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Joker Phillips signed a five-year contract with the University of Kentucky Wednesday worth at least $1.7 million annually to be the Wildcats’ head football coach with possible increases annually based on the review and approval of UK’s athletics director and president.

The 17-page contract was signed by both Phillips and athletics director Mitch Barnhart. Kentucky president Lee Todd did not sign because he was in Washington, D.C., attending a meeting with President Barack Obama.

Here are some of the details of the contract:


— If Kentucky wins four or more Southeastern Conference games, Phillips will receive the following performance supplement: $100,000 for fourth SEC win; $125,00 for fifth SEC win; $150,000 for sixth SEC win; $175,000 for seventh SEC win; and $200,000 for eighth SEC win.  These incentives are intended to reward the achievement of each event. If the Wildcats win all eight SEC games they play, Phillips would receive $750,000.

— If Kentucky wins the SEC Eastern Division, Phillips will receive $100,000.

— If Kentucky wins the SEC championship and participates in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), the coach will earn an additional $200,000.

— If UK does not win the SEC title but plays in the BCS, Phillips will earn another $100,000.

— If UK plays in a non-BCS game and the game provides a payout of more than $2 million dollars to the SEC, Phillips will earn $75,000.

— If UK plays in a non-BCS game and the game provides a payout of less than $2 million dollars to the SEC, Phillips will earn $50,000.

— If the football team has a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 or better, Phillips will earn $25,000.

— If the football team has a 67 percent graduation success rate, Phillips will earn $15,000.

— Phillips will receive 16 regular stadium football tickets and he may request the use of a box with 14 seats. He will also receive four basketball tickets for each home game.

— Phillips will be provided with a membership in a local golf and country club of his choice in addition to the University Club.

— Phillips will be provided with the use of two late model, quality automobiles for official and personal use. He will also be reimbursed for all business related mileage.

— Phillips will be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses for travel, meals and lodging incurred by his wife in attending athletic events and other official functions and meetings. Transportation expenses will also be paid for two guests of the coach to travel to regular-season away games. Postseason travel for the coach’s guests must be approved by the athletics director.

There are also almost five pages containing information about “cause” for termination that outline what misdeeds would give UK the right to terminate the contract.

7 Responses to Some details of Phillips’ five-year contract

  • Wayne Wynn says:

    Don’t think we have to worry about the causes for termination. I believe Coach Phillips will have the same integrity in his job as Coach Brooks. When you learn from the best you become the best. Congratulations Coach Phillips and good luck. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • KY_Wildcat_AL says:

    Best of success to Coach PHILLIPS and the future CATS.

    Looks like he has some monetary incentives for winning games in the SEC. I’d personally like him to earn some of that green…

  • larryvaught says:

    How cool would it be one year to see him earn all that bonus money

  • Did not Coach Brooks make $1.6 million? Why Coach Phillips $1.7 miilion?

  • BarryRussell says:

    David – I am sure it is market-driven.
    Larry – Let’s hope Coach can earn all that bonus money. GO CATS!!

  • larryvaught says:

    I think that is about right on Rich. Can’t remember for sure.
    But Barry is right. all market-driven and Rich helped get this for Joker

  • David S says:

    Money well spent. /


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