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RedRaiderSports.com confirms Neal Brown will be offensive coordinator at Kentucky


What was expected to be decision day for former Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown turned into an even longer day than he anticipated as he weighed a lucrative offer to be Kentucky’s offensive coordinator against the potential to be head coach at Southern Mississippi at age 32.

While some were reporting Brown had accepted UK’s offer early Sunday afternoon, a source close to Brown said he “was still talking” about what he might do just a few hours ago and no final decision had been made. However, RedRaiderSports.com’s @ChrisLevel just told me, “We’ve just confirmed Brown is headed your way.

My gut is that Brown wanted the chance to be head coach, but also knew the UK offer could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a central Kentucky guy that grew up dreaming of playing for Kentucky and then coaching the Wildcats.

Mike Graham (@MGraham17)  of Red Raider Sports and the Dallas Morning News says Brown ending up at Kentucky is no surprise at all to him.

“Neal played at Kentucky before transferring to UMass and is from Danville. I think Kentucky is getting a bargain  because Neal is ready to be a head coach at a place like Western Kentucky, Southern Mississippi or even Louisiana Tech and begin that journey,” Graham said. “I think he’ll be a head coach at a big time program before the decade is over.

“To be honest, because Brown is associated with Tuberville who replaced Leach, whose firing rifted Tech fans, Brown won’t unite the Texas Tech fan base. However, his offense is suited to the Big 12 style of play and it’s likely he could have done good things at Tech.”

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  1. Jared_S

    Thanks Larry! I am very excited about the future of UK football!!

  2. Anonymous

    Just saw this. RedRaiderSports.com–Chris Level confirms Brown will be the next OC at UK.

    1. LarryPup

      LarryV..U think Brown will run the pistol at UK? With our young qb’s, backs and receivers this may be the ticket.

  3. Tom R

    Fine news!

  4. RJ

    It takes a real gun slinger to play the pistol offense (no pun intended). It’s ideal for Max Smith who is a ” hyper accurate” passer.

  5. Jimmy

    Thank you Neal Brown


    Family is healthy, both UK men and women win, Dallas wins, Christmas lights are up, great weather here this weekend and NOW this…PERFECT WEEKEND. Thanks Larry.

    1. larryvaught

      it is a wonderful time of year indeed UKFAN197TONE. Made my christmas come early having Neal get this chance

  7. john4uk

    I hope Brown to UK is a done deal and this drama is over.I can only imagine how exciting UK football games are going to be with both solid offenses and defensive teams on the field.Tickets will probably be a premium commodity and the specter of a near empty stadium will be a distant memory of the past.
    Can’t wait to see how current UK football players adapt to their new coaches.Here’s hoping they are as excited as we fans are.

    1. TrueBlueJohn

      I can’t imagine what is going to happen with a wide open offense paired with an improved defense that can get off the field in third down. I believe both things are going to happen beginning next year. I know that we have been down the optimistic road before, only to have everything cave in on us, but this one feels different. I love the staff that is being assembled, and they are all young, and enthusiastic.

      1. UKFAN197TONE

        Good points TBJ, and I hope the fans can have some patience and let this young staff grow and get this thing on track. I don’t think many fans are “wishing” for a NC after the first year (this isn’t BBall) but I think overall improvement is one thing that we can look forward to. This is one thing that I believe we will see right off the bat. IMPROVEMENT.

  8. Wes

    So, bp goes to bowling green. Hmmmmmmmm?

    1. TrueBlueJohn

      I can’t believe how many so-called Cat fans have already written off the game with WKU next fall, and trashing Mitch Barnhart because he didn’t hire Petrino.

      Well, I for one believe that Mitch made the best hire for the Cats, because even if BP is successful, he will be gone in 1-2 years. Does anyone honestly believe he won’t ditch Western in a heartbeat for a higher profile job?

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