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‘Scary’ Alabama gives UK chance for redemption


Kentucky coach Rich Brooks knows his team needs to play well against No. 3 Alabama Saturday in Commonwealth Stadium to erase the memories of a 31-0 start and 41-7 loss to Florida.
“I think it is very important that we play a competitive game against Alabama and hopefully have a chance to win the game. They are No. 3 team in the nation. They won at a neutral site over Virginia Tech, which had a win over Miami yesterday,” Brooks said.

“We are not as bad a football tem as we looked like in first 15 minutes (against Florida). We are closer to the team that played a little better in the last 45 minutes, and I think we are better than that. Every good team can have bad days. Great, great ones don’t have those days. Look at Cal getting clobbered by Oregon, Miami clobbered by Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech coming off the deck and beating North Carolina. There are so many games week in, week out if you only get a glimpse of the  team that day you would have to say they are a bad football team.

“There is a lot more parity than some people are willing to suggest. On a given day the down-trodden can look like the down-trodden and the kingpins look like kingpins and sometimes the downtrodden can beat the kingpins.”

Brooks says Alabama “is scary” based on what he saw of the Crimson Tide’s big win over Arkansas Saturday.

“Defensivley you don’t see much dfiferent from Florida’s defense and Alabama. Offensively, they have a lot of good weapons and like Florida still have a big phsyical offensive line. The system is different and they don’t run spread option stuff lke Florida. Alabama does not have that kind of offense, but it does not mean they are not capable because they destroyed Arkansas,” Brooks said.

After being blitzed by Florida in the first quarter Saturday, Brooks admitted Sunday he asked himself why his team had started slowly in so many games the last two years.

“We are going to change our pregame routine a little bit and emphasize how to start faster. We have had years where we scored a whole bunch in the first quarter, didn’t play as well in the second quarter, scored well in the third and not much in the fourth. In recent years, it has been the opposite,” Brooks said. “We are probably going to practice good against good (first team against first team) more during the week so the speed (of the game) is not such a shock.”

Brooks was not a lot happier Sunday than he was after Saturday’s game when he blamed himself for his team’s lack of preparation and flurry of early mistakes.

“I don’t feel better about myself. A lot of the things we did in that first quarter are my repsonsiblity as a coach to eliminate the mistakes, the sutpdie penalties,” he said. “The good news is that we bounced back after the 31-0 hole and instead of the cascade like last year (in a 63-5 loss) … the way we started it could have been 70-0.  We are a good enough team to compete even though Florida has superior talent in size and speed. That does not mean we should get blown out 31-0 in the first quarter and make mistakes we made.

“I don’t feel bad about the effort of my team. I feel bad about the focus of my team. I have to do a much better job, but I also told my team today that preparation is a two-way street. They have to invest in themselves to be better prepared, pay attention and do things necessary to be good players. But when you have a meltdown like we had there’s only one person to point the finge at and that’s me.”

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  1. Curt Bradley

    Don’t get me wrong, but I thought Hartline threw too many bad passes Saturday against the Gators. I realize he was under pressure most of the night, but when a receiver did get a step or two on the defender, Hartline would overthrow the ball 5 yards, not even giving the receiver to catch the ball!!! In my opinion, if you’re gonna be a BIG time QB at a division I school, you have to do better!!I I don’t know his stats for the game, but they can’t be impressive….

    I said all that to ask who was the BIG TIME quarterback we recruited from an IN high school last year? I know he’s only a Freshman, but…. .Is UK and Coach Brooks planning on red-shirting the kid or playing him this year?

  2. larry vaught

    I hope they are not going to redshirt him, but I am beginning to wonder. Sure seems to me he needs to play. You made valid points about Hartline. In fairness, he won’t see another defense like Florida even though Alabama could be close. But even after that he’s still going to face very, very good teams and he has to play much, much better for uK to have a chance to win

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