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Scenes from Coach Cal’s Camp

Photographer Victoria Graff captured these images during Coach Calipari’s camp last week at UK.

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  1. Tywanna Patterson

    Hi and thanks Larry and Victoria! I love the pics and the smiles on everyone’s faces!!

  2. LindaS


  3. Jan in Indiana

    Great smiles, looks like everyone had the time of their life, just imagine being that young and getting the chance to meet and play ball with these CATS.

  4. gmoyers

    Amen to that

  5. gmoyers

    Tywanna, I plan to send you some of these pictures. Figure you can never have too many

  6. Tywanna Patterson

    Thanks Larry, that would be great!!

  7. Pauline

    Enjoyed the pictures, looks like all were having a good time.

  8. Karen Sprinkle

    Hey, Larry–

    Is that Jules Camera in the background of some of those photos? I heard that he was at the Camp for at least one day. I love to see the smiles on all our guys’ faces and the kids’ faces. I can’t imagine having that type of experience–definitely something to remember the rest of one’s life.

    And I loved the story about Boogie making the kids’ dream come true. You know the guys had to be tired–after all, they’ve probably been going 90 miles a minute since the season ended getting ready to make their own dreams come true, but it says a lot about Boogie (and John and Cal) that they took the time to give them a moment they will never forget.

  9. tc

    How do you stop the pics (jwplayer) from being shown over and over in the player above? I’m wanting to go look at your pics on the left that say “Larry’s Photos” but I can’t stop the current player and can’t get to that page by clicking on that smaller player. How do I get there? Do I have to go to the home page and start from there? Thanks for any info.

  10. tc

    I finally got to your photos and there are contols for those but the one above (Cal’s camp pics) doesn’t have any control features for me. I can see part of the /16 of the pictures but no other controls for the player. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. gmoyers

    It is indeed Jules. I think you can just go to home page and click Larry photos. But I will check with my Webmaster, Gary Moyers, and get the correct answer

  12. tc

    Thank you Larry. I did go to your home page and was able to go to Larry’s photo’s. Those were fun too. However like I mentioned earlier this player above has no stop or back button controls for me and I can only see part of the number as to what picture I’m looking at. I can see the /16 but not the part in front of it and can only see a tiny part of the ‘forward to next picture button’.

    I love your site and you’re definitely my favorite writer by far that covers UK. Even though I don’t always listen to all the Sunday morning talk show, I always listen to your segments. Thanks for the great work.

    1. gmoyers

      Glad you got to see the pictures. Gary adds and changes those a lot for me. Will have him get you an answer about the photos

  13. tc

    Thank you. On my end it just seems like part of the the controls are covered up on the larger slide show pics. The player works fine and I can see all the controls when the pics are smaller. It might be something on my end. Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

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