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Safety Daron Blaylock moves to top of depth chart


He made a big impression with his play as a true freshman, but now Kentucky sophomore safety Daron Blaylock says he is even better because he is picking up a new system even faster than he anticipated.

“The scheme is great. I am picking it up real fast, so I am better prepared now,” said Blaylock. “I didn’t really understand as much last year as I do now. The more I understand now, the better I play.”

He’s moved to the top of the depth chart at safety where coach Bradley Dale Peveto is taking a look at about 10 players this spring.

“I like competition and everything. I am starting right now, so that is pretty good,” he said. “Coach (Peveto) is cool. He is a funny guy. When it comes to working hard, he is serious and gets us ready and everything.

“He is trying to get us prepared for offenses that want to do no huddle and have us ready and not freaking out and lined up and ready to play. He gets us playing smart and fast.”

Blaylock says there is one major difference between the position he played in 2012 and the one he will this season.

“The difference is there is not as much you need think about when you are trying to play,” Blaylock said. “You key your quarterback and man you need to key instead of looking at three or four different guys. It is a big difference

“The system this year is more where you just go play. It is not too simple. You have to think but it is a big jump from what it was last year. It’s not like high school, but lot better. It helps, too, to go against our offense. It makes you want to think fast and get the tempo down.”

One thing that is different this year is that he is competing with his brother, Zack, at safety.

“We are playing the same position. We have a competition going on. We have always been the opposite side of each other. It is kind of weird actually to be playing the same spot,” Blaylock said. “I am starting right now, but he is good, too. We’ll just have to see how it all works out.”

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  1. Tcat

    I hate that these two are playing the same position, hopefully it works out for both.

  2. Larry Pup

    I like his confidence.

  3. Ira

    I like his confidence as well, but in this defense I read somewhere could have been here not sure, that in that in this D safeties and corners are considered interchangeable. So both brothers could find themselves on the field this fall at the same time!

    Be interesting to hear Blaylock and Blaylock in on the tackle!

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      That would be interesting to hear. And, I agree – If they are both good enough, this staff will find a way to get them both on the field.

  4. Junior Karas

    I have been following my two grandsons since they were very young. I still think zack would make a great receiver, any one that intercepted 10 passes and run five back for a touchdown prone . To me he can catch the ball and run with it.

  5. Ukwazoo

    Just let your souuulll glooowww

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