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Morehead State coach Sean Woods was not originally scheduled to be available to media members when his team practiced in Rupp Arena Tuesday night. However, after making some controversial comments about Kentucky players during a teleconference Monday, the former Wildcat met with the media to apologize if his comment offended UK players and/or fans going into Wednesday night’s game.

“What I meant was just in today’s society, kids are different. I didn’t want and would never try to degrade Kentucky basketball players or this program. I’m just saying society in general – and heck, I’m dealing with it. Phil Simms (former NFL QB) was at our game a week and a half ago at the Barclays Center. And here’s a Super Bowl MVP and my guys have no idea who he is or played at Morehead State University,” said Woods. “To set the record straight I love my university. Everybody knows that. John Calipari has been great to me and I would never do anything to hurt him in his situation. He’s doing a heckuva job and I love him dearly.”

Calipari didn’t seem particularly upset by Woods’ comment that he picked up a “bad vibe” from UK players at a recent telethon for Hurricane Sandy victims.

“They were hugging volunteers so I don’t know where he got that. There may have been somebody that didn’t know them or something, I don’t know. I love what our kids are about, what they’ve done academically, what they do in the community. Being here is a big deal and it’s hard to deal with all the stuff that goes around but these guys seem to do it pretty well,” Calipari said.

“Knowing Sean, I figured he misspoke. I chalk it up to that and I move on. I’m not taking it personal. Our kids, you may have talked to them, I bet half of them didn’t know he said anything. This program, do you know how much is said about this program and me personally? I don’t listen to it and then the other stuff is that I walk on water. Guess what? I don’t.

“I’m a regular guy, a sinner like everybody else and I try to do my job. I don’t buy into all that stuff. Say what you want 50 years from now people will evaluate the jobs we’ve done, where we’ve been and that’s all I can count on.”

Woods appreciated Calipari’s understanding and admitted he was wrong.

“I didn’t mean how it came out. I’m sorry how it came out. But I was just talking in general about this day and age more so than anything else. And the situation about the deal at WKYT (the Sandy telethon), that was just something I shouldn’t even have said,” Woods said.

He’s hoping UK fans will forgive him and remember he was a starting point guard on The Unforgettables 20 years ago and that he loves Kentucky.

“I still love this place. I’m still the same Sean Woods. I didn’t mean to p??! off anybody when I said what I said the other day. If I could take it back, I would. It’s just what I was feeling at the time. This is my favorite place and I’m fortunate to be a head coach at Morehead State. I admire John Calipari to the fullest. I think he’s one of the best and brightest minds in college basketball,” Woods said.

16 Responses to Sean Woods apologizes for comments he made about Kentucky players

  • R moreland says:

    Cant people just take it as his opinion and move on? Who cares what he thinks if that is his opinion that is fine he has that right. I dont think he killed anyone, I wish him the best. Lets move on please.

  • UKFMLY says:

    Thanks Sean for stepping up at being the Man, Coach and explayer I thought you were. I was upset by his comments as I stated on the not Mashburn post. But it took me a day to say something because I was actually expecting some sort of apology, So 20 minutes or so after I make my post I read this. I should have waited another day. LOL


  • Juan4UK says:

    If nothing else, #bbn needs to let this go no matter your view. Woods earned more than a couple passes 20 years ago. Unforgettable for a reason, remember?

    • larryvaught says:

      amen Juan. Sean is Sean. Once a Cat, always a Cat. Truly loves the blue. Just sometimes says a few brash things he maybe shouldn’t, but always a good guy

  • Terry says:

    Us cat fans will all ways love Sean Woods and like he was saing he is a true wildcat fan !

  • Sean, even in my Post, where I challenged your Comments, I still said, I have love for you…But Now, Coach Woods, I have mad respect for you and your inner voice. Your a good Man, Sean and if my memory of Kentucky Basketball is correct (lol), you were one hell of a Basketball Player. Thanks Coach. You should be Cheered In Rupp Arena Wed. night.

  • CAT_FAN_IN_CT says:


  • grant says:

    sean should not apologize , if he really feels that way , just to please the fans who are upset. why can’t he have an opinion, everyone else does including all of us on here . So what he said how he feels.

  • Texascat says:

    I love Sean Woods. Loved his shot over Laetner. Loved him sticking with the program when things fell apart in 1989. But there was a time UK wouldn’t bother scheduling in-state schools. If these distractions continue they may think its not worth the trouble (especially at times when they have been less than competitive). I for one like games v. Eastern, Morehead and would love to play Murray. Sean is entitled to his opinion, but his employer might appreciate keeping it out of print in this instance. He’ll learn and I hope he’s going to have a great coaching career.

  • Kokamo Joe says:

    Glad to see the many comments on this thread which show respect to Woods, a man whose jersey number hangs in Rupp. How silly it was for people to attack his statement about UK basketball history when HE is a vital part of that history. The man had an opinion and he had a right to express it. I stand by my opinion that he was right. The current crop of players cannot understand our long history, and yes, the kind of great recruits that we are getting are bound to have a sense of intitlement. That goes with talent and the reverence that is heaped on UK basketball players and the future that these kids are looking forward to. Actually, would anyone want our players to be shy and humble? Some would like to twist Wood’s statements into an overt attack on UK and because they are fans, on themselves. Real fans recognize truth when they see and make the best of it. I

    • King Ghidora says:

      Having your shirt hanging in the rafters doesn’t make you infallible. I’ve criticized a lot of coaches in my time including some former UK players. It doesn’t mean I hate them. It means I disagree with them strongly. Big deal.

      • King Ghidora says:

        Just as an example here. You do know Joe B. played at UK as well as coaching the team, right? No his shirt isn’t hung up to dry in the top of the house that Rupp built but he did plenty for UK. Are you aware of how much criticism the guy took for his coaching style? People still love the guy. It’s just something we all care about (probably too much). I was taking up for the kids more than attacking Sean anyway.

  • John says:

    My dad graduated from MSU and told me many stories of great players from the 50′s and of the rich tradition at MSU. Does Sean Woods know of these people and their heroics and, if so, do his players that have been on campus a few months know about them? I attended MSU in the 80′s and we had great teams that reached the NCAA tournament. Do the current players know of them and appreciate them?

    Sean, I was so happy you got the MSU job and I hope you do wonderful things, but learn a lesson from your now infamous quotes and just let UK fans enjoy what we have and you and your team enjoy the truly fine legacy at MSU.

  • King Ghidora says:

    Dang, just because we criticize the guy for a comment you’d think the BBN world has come to an end. Duh isn’t that what Sean did? Some of us certainly remember Laettner and the guy who made the circus shot right in the face of Laettner right before that shot we have all seen a zillion times. Sean you weren’t even supposed to think about shooting if I remember. No one got on you for being a kid that was slightly uncoachable. :) It was a great shot. The only thing that kept it from being remembered by every UK fan is that other guy made another shot after yours.

    Sean is a grown man now and I don’t give him as much slack as I do a college kid. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still love what he did for UK. That will never end. But if he says things he shouldn’t he’s fair game for being rebuffed. He gets paid to take it. I think he knows that too.

    This is all barely a blip on the radar and I don’t think anyone here has made it more than that. Move on. Nothing to see here.

  • Bob says:

    I think Sean has earned the right to state his thoughts on Kentucky Basketball after all he is himself one of the greats that played at Kentucky . I would love to see him win an Title with Morehead. I wish him the best and i guess i had rather seen UK loose to Morehead than Puke i mean Duke .


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