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Chad Scott says working for UK OC Neal Brown easy because he knows what to expect

Chad Scott photo courtesy Texas Tech.

Chad Scott photo courtesy Texas Tech.


Former Kentucky offensive coordinator Tony Franklin hired Neal Brown to coach receivers at Troy the year before he brought Chad Scott to Troy to coaching running backs.

“When I first got to Troy, coach Franklin said you kind of need to watch Neal. He is well organized, he is passionate about what he does, he is anal about little things, he is detailed oriented even about little things,” Scott said. “He said, ‘You need to follow his lead and let him mold you because he knows what he is doing,’ and that’s what I did.

“So we bonded real well as coaches because everything he did, I took from him. The setup of recruiting areas, how you study film, how you analyze film, how you grade it. We just kind of hit it off. When he became the coordinator (at Troy when Franklin left for Auburn), we kept working with each other. I was very fortunate that he thought very highly of me.

“Outside of just knowing the coaching duties, I never knew he exactly how he felt about me as a coach until he had the opportunity to go to Texas Tech and took me with him. It was a huge honor for him to take me as a running back coach with him. I stayed there and I turned down coaching jobs to stay with him. I appreciate the loyalty that he has, and the respect he has for me as a coach. I think we work really well together.”

Scott said it is “easy to work” for Brown because he makes it clear what he expects.

“It’s easy to work for him because I try to stay one or two steps ahead of him in terms of things I know he wants from me and expects me to do. So in that regard, it’s easy to work for him because I know exactly what he expects,” Scott said.

He was hoping when Brown got the job at Kentucky as offensive coordinator that he would get to come, too.

“I was hoping that he wanted me here with him. I didn’t necessarily expect it, but I was hoping,” the UK running backs coach said. “We both played here together and I have been with him all that time. He knows me. I was hoping it would work out, and it did.”

Scott isn’t sure what his role will be on game day at UK, but at Texas Tech he was on the sideline with Brown.

“I was one of the guys that signalled (the plays) and also one of the guys that would control the substitution going in and out of the game with the skilled guys. I handle the adjustments of run game and running game things,” Scott said.

And what’s he like on the sideline?

“I am one of the rowdy guys, the excitable guy. It is fun. That is what you do. You put in all the time and all the work and all the hours of preparation during the week, but the game is fun,” Scott said. “Obviously there are times when it gets a little time consuming, but game day is fun. I am excited to see guys execute and make big plays. If they go out there and do it, I am excited. If they go out there and screw up, you will see another side of me. I am a rowdy guy.”

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  1. Gary Dearborn

    Thanks Larry for writing FB articles that help us maintain our interest in UK FB. They are great human interest stories that give us better insight into the coaching staff and their drive to make the Cats a contender.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      I agree – Another good Football article!
      This article gives us a lot of insight into why these guys have been successful and why they work so well together. Franklin’s comment about Neal Brown is huge!
      Can’t wait to see what happens the next few years.

    2. larryvaught

      Glad to help with the football Remember spring practice starts monday

      1. Larry Pup

        Larry V keep us posted if you will on the goings on in spring practice. These are indeed great days for UK football. Much excitement.

        1. larryvaught

          Will do my best Larry Pup. could be hard depending on how far UK basketball team goes since spring practice is starting a week early this year

          1. Katdaddy

            Larry, do you know if practices are open to the public? would like to make a couple. CAN’T WAIT !!!

          2. larryvaught

            Believe all the practices today are open. Always have been. But none of UK practices here will be opn

  2. Ira

    Spring football I sooo can’t wait

  3. David

    I have to say I tune in everyday just to see if there is any news in the football world.

    Thanks for all the info and all the stories of the coaches.

    I always liked Chad as a football player but really got to appreciate him as a person who never complains or looks for pity even when he slept in his car for 7 months.

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