Stephen Zimmerman

Stephen Zimmerman


What’s going on with 7-0 Las Vegas center Stephen Zimmerman?

My best west coast source continues to gather information and listen to what many others are saying. He’s hearing a lot of chatter about why Zimmerman will not go to UK — especially from UNLV supporters — is because the Cats are well positioned with other big men.

“This came after the news that Doral Moore was visiting — even though he didn’t make it.  Diamond Stone’s name also came up even though he does not have UK on his final five list, as did Ivan Rabb’s although Rabb is more a power forward,” my source said. “Their argument was based on Zimmerman dropping UofL after Ryamond Spalding committed.

“I don’t think that argument has much validity.  Zimmerman was not really that interested in Louisville from comments I heard, and used the commitment as a reason for cutting his list.”

But what if Moore, a raw but talented big man out of Georgia, would commit?

“If Moore commits, Calipari could easily let Zimmerman know that Moore was a project, and needed seasoning and coaching,” the source said. “Zimmerman was the primary recruit at center.   While Zimmerman needs the usual coaching and development, he is ahead of Moore.”

It’s impossible to know who will be on UK’s roster next year, but likely Willie Cauley-Stein and Karl-Anthony Towns will be high draft picks. Dakari Johnson could be gone. Trey Lyles could be gone. Marcus Lee could be gone.

“There definitely will be a need for some bigs, and Zimmerman would fill that need — and it appears he and John  Calapari have a good relationship at this point,” the source said.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    And of course, the always unpredictable, flamboyant, happy, healthy, Seriously nice gut, WCS…” Could Stay ! “

  2. Bob

    If this year has and will show anything , that would and will be , there is at least 12 spots on a UK team for top Talent accross this Nation to get playing time on . I have said this many times while everyone has coach Cal and the NBA this man , coach Cal is on an road in NCAA basketball that even John Wooden’s sucess has not seen . I noticed this and to this point have not heard anyone even bring it up. For 5 years each year all i heard accross the media was Wall, Davis , two or 3 names . Guess what people that has changed . This years team the stars are many and shine bright .I think we will see basketball to an level never seen before . An thing i find of interest is anyone can have an rotten game on any night however not everyone can have an rotten game on the same night . The balance of this years Wildcats is one i have never seen before threw out UK’s history nor that of either UCLA or NC ‘s glory years. Today’s kids are more up to date due to the wide media . They are seeing you are of more value of shining bright in an group of stars than been the only star in the sky .I think these cats are having an great time and we all maybe suprised to see whom comes back next year . money is not the most important thing in the world . I told Larry Vaught several years back i hope i get to see UK pass UCLA in Titles before i pass on .Well I am Blessed because i’m seeing dream team basketball at UK and as an extra blessing an FOOTBALL TEAM TOO. GO BIG BLUE !!!

  3. james gover

    If this boy hasn’t figured out that UK will likely have no more than one returnee at the 4 or 5 spot, he is not smart enough to play for Coach Cal. UNLV is filled with similar intellects.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I don’t think Zimmerman has made it clear that his interest is one & done…Therefore, who stays shouldn’t be a concern, but maybe an asset.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    Look, He’ll bang with the best Bigs in the Game,” Everyday in Practice “. Reg. Season games will be like Exhibition ! You want to prepare for The NBA League ” Daily “, You Choose Kentucky ! Oh, and You’ll likely have great odds at a Final Four and possible Championship Ring….Opportunities Abound, At Wildcat Nation, Go Big Blue…BBN is just for You !

  5. Dave / NM

    The University of Kentucky is only for a few good men.
    Zimmerman’s choice will speak louder than words.

  6. Jim Cox

    I saw Zimmerman play at Peach Jam and I didn’t come away thinking he would be a good fit at UK.

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