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SI.com’s Brian Hamilton ranks three Kentucky wins among four best NCAA tourney games this year


Just how impressive was Kentucky’s NCAA play even though the Wildcats lost to Connecticut in the national championship game?

Well, SI.com’s Brian Hamilton ranked the 10 best tourney games and three of the top four involved —you guessed it — Kentucky. And who can argue.

Hamilton ranked UK’s 78-76 win over previously unbeaten Wichita State as “maybe the most momentous round of 32 game ever.” That’s strong. Not just best game of this tourney, but best round of 32 game ever.
Hamilton had Wisconsin’s 64-63 overtime win over Arizona No. 2, but he had the Wildcats’ 74-73 win over Wisconsin on Aaron Harrison’s  second game-winning 3-pointer as the third best game. Hamilton called it a “thrilling back-and-forth affair.”

Next he listed Kentucky’s 75-72 victory Michigan at No. 4 that included the “first of Aaron Harrison’s two bring-down-the-house three-pointers to win games.”

So what do you think?

And no, Hamilton didn’t have the win over Louisville in his top 10, and I’m not sure he should not have included that game as well.

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  1. Jason

    You mean Harrison?

  2. King Ghidora

    It was flat amazing how they kept winning those close games. I just knew they would find a way to beat UCONN in the finals but it wasn’t meant to be. With Randle not at 100% and WCS out and the shots not dropping like they had in previous games they just couldn’t pull it off. But they were certainly in position to win. I think they were a little tired too. It was a great year though. And that tournament was thrilling.

  3. Phillip Barker

    No question about it, Kentucky was the talk of the tournament…to beat all those teams on national television was simply beautiful!

  4. rogdog

    The Cats were just physically and emotionally drained from all those other close nail biters leading up to the championship game. I am betting that none of them slept the night before the game. And to top that off with all those freshmen and other inexperienced players,playing for the national championship in front of 70K plus fans put the nail in the coffin. WCS out with his injury and Randle cramping, probably from nerves, was not anywhere near 100%. Nerves, mental and physical fatigue are going to keep you a step behind and with no lift on their shots, missed free throws caused from all of the above, they were doomed the final game. But who’s complaining? Not me. It was a wonderful journey/ride. The most exciting that I have experienced since moving to Lexington in 1976. Thank you Big Blue. I’m proud of you and proud to be your loyal fan!!!

  5. Love SEC

    The best four games? That’s easy – The last 4 UK wins!
    He left out the UL game.

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