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Seth Greenberg says UK lacks “strong voice in locker room”


ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg senses a trust issue with Kentucky.

“You have got to have guys who want to trust each other. They can be good kids, great kids, but there are so many people pulling at them that the last voice in their ear is the coach’s voice,” Greenberg said.

He said the “hardest thing” for a team is not having great locker room and he feels UK lacks a proven leader in the locker room when the coaches are not present.

“The biggest thing they are missing is not having a strong voice in the locker room to explain Cal to the players and hold others accountable. There’s not any freshman that can do that,” Greenberg said.

Dick Vitale and Greenberg also readily agreed that UK’s freshmen were not as good as projected.

“All these projections are comparing them to other high school players and not comparing them to the best of the best. Until they get to the next level, you do not know,” Greenberg said.

“Have they been overrated? Yeah, some scouting services got carried away,” Vitale said. “Sometimes guys get blown out of proportion.”

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  1. joe

    Please, please, please do not rate the next class the preseason #1 team in America.

  2. Mike

    MG it is getting so tiresome of everyone trying to rationalize the psyche and behavior of this team. We all know there are no known or visible leaders in the freshmen class, but it is hard to believe that some of the upper class kids i.e., Hoody or Polson can’t get in some faces to prevent apathy from continuing to drive this train wreck. Leadership should be a key ingredient that coaches should be looking at when recruiting talent. If anyone should know this it would be Cal, but he was blinded by star ratings. If this season plays out like it has so far and Cal decides to pack it in one of my first calls would be to Bruce Pearl. Bruce coaches his talent level up while Cal coaches his down or has done so last two years.

  3. Tim

    Mike, you can call Bruce Pearl all day and you can have him. If he’s ever part of UK’s program, though, my lifelong association with it will be over. Pearl is probably on a beach somewhere groping some girls 30 years younger than him as he did at Rocky Top. The thought of him being better than Cal is a joke.

  4. Judi Cole

    Mike, I have to agree with Tim, no way should Bruce Pearl’s name be in a conversation. Let’s keep what we’ve got – much better than 95% of the coaches out there!
    Leadership is a difficult trait to learn at such an early age and it usually comes with experience which we are short on.

  5. Neil

    Amen Tim. I want no part of Pearl. Cal is doing fine. Does everyone expect UK to be in every final 4? Sometimes the one-and-dones work out, sometimes they don’t. Cal didn’t devise the system, he simply follows the rules provided. This season isn’t over yet, and maybe (yes, probably over-optomistic) they can find their voice yet. Whether they do or not, I’ll keep Coach as long as he’ll stay. Go CATS.

  6. john gaylor

    The guy who suggested that cal be replaced by Bruce Pedal should Cal leave must be on drugs !!! Bruce Legal has had trouble with the NCAA since he was a assistant at Iowa. I mean really, the basketball coach at Tenn. may be able to get by with painting his chest and go shirtless at a women’s game but come on, I like to think we at Kentucky are above that, that would be like UK fans rushing the floor because they beat Flat. or some other school ranked #1. Bruce Pedal does not fit the UK mold, I live outside of Knoxville so I got to witness the person years at tn. and they were or better still he is the most overrated coach in america.Legal is right where he needs to be a part time worker for ESPN and his day job with a grocery store supplier, that’s right he has worked in the grocery store his since it fired him. Maybe we should look toward a KFC manager if cal leaves, it would be better than Pedal !!!!!

  7. john gaylor

    don’t know why my tablet was listing peral as pedal but I think you folks know who I’m talking about.

  8. Mike

    LOL….I really got things stoked when I brought up Bruce Pearl this morning. The man has won every place he has been. Who has more passion? Lexington would be his last stop which is probably more than we can say for Cal. Don’t get me wrong….I like coach Cal very much, but the man hasn’t coached for 2 yrs. now. Does Pearl have anymore baggage than Cal??..don’t think so. Imagine him getting off the plane in Knoxville with a blue body paint job..gotta love it.

    1. Larry Pup

      Hey Mike, say what? LS Who? You sound a lot like Pearl.

  9. Jason

    I think Cal needs to strengthen his Assistant Coaching staff. I’d like to see more movement on offense, more pick, screens. The offense under Cal looks horrible! It’s too dependent on having great players who can create their own shot. That’s why young teams really struggle. Young teams need exceptional coaching! Cal needs exceptional players!

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