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The guest post by UK fan Tina Cox about the special UK license plate she just got brought this response and idea from reader ukscat.

“Larry, may be pretty cool to compile a picture book of UK plates from across the nation. My Florida plate is UK’S – CAT which includes an illegal apostrophe ( six letters and/or numbers limit ) made with electrical tape.

“It’s a Florida panther plate. I’ve elongated the ears and drawn on more pronounced whiskers to more resemble a Wildcat. Drives the Gators crazy. Lot’s of ‘honks from Cat fans.

“Pretty sick puppy, huh?”

I don’t think UK fans would believe that. Pretty sure they would applaud your courage in Gator country.

But I like this idea. If you have a unique Kentucky license plate, send us emails at and about your plate and a photo. We will share this information for all UK fans to see.


9 Responses to Share your unique UK license plate for others to see and enjoy

  • UKFMLY says:

    Both of my cars have personalized UK plates. One says UKFMLY and the other is UKFN1. I will send pictures when I’m back in town. Living in Louisville gets me lots of funny looks but just as many thumbs up and honks. LOL.




  • Mike Schneider says:

    My plate says UKHAS8. I send pics tomorrow.

  • LindaS says:

    I saw a pic of one today on the internet that says ULSUX. I don’t think they could have gotten by making that. I think it would not have made it by the censors. I have a file on the PC of plates from other states for UK. They are priceless, especially on NC and Fla cars!

  • Grover Sales says:

    My plate is UKWON8….living ii Louisville that may be enough.but I have a custom made decal that is a blue screw and underneath is “The Cards” IN RED..

  • Grover Sales says:

    My plate is UKWON8….living in Louisville that may be enough.but I have a custom made decal that is a blue screw and underneath is “The Cards” IN RED..

  • Rex says:

    I live in Wisconsin. I have had my plates for 25 years now. UK CATS.
    I was once pulled over by a police officer (in Wisconsin) when I felt like I had done nothing wrong. He told me he was an IU grad and couldn’t resist. Was a very nice guy but was surprised he admitted that he pulled me over just because of my plates.

  • ukscat says:

    Larry, hope my plate pictures came through OK.
    I get the impression you thought I may be “pulling your leg” !!
    Look forward to seeing plates from around the US.

    Since it’s the July 4th weekend, I’ll send along the “best plate” story I have ( non UK ).
    The wife and I were in Lake Tahoe / Reno last summer. On the way to a little bakery for breakfast we see one of those special edition 650 HP Corvettes pull into a handicap parking space.
    A very old ( 90ish ) gentleman slowly crawls from the low slung car.
    His license plate – - WW2 – VET.

  • John Williams says:

    Our state of Kentucky plate – CAT1 UK – causes a lot of passing cars to slow down and make sure it is not someone important. It is also a good conversation piece and gets us a lot of honks and thumbs up.


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